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April 10, 2021, 08:55:29 am

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Author Topic: "The Purification" | 30/70 Smut & Plot ratio | BDSM | (M/Dom seeking F/sub)  (Read 582 times)

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Offline DommetTopic starter

Hello! I am Dommet!

Welcome to my thread!

I am looking for a (hopefully long term) roleplay partner. What I am seeking in terms of RP is to explore the intricacies and delicacies of power exchange both in and out of the bedroom. I like the story to have an interesting ratio between smut and actual story, so the characters and the world surrounding them can grow in depth and personality given time. That said, good and perverted smut is still a necessity, it is just not the whole.

I identify as a Dominant, but I’m perfectly fine with playing both dominant and submissive characters, as well as both male and female. However I do prefer to have my main character be a male dominant.

Probably better than me rambling about my years of experience is you reading my plots and seeing for yourself if you enjoy my writing style. So I encourage you to not give up on me until then.

Happy reading!

Ideal Partner
  • Kinky and interested in exploring power-exchange dynamics both in and out of the bedroom
  • 3+ Paragraphs Posts Length Average - I am very detailed per default, however, the more you give, the more you get
  • Invested in moving the story forward
  • - With progression, world building and ideas
  • - Will not just play reactive
  • Favours a 30/70 -ish Smut & Story ratio - As much as smut is great, it is your character’s personality and actions that instigates the drive to possess her
  • PM’s only, open to threads if we have played together before
  • I don't mind moving OOC chatter to Discord after we are a few posts into the story. But the roleplay is to be kept in Elliquiy
  • Presents deep well thought out characters. Interesting personalities, good sense of humor, deep emotions, conflicts, dilemmas
  • Enjoys playing realistic scenarios
  • No god-modding
Your Character
  • 18+ years old in actual age as well as appearance and intellectual capacity
  • Submissive - not a pushover, I mean submissive in the kinky sense, she is welcomed to be as strong willed and confident as you would like her to be
  • I have a preference for athletic girls with toned bodies, though it is not a requirement
  • Believable - Imperfect - Good Communicator - Sensitive Body - preferably Flirty
My Character
  • 18+ years old in actual age as well as appearance and intellectual capacity
  • Dominant
  • I have a preference for playing bigger and strong/athletic characters as the size difference between mine and yours is something I find very drawing
  • I will play big cocked characters - 8 to 12 inches
  • My character is not myself, meaning that his personality is not a completely accurate translation of my own. If something bothers you about the way he conducts himself, talk to me about it, don’t come attacking me for something a fictional character has done
  • That being said, I tend to lean over a combination of the following:
  • Stern - Creative - Good Communicator - Loyal - Demanding - Strict - Imperfect - Teasing - Intelligent - Patient - Sadistic - Affectionate - Caring - Protective - Possessive - Fair
Things I like in a roleplay
  • Romance and other sorts of emotional connections
  • Conflicts - That is what makes a story interesting!
  • World building
  • Objectiveness - I don’t want this to be pure smut, but I don’t want long and meaningless descriptions of how your character is rolling around bed bored either. Be objective, each message should contribute to move the story forward
  • I prefer Third Person perspective
  • I am not interested in furries
  • You will notice that all of my plots have a power-exchange aspect to it, be it Master/slave, Dominant/submissive or DaddyDom/littlegirl. However, I am not seeking mindless dolls to play with. Those power-exchange status are the goal mid/long-term, so I wish for us to start on a somewhat neutral position and walk a road towards that end.
Kink desires
For a more detailed list of my kinks, turn ons and offs, please message me
  • Anal play
  • Rough Sex followed by Aftercare
  • Bondage
  • All sorts of toys - dildos, vibrators, anal plugs, gags, nipple clamps, cuffs, etc
  • Impact Play / Spankings
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Petplay
  • Humiliation / Degradation

-- The Purification --​

People are always talking about the dark themes and how they want to break characters into subservient, mindless sex slaves. Don’t get me wrong, I see the appeal in that. Indeed it is a fascinating route letting our inner beasts roam free in a way we often cannot do out in the real world.​

