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Author Topic: Pagus's Succulent Desires  (Read 867 times)

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Pagus's Succulent Desires
« on: August 31, 2019, 03:54:55 pm »


This is a list of plot's, semi-stories, ideas, etc....
I am making a separate list, because these are thoughts with multiply or specific genre, era's, and such.

MC=My Character
YC= Your Character
TC= Third Character

Many of my ideas range in variety. Warning, I can write sexually explicit content, however I prefer more plot than sexual content. I have no specific preferences as to gender, mostly just what I have listed for gender is what I am up to roll with. Much of the Desires I have listed are anywhere from medium to long-term, and i do have an occasional short-term, but I never list how long the Desire might be, because it all depends on how we (partner(s)) interact, pace, and discuss. In my opinion, everything is up for debate!

I prefer to use Threads.

I am always adding to here, and if you want a little more info on me, I do have an O/O's freshly made this year!

Please PM me if you are interested!

The Sesam Letters
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst
Pairings: MxF, FxF, MxM,
Plot: They had been sending letters to each other, at first it was by accident. YC lived in the lands of Natives of Egypt/Sinai/Jordan/Israel/Saudi Arabia, MC was born and raised in the lands of the Amazon's, was forced into slavery and moved to Libyan Plateau. There she was the slave in charge of other things. She was lucky to have finally found a kind household of which held slaves, servants, and more. The political intrigue however was dangerous. The family she slaved over were distant heirs of the Egyptian Throne, and the current King of Egypt was a paranoid man. She had suffered much already over the years, and when she stumbled upon his letter by accident, her project had been to write him letters as the daughter of the home, because the Young Miss still had not learned her reading and writing. So she did exactly as she was told, but one little thing got in the way, she had no clue how to write as the Young Miss, who was always away with other family members, learning etiquette and her sewing finesse became widely known. 
Requirements: This is a set timeline, and revolves around the cultures of Egypt, Sinai Peninsula, and a little of South American Culture. This is set way before Ramses the Second, but had a level of intelligence where reading and writing was considered rare, but travelling trades is more advanced altogether. This is bit of a homebrew world.
- Going to need at least some knowledge of the cultures.
- Can be an M or F of the mystery letter person.
- My OC is the bottom, the slave.

Reference Images

Orcish Love
Genre: High Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Action, Realism, Torture
Pairings:MxF, MxM, MxFxM, MxMxM, FxMxF,
Plot:YC is a member of the ____ Orc Tribe, and has been chosen as one of three heirs for the Chief position of the Tribe. Recently, humans have been at war with demons, the battle has been at its highest peak recently. It has become such a problem the humans have reached out to Orc Tribes for aid. YC is tasked with the mission of taking a small pack of Orcs with another Tribe Heir (Possible TC) and provide aid to the humans. Troubles arise as the discrimination between humans and Orcs seem to draw a line between races, it all changes however when the demons somehow manage to enter one of three capitals of the kingdom, and now the humans must escape with the Orcs, make there way to  another capital, all while surviving together, deal with each other, and hide from the demons. MC is a member of a destroyed Orc Tribe of the North, travelling down to the other Tribes to warn them of the demons gathering in the North. What will they do? Will YC and TC make it to the other capital to warn the humans? Will MC make it? How will they defeat the demons?
- Deeply Immersive plot
- Can be Human, Orc, or Half=Orc
- Long-term
- Little to no sexual scenes, would most prefer implications.
- This also a romance, there needs to be romance, Please!!!

