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August 20, 2022, 12:05:45 am

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Author Topic: The Serial Killer and The Journalist  (Read 512 times)

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Offline ArkanianTopic starter

The Serial Killer and The Journalist
« on: September 02, 2019, 12:12:23 pm »
So I've had this idea ruminating around in my head for a while. This RP will include emotional and physical abuse, as well as manipulation and coercion.

The Plot
A journalist has been tracking a fictitious famous serial killer for some months now. They actually manage to meet them face to face for an anonymous interview. However they realize that the person they've been hunting all this time is incredibly beautiful. They're the charismatic type that knows exactly what to say in the right situation. Long story short the two end up in bed together shortly after the interview.

This begins a long and dangerous path where the journalist desperately tries to meet with this serial killer over and over despite the fact that they know that its wrong. They were blown away by that one night and can't help themselves. Slowly the serial killer starts to work on their victim. Manipulating them into giving false tips to the police and helping them cover up their crimes. The journalist is starting to fall in love with this murderer, seeing them as a 'lost soul' who needs help.

Eventually the Journalist ends up falling in love with the serial killer, but its an abusive relationship. The serial killer coerces the journalist into helping them carry out their murders. They start having rougher sex, even when the journalist doesn't want it. Things get worse and worse as the journalist slowly becomes completely dependent on the serial killer, who controls their entire life. They're too ashamed to go back to their family after what they've done, but they fear the serial killer will kill them if they leave them.

We could start anywhere in the story. When they first meet, or after the serial killer has sunk their teeth into the journalist. We could also go anywhere with it, depending on our characters actions. I am willing to play either characters. Characters may be any gender.
My ideal partner should be looking for and expected to provide:

Both smut and plot
Complicated, well developed characters
Romance that slowly turns extremely abusive and controlling
Good level of written competence
Playing more than one character when necessary (I don't expect you to create an entire cast if you don't want, but I don't want to be carrying the NPC load all by myself)

About me
I tend to write longer paragraphs however this can vary depending on what I'm working with
I will usually reply every day
I am okay with ooc chatter
I have almost no limits when it comes to kinks (tell me what you like and we can discuss including it) The only things I dislike are characters dying and furries