But have you ever considered taking on the reverse path?​
I want this story to be about turning a complete slut into a sweet maiden.​

She is a beautiful and sexy woman (30-40) who knows perfectly well about her body’s perks and how to take advantage of them to get ahead in life. Elizabeth is not a slut in the sense of always chasing the next sex high or being addicted to banging different men or women every day/week. But she is considered a dirty slut for most, and even herself, because she is not shy of treating her body and sexuality as her most powerful bargaining chip.​

Ever since she lost her virginity in her teens Elizabeth realized that a nicely shaved pussy holds a great deal of power over men. Whether it was to get them to buy her something she couldn’t afford, or to get her into parties, or to improve her grades so she wouldn’t fail school, or to earn the favor of a boss; the girl was never shy of opening her legs to make a beneficial trade. Because of that she had never managed to stay committed to a relationship for long, as whenever the opportunity for profit arose, she would eagerly spread herself on the floor for whoever it was. It didn’t matter if they were handsome or filthy, nice or stupid, sexually skilled or selfish. All that mattered was that prize at the end of the act.​

In a way, Elizabeth’s biggest present her lifestyle brought her was an amazing daughter. The woman loved her child with all her heart and was very proud of how capable and talented she was. Her daughter was her main motivation for chasing a stable life in the past, seeing that she got pregnant really young (16-20). But even then, Elizabeth’s view of her own body never changed.​

In contrast to Elizabeth, Marcus (35-50) is the definition of a swell guy. He is professionally successful, handsome, honorable, respectable, intelligent, a gentleman. Of course, that is the extent of the image that the outside world has of him. Everyone has their secrets that are unleashed once they close their home’s door behind themselves, and Marcus is a strict and demanding man that doesn’t accept not being in charge. He’s not domineering nor aggressive, but only very stern and authoritarian.​

That is something about him that radiates to the bedroom where Marcus has a very dominant personality as well. He enjoys toying around with a woman’s pleasure. Feeding her arousal with all the things she likes just so he can provoke her about the desperate mess of a slut they had become. He likes to bring them to the edge of explosion and then withdraw all of the stimulation, watching them curse and struggle, desperate for that release that he loves to deny. The sort of sex Marcus provide is excruciating, one filled with ardor, agony, fervor, and torment. When one chooses to go to bed with him they will soon realize that having an orgasm becomes a very rare privilege. That’s not because of his lack of skill but his abundance of it. All of his moves, all of his knotts, all of the toys. He knows when to push and when to withdraw. Marcus’ biggest pleasure is keeping his partners on the edge. And they tend to love it so much that they will always keep coming back.​

The Plot​
Both Elizabeth and Marcus are regulars at a fancy bar downtown. He stops by a few days in the week because he likes having a drink to decompress from a hard day of work as well as waiting the traffic of rush hour to die off; while Elizabeth enjoys the atmosphere and how the male public in there tend to be quite generous and “unselfish” of their wallets.​

Elizabeth tried flirting with Marcus at one point but he was up to her doings. The man told her about how he had been watching her around and that he knew what her game was. He didn’t mind taking care of her tab on occasion when she didn’t find anyone else to do so, but he always refused her advances on him. Throughout the months they came to talk a lot and get to know each other considerably well, although their interaction had always been restricted to within the bar.​

The woman’s perspective of life only came to change when something unexpecting and dreadful happened. Her sweet little daughter, now on high school, had a very graphic video of her leaked on the internet. It was then that Elizabeth learned that her child took her mother as an inspiration and was actually following her steps, basically whoring herself out in school for items of a wishlist she created. That happening was extremely heartbreaking and threw the woman into a short lived depression until she decided on changing her way of living. Besides, now that she was an adult and had a stable career she didn’t have to rely on such cheap tactics to get by anymore.​

