Let's Make a Porno!

Started by VeiledDesires, August 31, 2019, 01:55:16 PM

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We have all seen a few good pornos in our lives, but those are far outnumbered by cheesy and lazy videos that make you wonder why you are watching them in the first place. Hopefully there are other people who have thought to themselves 'I could make a better script than that' or 'why have they never tried this?' This story should be a fun story about two people, or maybe a group as the story continues, who want to try their hand at making a porn company. I think there are so many directions that we could take this story, but I would hope the story could constantly evolve to have romance, drama, comedy, and suspense as we figure out the lives of people who now have sex for a living.

Benjamin Carter had just graduated high school. This was supposed to be the time in his life where there were endless possibilities. He had good grades and good looks, if this was a movie he would be going off to college to have the time of his life. Yet this was not a movie. He didn't have the funds to pay for college, and even with the few scholarships he had found he knew he would never be able to afford higher education. Did that mean he was going to give up and flip burgers in the small town that he grew up in?

Of course not, Ben was not going to let a lack of college define his life. He was creative and he had some ideas. Unfortunately, the town that he grew up in was not one that had a bunch of jobs or money to buy whatever Ben would make. No, he needed to find a job that would let him sell his product throughout the country, or even the world. As he was in his room trying to figure out what to do the stress of his situation caused him to turn on his computer and go to his favorite porn site. He was going to just jerk off and think of his brilliant idea after he came. Yet as he began to search through video after video he realized just how bad they all were. There was incest, fake incest, and such bad acting that he couldn't even get into the scene.

That was when it hit him, why not just make his own pornos? He knew that he had a good enough camera, all he needed was a girl who was just as excited about this idea and the possibilities as he was.

Your Character
This is where I would love to figure out where to go from here. Would he ask a high school friend, an old/current girlfriend, a stranger online, or maybe even the high school/local slut? There are so many ways we could go with this. Would we want friendship/love to be a part of the story? Or would it be even more fun to have two complete strangers go at this? Maybe he finds a girl who is already in the porn industry, or maybe a girl who wanted to try out porn but was scared of how the companies would treat her. I think there a lot of different angles that we could go with.

If someone is interested then I would love to talk about all of the possibilities. I want to be as flexible with this story as possible, and maybe even add characters as the story progresses.

If anyone is interested feel free to send me a message so we can talk about the story.