Reference Images

Genre: Romance, Dark, Tragedy, Action, Heartbreak, Supernatural
Pairings: Werewolf x Vampire, Werewolf x Werewolf, Vampire x Vampire, Witch!Human x Vampire, Witch!Human x Werewolf, WereCat x Witch!Human, Werwolf x WereCat, MxM, MxF, MxMxM, FxMxF, FxF
Plot: MC is dying, they grew up with knowledge of supernatural beings existing. As a person involved themselves in such a world, they haven't informed anyone of their condition due, and for good reason. MC works a dead-end job at a bar, they are already nearing their 40s, most of their family is gone, and almost all of their friends are married or have travelled away, and MC is hardly noticable in their coven. Whereas MC hasn't moved since their college days. So no hard feelings right? Those feelings might change when trouble arises from the forests of the town, supernatural beings are conflicting, darkness is around, the kind of which could kill a person. MC suddenly meets YC. YC's home is in danger, the dark beings are trying to take over their part of the forest along with others, and needs help. One night, YC is surrounded by such beings with their comrades, and they barely escape into a protected home which guards against such evils. The spernatural creatures of the forest need help and as one of the guardians of the forest YC needs the help of the wtches, but how does he get into contact with one of the most mysterious and secretive beings? What will happen between YC & MC? Is there going to be a TC?
- Romance aspects.
- Up for some change.
- Slight modern/urban base
- Realistic means.
- Supernatural beings are known in the world, but they mostly keep to themselves, and discrimination among others is quite known.

Reference Images

Salvatore's Secret
Genre: Vampire Diaries, Romance, Angst, Tragedy
Pairing: Damien Salvatore x Human!F, Damien Salvatore x Vampire!F, Damien Salvatore x Human!M, Damien Salvatore! x Vampire!M
Plot: Mostly following the Vampire Diaries Storyline on Season 3, but should probably have knowledge of the series. Most of it will be changed, also I hope to have little moments where if MC is a Vampire, of Damien and them having moments together in the past, but this is all up for debate.
- Long-term
- I'm willing to play Damien.
- Multiple Pairings, I would love to do a Damien and a Niklaus or Elijah, but my one quota would be I play Niklaus or Elijah.

Reference Images

Horror's Chase
Genre: Horror, Romance, Scary, Intense, Fear
Pairing:FxM, MxM
Plot: YC/MC 1is being hunted, not by a human, not by a monster, but a demon. It was YC/MC1's sister's fault. She just had to go playing with things she shouldn't have, and now the sister is hiding with YC/MC1, but things don't always go as what they hoped. The demon had found them, and hopefully YC/MC 2 can help them save YC/MC1's sister from the demon.
- Haunted
- Should just be a simply short, but could be a med-long-term, maybe.
- This idea is not fleshed out at all. Would love some great plot debate for this. Bring in a little horror to the romance, but I'm also up for no romance at all.

Reference Images

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Re: Tig's Succulent Desires
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2019, 04:26:04 pm »
Cursed Rights
Genre: Romance, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Pirates, Witch Doctors
Pairings: Cursed!M/FxM, Cursed!M/FxF
YC is from another world, the modern world to be exact, and now they've been summoned by a powerfully corrupted King filled with greed who needs a hero. YC managed to escape with the help of an elf and a dwarf, how unlikely a group. They must make their way out of the kingdom in search of hat they seek the most. The only one who might be able to help them is MC, a Witch Doctor, who is in a mysterious swamp.
- Not a truly aimed romance, more action and adventure, along with finding ones true-self.
- The Character WIP below is only a base of MC.
- This can be changed up, not a solid plot line.
- No length of time to specify really.
Aegis "Laveau" Dakkath

Race: Human
Sexual Orientation: Sapiosexual
Gender: Male? Female? Something else?

Race-based Powers:
Black Magic, the Dark Arts, and many more names related to such scary titles. As a Witch Doctor of the Dark Arts, Laveau has grown up with family who have dabbled in the Dark arts for generations. They were taught by their grandparents, the elders of the family. Their main forte is Necromancy, bone-speaking, and brewing poisons.

Xíngshīzǒuròu:  The walking dead. Quite literally. Laveau has the talent to bring the dead's body back to life, however, this is not bringing the soul back to the previous owner's body, just the energy to bring the body back. Their knack for taking a body and turning it into a servant. The bodies can only do simple commands, however, nothing complex. They only follow Laveau's, the Master, orders. The amount pf servants are dependent on the size, the range, and the energy with the time required to use the body. For Laveau, they can bring anything human-sized (meduim) and below (small-tiny) back in several hours. The amount of servant can range from 3-4 humans, and several smaller beings. However, if Laveau tried to bring something of a large size to life, the time would be twice as long, the creature in which she is bringing back to life, it would take quit a bit of energy from Laveau and they would be bedridden for several days, this of course would leave them vulnerable.

