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Author Topic: ‘Mask’s Makings (Updated as of 11/10/2019)  (Read 716 times)

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‘Mask’s Makings (Updated as of 11/10/2019)
« on: September 13, 2019, 11:25:38 am »
I know, I know...I’m horrible at actually making sure I keep up with this. I do try though, for what it’s worth. For the most part, my musings haven’t changed since the last time I posted here, so the listing has been simply copied from there. I have added one or two things though. So with that, let’s start with the general:

   Generally, I want my pairing to be NSFW
o   That entails that I ask you to be 18+
   I prefer email, as I am horrible at checking E consistently, apparently.
o   This does not rule out E, though.
   I prefer literate peeps to play with
o   I want quality AND quantity.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s begin!

Right now, I find myself really craving the following ideas:

Cowboy Renaissance (Country Music plot, does not necessarily need to be NSFW or sumt-driven.)

In this story, MC was once a successful country music star (think 10-15 years), with several hit songs and records. Troubled by conflicts within the music business itself, and finding the desire to settle down with a family, MC left the music scene behind. Over the years, MC’s manager had attempted to persuade MC to return to Nashville (if he ever left) and return to music, with MC turning down each plea.

The issues with the industry are getting worse. Now, females struggle to be played at radio, and there is a great discussion about what actually constitutes ‘country’ music. Among all of this, several of MC’s fellow stars of times past have found renewed life in the industry. MC’s manager makes yet another impassioned plea for MC’s return. Now, with the urging of his family, MC consents.

(We can discuss what direction this goes in. Obviously, I’d play a male.)

The Dragon’s Lair
Welcome to the land of Melodias. In this land, demons and humans coexist; however, the two races do so violently. For ages, the two races have warred with each other. Brave adventurers go off to combat to face monstrous foes, all with the hope of obtaining glory and honor in defeating the demon clan. However, recently a new leader has ascended to the throne of the demon clan, become queen of the demons. This queen of the demons, being feared throughout the land for her strength and prowess in battle, is now the goal for many adventurers. In fact, the ruler of the humans has promised great fame and wealth to the one who can fell the demon queen and end the threat to the human race.

(For this plot, I’d love if it would be something along the lines of making love and not war. Maybe you are an adventurer who is smitten with my dragon queen, and instead dreams of ending the war by making my queen fall in love with her.)

The Royal Treatment
The dragon people and the human nation have been neighbors for ages. However, though the two share common borders, communication between the two races is few and far between. Though the borders are open for travelers, most humans are fearful of the race whose members can tear them apart without any effort at all, while the dragons regard humans as possessing little in the way that interests them. So imagine the public sentiment when it is announced that the queen of the dragons would be coming to the human capital for a summit to negotiate renewed treaties with the race.

(The general idea would be that the humans, for their lack of knowledge, have a misconception of the dragons as the giant fire-breathing lizard relatives. In this story, the dragons have the ability to disguise themselves by magic. Most can appear human if they choose. You know the rest: your character would come in top contact with mine, the queen, probably unknowingly. The two could fall in love, etc.)

Home On The Range
(WWE plot)

(My OC x OC/WWE)

A popular country music singer is an unabashed fan of WWE. He has become such a regular face around WWE, that he has persuaded management to allow him to work out that the performance center in Orlando, which keeps him in shape for his various photo shoots and tours. Somehow (we can decide), he is allowed to join the Royal Rumble match. Hey, with guys like Jeff Jarrett returning to the match, anything could happen, right?

The entire “singer-turned-wrestler” bit doesn’t always work out (thanks, Toby Keith). However, my “reigning, defending, undisputed” Entertainer of the Year isn’t backing down from a challenge. He decides to enter the upcoming Royal Rumble match, with his sights set on Wrestlemania for a complete WWE take over.

Dylan Wayne
Stage Name: Dylan Wayne
Full name: Dylan Wayne Jackson
Nickname: Cowboy
Age: 26
Entrance music: “Red Dirt Road” by Brooks & Dunn
Height: 6’6
Weight: 275 lbs.
Hair: Black
Special: Sweet Chin Music, in honor of his inspiration Shawn Michaels.
Finisher: Running Power Slam, nicknamed “Stampede”

Claim to Fame:

Dylan is the youngest person to ever be nominated for Entertainer of the Year. He is also the only person to have been nominated for EotY in the same year he was nominated for New Artist of the Year. In a surprise twist of fate, Dylan lost the New Artist nomination, but beat out other established artists for Entertainer of the Year, making him the first person to take home the prestigious award in their first year.

His debut album, “Born to Run” produced 6 singles; 5 topped the charts, with the debut single peaking at number 3.


Dylan Wayne has always been a fan of the WWE. Growing up during the Attitude Era made him a fan of Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. His love for wrestling has only grown as he’s gotten older, and now he follows guys like Bobby Roode. Torn by differing dreams, he chose music as his first love, and began catching WWE live shows whenever he could. The more he showed up, the more upper management took notice. Soon, when he wasn’t touring or spending his time in the studio, Dylan could be found working out at the WWE performance center in Orlando, FL.

Management soon approached Dylan with an exciting opportunity. The Royal Rumble match presents the perfect opportunity for all sorts of competitors to show up, and management thinks Dylan would fit right in. After calling his agent, Dylan insists he be given an actual shot in the WWE. Management decides that the Royal Rumble match will be his try out. How far can he go?

President x Staffer/Assistant

After serving as a senator for his home state for years, My OC decides that he is ready to take the reigns himself. He hires an assistant, and begins to plot his way across the nation as he runs for President.

(Lots of options here; He can win, he can lose; become Vice-President. We can see campaign stops to offer good character development.)


Various ideas. PM me for details.

Odd Pairings:

Below are some pairings I’m craving; I don’t necessarily have story ideas for these, but you can PM me to ask. If I don’t have a current idea, I’d love to come up with something with you:

   Fembot x Human (Human female, robot F/Futa)(I prefer the fembot)
   Country music singer x Fan
   Vampire x Human (F/F)(PM for possible plot idea)


Below are fandoms I would be willing to do. I may use the characters, or just the general plot ideas:

   West Wing
   Designated Survivor
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Re: ‘Mask’s Makings (Updated as of 10/9/2019)
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2019, 10:33:06 am »
Here’s an update post. There are many update posts like it, but this once is mine:

Adding an idea/plot:

Thanks to the creator Mongie over at WEBTOON for this wonderful little comic. I’m sucked in to her work Let’s Play, and find myself wanting to role play something similar. For those that may not be familiar, here’s a link to the series over on WEBTOON:

Adding one more. I find myself with a desire to do something in the Grey’s Anatomy universe.
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Re: ‘Mask’s Makings (Updated as of 10/24/2019)
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2019, 07:07:23 am »
Updated to add two new plots: The Dragon's Lair and The Royal Treatment. Both take inspiration from another WEBTOON comic I'm into.

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Re: ‘Mask’s Makings (Updated as of 11/10/2019)
« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2019, 05:23:04 pm »
Here's a bump.

But also:

I find myself craving now a role-play where I'd play a penthouse type, be it a business owner/etc., or just a snooty resident of the penthouse, to your non-penthouse type.