Do you have the stomach for it...?

Started by Harap, September 14, 2019, 08:24:31 AM

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Hi there!

So, I'm new here and I thought I'd try my luck with a request thread!

I'm up for most things, though my chars tend to have a love/obsession with a certain part of the female body - and it's not any of the usual ones!

I play both male and female, gladly!

So, a small list of yays and nays:

- Stories! Not just smut.
- Midriff fetish / belly play (not chubby)
- Belly punching (Ask away)
- Darker themes.
- Lighter themes.
- Am I doing this right?

"When it comes to kinks, this is the main thing for me. NSFW!"

- Toilet stuff.
- Incest.
- Wildly exaggerated bewbs of doom and destruction (Really, it's more weird than the stuff I listed above!)

When it comes to pairings and genre/world, it can be almost anything!
For example:

Boyfriend x Girlfriend
Friend x Friend
Slave x Master
Dark elf x Human/Elf
Dragon x Human

...the list goes on!

Plot ideas:

"The Rebel and the Class Prez! (FxF)"
MC is a rebellious girl who cares little about anything or anyone (or so it seems!) - until she meets YC, who might be her exact opposite!
The plot is loosely crafted, and it can be changed to fir whatever we want - though the original idea is that the characters are in the end of high school, or in college

So... shoot me a PM or leave a message here if you're interested, or if you have an idea!