Gǔtou xuǎnzé: The spirits can speak of course, but it takes time, and the rituals could be long. Laveau learned young in life with the help of snake bones marked with archaic symbols how to speak with spirits. The questions must be a yes or no answer, and when she rolls the bones in a bowl, the bones will mark answer to her questions. For example, a patron asks "Is my sister still alive?" while this is quite the blatant answer, the question itself is still a yes or no answer. Laveau will hold the bones in their hands, give a small prayer in their native language, and toss the bones which will have an answer.

Role: Witch Doctor, Crew Member of Captain ______
Faction:TO be determined: Independent or In Service To Captain ___
Face Claim: Unknown

Player O/O's: Tig's O/Os
Character O/O's:
- Giving/Receiving Anal Sex
- Being Bitten (not to the point of blood or marking)
- Being Licked (the sensuel way or for foreplay)
- Biting Another
- Tying Another
- Double Penetration
- Being Teased/ Teasing Another
- Receiving/Giving Massages
- Kissing

- Being Branded
- Being Castrated
- Being Mutilated
- Being Spanked
- Breast Expansion
- Gagging
- Gaining Weight
- Giving Anal Fisting
- Giving Vaginal Fisting
- Hair Pulling
- Intestinal Penetration
- Lactating
- Menses
- Receiving Anal Fisting
- Receiving Vaginal Fisting
- Scat
- Spanking Another
- Undergoing Cum Inflation
- Watersports
- Wearing Collars


Laveau is 5'7 in height, has a rather slim figure, but is always seen wearing a mask with ears, and strangely furred outfit with a cloak. The items Laveau wears mostly covers their figure, and other than height, not much is recognizable about Laveau. The mask is something Laveau made themselves, the materials use were from the bones of various animals, the ears were made from the fur of a dead Aelfin and the clothing as well was made by Laveau themselves from the fur of the same dead Aelfin. The outfit is mostly for camouflage and to ward off others from coming near Laveau.


The first time anyone meets Laveau it could turn out to be quite off-handedly creepy. Laveau is quiet, inelligent, and logically. They often respond with a strange lilting accent as if from somewhere else, and have tendency to stand in the shadows more than the light. They also have knac speaking in strange riddles suddenly. A frighteningly dilemna for those who have been around Laveau.

Only Laveau's most trusted "friends" now of their identity. Laveau is quite knowledgeable of the sea's wild ways, and has lived on the Jiangshi Island for several years, their home and base of operations essentially, but that does not mean Laveau cannot leave, they just enjoy the safety of their island.

They are often scene doing something with the snake bones they always carry, or looking through a scroll, and at times a book. Laveau is quite crafty, and likes to make cute little charms or jewelry with all sorts of bits and bobs. Laveau can be quite messy when it comes to their home, things are always disorganize which is a nice touch to their already creepy atmosphere.

Laveau does enjoying chatting with others, and if they weren't on their island, they are with trusted adversaries conversing of in-depth truancies and intellectual debates. They aren't the type to make it obvious whether they like or dislike someone, generally Laveau keeps some distance from stranger, except for some rare few they trust.

History Overview:

Born and raised with their family from the south, Laveau spent a short few years of their live in the South before moving for to the Corsair Sea with their father who had managed to find an occupation as a sailor, but not all the family could travel. Laveau's mother remained with their youngest brother, just barely four months old, along with their grandfather. Their Grandmother on the other hand joined in the travels as moved to Toraga, where their Grandmother set up a shop of antique wears, books, and strange bit of bobs.

During that time, Laveau was raised by their Grandmother who was adept with the dark arts. Their Grandmother spent their time teaching Laveau the family trade and the dark arts. Their father, a fine sailor, taught Laveau the skills of a sailor as well with the hope Laveau would one day become a fine sailor of tradesman-ship. He almost got his wish. Laveau spent their young age of 10-14 in Toraga, they met many people and often wandered in and out of many shops. They had a particular favorite past time to enter a Hatting Shop of which belonged to some folk by the name of Cartwright.

One day it all changed, Laveau's Father became quite sick, passing away in the dark of the night, their Grandmother being the only one around continued to run the shop with the best of her abilities. Strange attacks were happening around Toraga, men were raiding, and some asking for payment in protection. Lavearu's Grandmother, who may have been in old in age, was harsh and cruel with youthful strength. Never had Laveau ever seen a woman who could hold a sword like their Grandmother could.

Finally maing the decision for them, their Grandmother had made the decision it was time to go back tot he South, there was not home in Toraga, and the money they carried with them could be better spent in the South. They gathered their savings, paid for the safe travels on a ship, and prepared to leave. Laveau wishing good-bye to a dear friend, joined their Grandmother on the ship and they began their journey.

Theme Song:

Just a bit of fun! If you have a Theme Song, put it here! This is not mandatory.

Laveau's Real Identity

A Dragon's New Home
Genre: Romance, Action, Adventure, Fantasy,
Pairings: FxM, FxF, MxM, MxFxM, FxFxF, FxMxF, MxMxM,
MC and YC are both from different guild parties. Maybe passed by each other once or twice in the time they worked in the guild. Now it's all changed they've been given the task to head up to the mountains and deal with some rather unsavory beasts attacking a village the bottom of a mountain. Heading into the moutain they are about to face something more than what they expected. This will start with the group beginning the journey first meeting each other at the village to convene, both groups are B-class adventurers and in a sense probably compete with each other in the rank board for best completed quests often. The NPCS might be a little on the defensive side at first, before becoming more friendly with each other along the journey.
- Not a truly aimed romance, more action and adventure, but hopefully a future love will happen.
- A slow-burn romance.
- A Secret Plot
- Option for a third character
Reference Images

Perhaps a Small Group?

Name: Minstrel (Real Name Unknown)
Age: ?
Gender: ?
Status: ?
Title: Baba Yaga (Boogie Man)
Rank: ?
Origin: ?
Stationed: ?
Alchemy: Penumbra
Common transmutations
Obscura:Can make oneself almost disappear in the shadows. How? By manipulating the photon in an area, almost like creating a wall between the light and the darkness. Naturally dimming what is already shadowed. Blending in with something already there, they can also do this in completely daylight, however, it only covers the body with a radius of 4 feet from the body, giving them an advantage in attacks and their enemies a percentile miss rate. If they use this in the daytime, they can only use it one themselves, but at night time or in an area with plenty of dim light & shadows, they can use on others for coverage.

Stygian:Whilst darkness can be nothing but a shadow, harmless to the eyes, its all a lie. They can create almost like whip of daggers with ribbed edges, harsh, and hurtful. By condensing the already darkened molecules, they can harden it to be hurtful or torturous as they could wrap around an enemy slowly sawing or tearing at the skin.

Sombre:How does one describe the beauty of darkness? Why nobody can. Learning to advance their skills with Penumbra they have learned to slightly spread small photons in a condensed batch of darkness, creating starlight almost. Once they've done that, it creats a dome over an enemy, as if they were looking into the night sky one last time before death or capture.


Minstrel's history is vague. The little information gathered is on them, it is suggested they are from the East, but their habits say they could be from the Amestris or Xerxes. Details are slim. Some say their are working for the Military, others say they are a hired Mercenary for some rich man from Amestris. Other times they are viewed as a simple minstrel wandering around playing their songs.

Other than them traveling, not much is known.


- Their face is always hidden.

- Gender is hard to figure, most say male, some say female, and others even suggest they are neither....Strange?

- Carries a simple staff of metal, like a walking stick almost, but is also used as a

- They also carry smaller
Which is easy to hide on the body.

- Is a bit of a musician, carries around a simple

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