For a long time, a few weeks/months, Elizabeth failed miserably in her attempts of keeping her legs closed. There were several things that factored in in her lack of success: her crazy high sex drive; the lack of a partner; persuasive men who knew about her approach of things and sought her out; her own impulse of chasing after a good opportunity for extra cash, items, and general profit; among other things.​

In the meantime, Elizabeth would keep sitting down with Marcus on occasion to have a more meaningful and interesting talk. She never shared what happened with her daughter or about her new resolution, though. Meanwhile, he seemed to have picked up some of her change in the air but he also never addressed it directly. Their relationship was still one of acquaintances that didn’t butt in further into the other’s businesses than what they chose to freely share. However, in the past few weeks/months, at every fail attempt Elizabeth had in turning her life around she would remember of something Marcus had told her the first time she tried to flirt with him.​

“If you truly want to get on your knees before me, you’ll have to become a proper lady first.”​

Of course, she laughed it off and called him nuts back then. But now… now Elizabeth herself really wanted to become a “proper lady”. She wanted to be known as someone virtuous and respectable, not a slut and a whore. Especially by her lovely daughter. The only problem was how to make that happen.​

Every time she thought about what Marcus had told her, Elizabeth would also question in her mind if he would also be willing to help her into becoming such a lady. Despite being single, a man like himself could probably have any woman he wanted. He was probably living the dream and fucking many college girls with no strings attached. But if that was the case why would he have turned her down for the reasons he did? Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to ask for more details about what he meant back there, about what was his understanding of a proper lady.​

During a long talk one night Elizabeth opened up to Marcus about her struggles and desires, and, when she finally asked him about his input, leaving it in the air the she would like his assistance, something changed in his countenance. It was as if the man had waited all this time to listen to those words of hers. And so he shared with her his ideas of how they could turn Elizabeth from a slutty little whore into a proper lady.​

First, they should get to know each other more intimately. It was already time that they deepened their interactions beyond those scattered casual encounters. He would fuck her, as he had been wanting to do for a long time now, and they would see how well they would mesh up with that. Marcus also told her that for that to happen she would have to be willing to follow his every order in bed, but again that shouldn’t be a problem since she probably was used to being bossed around in the bedroom already. She would then, as per his words, inevitably get addicted to his touch. And that was when her actual purification would begin.​

It was very different having that sort of conversation with him, but for some reason Elizabeth couldn’t help but to give his words a lot of weight. Perhaps it was the seriousness with which he talked, perhaps it was that feeling that he had been waiting for that moment for all of those months without mentioning a word while concocting his plan.​

In any case, it was due time to try a different approach. So… why not put his confidence to the test?​

Thoughts and Ideas​
  • This story will involve a lot of bondage, orgasm control, orgasm denial, forced orgasms, spanking, sensory deprivation, humiliation, degradation… all of their encounters will be very intense, both sexually and psychologically.​
  • My idea as their end-game goal is to strip Elizabeth away from her desire to cum altogether. I want her to become ashamed of her slutty persona to the point where immediately after she have an orgasm she will experience guilt and shame. The only reasons why she would keep having them is because 1) sex with Marcus is so good that her body betrays her, and 2) she becomes completely devoted to him and would cum on his command regardless of knowing how she would feel afterwards. He could even call those episodes “maintenance orgasms”, to remind her of her place.​
  • As her purification happens they would also actually start dating, so there should be romance and all that in the story as well. Elizabeth’s admiration and devotion towards Marcus plays a huge part in all of this process, so it is only expected that she would fall deeply and intensely for him. And he for her.​
  • For that reason I am open to the possibility of all of them moving in together, including Elizabeth’s daughter, and we playing out how they would bring her back from being the school’s slut to a regular “decent” teenager. The daughter, however, should never appear in any sex scenes. This story branch is not at all required.​
  • This is a slow burn and intense story, so I want a partner who appreciates that. Let’s delve into Elizabeth’s psyche and explore all of her desires and fears.​
  • I would like for our starting point to be exactly where this plot ends. Either on their talk at the bar or their meeting in there again at the next night.​
  • I’m open to your ideas.​