Dark/Twisted/Transformative/Mutable/Oppressive world...

Started by mayovagn, August 30, 2019, 08:11:37 AM

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Hello, I am mayovagn and this is my thread, there are many others like it, but they don't have quite so much, well, mayovagn.

I am looking for one party to write the world and the other to write one character's reaction to the world. Like the relationship between a GM in a tabletop RPG and their player.

I am happy to either run the thing as the GM or to play thing thing as player and can take on one of each with the same or separate people.

I have in mind a dark version of our own world, where people can somehow start exbhiting strange powers or have such visited upon them. Where dark forces move behind the scenes to try to control those with such abilities through foul means. Where flesh can be mutable and transformed, but not always by choice and not always under full control of any of those involved. Where agents of darkness vastly outnumber those trying to retain control of and choice in their own lives. Where liberty is a concept and there is an illusion of freedom, where most of the people of the world falsely belive they are free. Where the darkness is beneath the surface, hidden, and carefully controlled and managed.

So... Ah... Yeah...

If this is interesting, please poke me in PM. Don't respond to this thread. Because reasons. Use the subject line 'Bananas make nice little tummy bulges' to let me know you read this message. Or, just because, well, they make nice little tummy bulges. Or because, well, you find it hilarious. Or don't. But, you know, PM me anyway. Because bored. Blah.
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