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Started by BlackStone, August 30, 2019, 10:24:28 PM

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I have had a great time of late taking part in some fandoms.  In the past I had shied away from it as I never thought I could do an established character justice.  Since I have grown far more confident in my writing and I have started a series of interlinking fansdoms in a continuity where both Marvel and DC heroes and villains exist, which I have dubbed Earth 542.  For folks wanting to take a look at how the stories have progressed so far they can be found at the following links, and also serve as pretty good examples of my writing.  The Amazon and the Soldier and Hidden Agendas

Here are a few of the ideas which have been bouncing around in my mind.  I am flexible as well if folks have their own twist on the pairings, I am all ears.

1) For the first one with more of a connection to Hidden Agendas would involve Jennifer Walters and Conner Kent, She Hulk and Superboy.  Both of them chasing down separate leads find out they are working on the same case.  It takes them to unexpected places, and situations in which they don't have their powers in a fight for their lives while at the same time trying identify who is behind this new shadow organization who is far too efficient and well informed.

2) Spider-Gwen and Jason Todd - Originally came from an idea of Spiderman and Barbra Gordon Batgirl, but I will admit Spideman was never a character I felt I could do justice too as I have not comedic timing and you need it to do his quips justice.  Then I thought to spin it about with a gender bend and it was how I came up with the Spider-Gwen and Jason Todd pair.  The basic plot hook is the League of Shadows is after Gwen Stacy for something she was a witness too.  Jason, wanting to foil the League, comes to Gwen's rescue, but ends up running into Spider-Gwen.  The two then would pool their resources as the League should not be targeting Gwen at all.

3) The Black Knight and Raven - The story behind this one I have a more solid grip on, but not sure about the pairing.  I had always seen in my mind at least Raven being a girl who needs a great deal of order in her life since she is carrying the essence of chaos about her, and it even extends to the bedroom and needing a very controlling and strict dominant to keep her in line in the bedroom.   Finding a Marvel hero to fit such a role was difficult for me.  I did stumble across the Marvel 1610 Black Knight who had an edge to him which I though was fairly close.  The plot behind this pairing would be the return of Morgan le Fey and she wanting Trigon's prison for her new scheme, which means she needs to take it from Raven, one way or another.  Black Knight and Raven with one another against time and space, looking for the means to defeat Morgan while trying to prevent her from gaining what she needs.

4) Black Cat and Red Robin - Some of my more successful and best work today have been with some mash ups pairing Marvel with DC characters, or one of the continuities with an original character.  I would like to do so, and also have a bit of "The Heist" story line from Spiderman: The City Which Never Sleeps. 

Tim Drake has moved out of Gotham and is now a member of the new Titans based in Manhattan.  In learning the ropes of his new City he runs across the Black Cat and stops her robbery attempt.  This starts the game of cat and mouse between the two till stakes become high.  Felicia's father dies in an attempt to pull of a heist against one of the Maggia crime families.  He was forced to do so as they not only threatened his exposure he was alive, but also with Felica's life.  This starts off her retribution against the Maggia, and a new gang war grips the city.   Tim is determined to contain the violence, and also get at the heart of what caused the Maggia struggle in the first place.

5. The Raft battle has New York in a state of chaos as more than a few dangerous criminals escaped, but there is a mystery behind what had happened.  As SHIELD's Avengers and the United Nations Justice League track down and apprehend the criminals who pose a national, if not global, threat, a greater mystery needs to be solved, at least in Dick Grayson's mind.  How was the Raft security penetrated?  Sources point to irregularities in blood samples taken from guards, and inmates who provided cover and kept both the Avenger's and Justice League in check during the battle.  However these same blood irregularities have turned up in hardened drug addicts on the street.  What is the link, and is there something deeper, darker, conspiracy in the works, and how did the drug ICE tie in?

Life has been utter shit for Rachel Leighton.  It all started two months ago when her people of BAD Girls were hired to look into a new designer drug sweeping into neighborhoods.  Next thing, her partners were attacking police, which is something Rachel knew they would never do.  Cleo Nefertiti (Asp) and Tanya Sealy (Black Mamba) were victimized and brutalized by men which had enslaved them to a life of crime in the past.  They would not want to do anything to land them back in the Raft, and they certainly would not work with any of the Serpent Society.  The fact they did sent up red flags, and Rachel knew someone was putting pressure to get her to back of the investigation into the ICE trade.  Things were rotten to the core.  Her friends were innocent, she knew it, and she would go through anyone to prove it, even if it means accepting help from an unlikely ally in the form of one of those Gotham City nut jobs.

6) There is still much about her history Shayera Hol does not understand.  Once she believes she was Thanagarian and an advanced scout sent to the planet which had done such things as repel invasions from such races as the Chirari, the Dominators, and the Kree, as well as defeating Darkseid, Galactus, and Thanos.  Now there have been hints things might not be all it seems.  It is a piece of her past she feels compelled to find out, is she Thanagarian, or is she human?  Her journey will bring her in contact with Marc Spector, an expert in ancient cultures and a man with secrets himself, a kindred spirit as their search uncovers a threat they must stop before it threatens everything they know and love.

Those are the pairings in a nutshell.  I am also open to other pairings, but I am looking for a Marvel and DC pair up.  While I normally only write the Male role, I can attempt to write the F role for FxF though I have been told my F characters come of as nymphos, but I am willing to try to grow as a writer.  As always my On/Offs are in my signature below, as well as link to check out more of my writing.  If either of the ideas catch your interest and you think we would be a good fit, please do drop me a line.  I would love to discuss it with you and see what we could create together.