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June 12, 2021, 04:31:54 pm

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Author Topic: Literate female looking for literate any!!! Let's Adventure!!!  (Read 483 times)

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Literate female looking for literate any!!! Let's Adventure!!!
« on: September 10, 2019, 08:50:01 pm »
Hello Elliquians!!!

New to E!!! Not new to forum writing!!! I figured I’d get my feet wet by jumping right into the thick of things and going from there. Before PM’ng me, please read my Patterns to make sure that we’ll get along and write well with each other. On another note, these same Patterns are still a work in progress, too. If any of these ideas catch your attention, please PM if interested rather than post here, thank you!

Rapture <---- TAKEN

When she was in camp her last year of high school, Bodhi Carmichael had a boyfriend that enjoyed “spanking” her. For some reason it turned him on even more. She wasn’t exactly immune to the spanking either. When camp came to a close, she and her then boyfriend went their separate ways. She was going to Harvard and he was going to San Francisco State. Opposite sides of the country and in spite of promising to keep in touch, they never did. Her roommate was one of those that extremely outgoing; vivacious; curious and loved to explore. Sometimes these explorations included her not so outgoing friend, Bodhi Carmichael. The girls would go out now and then to clubs that were well-known and to clubs that weren’t exactly advertised and the only way to get in was by referral or who you knew; or if you were a guest of a member. Bodhi’s friend encouraged her to go with her once night to an exclusive club in which permission was needed by the Owner (YC).

Rules will be rules and as such any submissive entering without their Dominant is required to be available to those Dominants that are without their submissive with the understand that the joining is for companionship purposes only. Nothing sexual will occur. However, because Bodhi is what some called and referred to as “newbie”, her first night in the club will be on the arm of either the Owner of the Club, or one of his most trusted male employee.

This is a modern day setting in Boston, MA, since she’s going to college in Cambridge. YC would be the owner of the club (the name of which is at your choosing) and is known as a “Gentlemen’s Lounge”; a Lounge that is Members Only. It’s also a club that specializes in every aspect and nuance of BDSM.

I’d like to see this go from the ground up. I’d like to see our characters getting to know each other and become well established. But the question is, after Bodhi see’s what’s going on is she turned off by it? Or will she want to explore more? Will YC offer to “teach” her?

Please PM if interested rather than post here, thank you!

Escort Service

Your character and my character have a valuable object --- it can be a piece of art; or it can be something stolen from a museum or perhaps it was stolen from a thief. Said object needs to be taken to either a safe place or its rightful owner. In order for this to occur, our characters must undertake a dangerous journey in which one or more factions (and chance and misfortune) try to deprive them of the thing in their care.

The object is rumored to be cursed and anyone in its possession has unexplained trouble – those chasing after our characters are found, no matter how well they cover their tracks and the more trouble that comes to our characters, the more they want to get rid of the thing. Other twists and turns can be, but are not limited to: the destination has been destroyed or suborned by the enemy. Safe arrival at the destination doesn't end the story; our character’s must then bargain with the one who hired us (re-negotiating for a higher price, for instance). But all isn’t as it appears to be with our employer either and it is our character’s job to protect the object at all costs.

Please PM if interested rather than post here, thank you!

Pandora's Box
Somebody has tinkered with Things Man Ought Not, or opened a portal to the Mean People Dimension, cracked a wall at the state prison, or summoned an ancient Babylonian god into a penthouse.

I work for one agency and your character works for another agency. Both of us prefer to work alone and when we’re told that we’ll be working this particular “job” together, tempers flare between us and upper management until we’re given an ultimatum. Work together or be fired and if we’re fired that means no pension; benefits are lost and the lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to will cease to be in a matter of time. In spite of us agreeing to work with each other, it is done so with huge reluctance. I don’t trust your character and your character doesn’t trust mine. Until something happens to change everything; before we can even think of confronting the source of the trouble, we must deal with the waves of trouble already released by it: old foes out for vengeance, and some whom we’ve put in jail are suddenly released and out for blood. Ours.
Other thoughts with twists: We can’t simply take the released badness to the mat; we have to collect it and shove it back into the source before our adventure can really end. Yet we are drawn in to the source and must solve problems on the other side before returning to this one. A secret book, code, or other rare element is necessary to plug the breach (maybe just the fellow who opened it). A close cousin to this plot is the basic "somebody has traveled into the past and messed with our reality" story.

Please PM if interested rather than post here, thank you!

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