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Author Topic: [MUL]Looking for someone to play dominant role (art history)(artist/patron)  (Read 1124 times)

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Offline camtipliTopic starter

I've updated this so that it would be a more diverse. It was originally intended for a male/male relationship, but it can be heterosexual (I was thinking that a dominant female sounds interesting) or homosexual (female or male). I'm open to any suggestions, story ideas, ect that you're looking for.

I've updated the title to be [MUL].

This is a starving board.

This will be held over E. I don't prefer IM. D: Sorry.

So I was sitting in Art History class one day, thinking about the Renaissance period, when I thought of this idea that I've had quite a craving for since. In particular, I was inspired by Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni's  "Bound Slave." Knowing that the artist was a homosexual who denied himself the pleasure of any sexual relations (despite the fact that he, to the best of my knowledge, had consensual feelings with another man), I was imagining the inner turmoil of an artist who wants pleasure but doesn't want to go to Hell for it. Thus the idea was born. None of the characters in the actual role play will be real, historical figures. I don't like messing with history like that, and I certainly don't think I'm capable of making a decent nonfiction at my current experience level.

Back in the renaissance age, artists did not have any way to make a living in their chosen trade without the support of a patron. Oftentimes, the patrons were wealthy and important people, and they would either treat the artist very well (sometimes even as a member of the family), or they would treat them like slaves. Either way, artists often stayed with their patrons and produced whatever the patron asked for. Self-expression to its utmost degree was not often an option.

So one day, a starving artist arrives at the door of a particularly esteemed and wealthy patron. He's a little bit ragged; dried blood and dirt staining weathered clothes,  purple eye, has a scar on his face. He's responding to a commission that the patron had advertised to be fulfilled. But he is very young, perhaps in his early twenties, and he has little experience with commissions. At first the patron turns him down, but the artist is desperate and he assures the man that he will not disappoint him. All he wants in return is food, clothing, and a place to stay. Seeing the patron beginning to reconsider, the artist promises that he will do anything for a place to stay, no matter what it is. The patron agrees, and the artist is given the commission to paint for him.

The patron sees the artist's skill, but he gives him little praise. He belittles him, tells him that if he wants to do any more commissions for him, that he would have to destroy the painting and start over again. And again. And again. And every time the artist destroys his painting, he has to make up for the cost of paint and the other tools used. The tasks are demeaning to him, but if he is to complain, shirk his duty, or do poorly with the task, he is punished. The tasks are up to the patron, but they are not sexual-- not yet.

As the artist becomes more and more skilled, he begins to draw nude male figures- only, for some reason, these figures all seem to resemble his patron more and more.

Obviously the plot won't go exactly like this. Unexpected changes make things more interesting.
I do not want them to verbally fall in love. "I love you" can be used, but only when it's to get someone angry. "I care about you" might be okay, but only if it seems really, really appropriate to the situation. They can think it, though.
Keep in mind this is in Renaissance, Italy. No swearing. (Biblical swear words and using God's name in vain are okay.)
They can care about each other, but only when they get to know one another.
Humiliation is pretty awesome. Emotional sadism is pure win. <3 (Hannibal without the cannibal. Jigsaw without the cancer and the sick traps and all that. You get what I'm saying?)
Please use light amounts of physical sadism (nothing too violent, please, but just kinky. Cannibalism is not cool. Sorry.).
Stubbornness is exhibited in both the patron and the artist.
There will be struggle, both physical and emotional.
The patron is confident and domineering, but the artist may occasionally seek power over him. Whether he does or doesn't is up to you, but overall the patron should be the victor.

Hopefully you guys haven't been driven away by all the little details I've put down. I'm just looking for a person who can satisfy my guilty cravings.
I'm not picky. I'm just letting you know what I want, and if here and there you dislike something or whatever, it's fine. I won't hate you or turn you down because of that.

I appreciate and seriously consider all requests I receive. Thank you for your time, and I hope you plan to contact me.
If you have any constructive criticism, questions, or comments, then please feel free to say so. I'm still getting used to E, and I know I still have a lot to improve on.
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Offline camtipliTopic starter

Updated. Please understand that this is not set in stone.

Offline camtipliTopic starter

If people are afraid of the historical aspect, I'm no historian myself (though I feel relatively comfortable with reviving the time period). I think I've pretty much already briefed you on what you need to know, though I can tell you more when I think of it. Just make sure to light candles, not light bulbs, and that people aren't going to be using basket balls and therefore you can't make any metaphors to one.

Offline camtipliTopic starter

D: Awww, come onnn...
You know you want to. D: