Long term tales of oppression and survival, it's the Orwellian nightmare! (HL2)

Started by Sarakins, August 24, 2019, 09:38:14 AM

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I'm currently looking for a long-term roleplay partner, interested in helping to craft dark tales of survival set within a world of constant hardship.

If you enjoy deep characters, lots of emotional depth and long persistent stories, then send me a message and let's brainstorm!
I am particularly looking for roleplay set within the world of Half Life 2. Whether you have experience with the setting or not, I'd be delighted to walk you through this uniquely grim dystopia.

For the third time in your life, the world is ending. Safety and peace are abject concepts to you, resigned to a history that is all but forgotten.

At first it was the portal storms that tore your world asunder. Rogue science has left once fertile fields barren and hostile. Alien monsters, brought forth by the storms, carried with them death and disease on an unprecedented scale. For the better part of a decade, mankind struggled on the very brink as societies collapsed and resources dwindled.

Yet you remember this as only the beginning, a terrifying prelude to the horrors far worse to come. On the tenth year of the second millennium, just as mankind has begun to rebuild, you watched as the events that would become known as The Seven Hour War unfolded before you. You witnessed terror and confusion as alien forces, unimaginably advanced conquered and subjugated the entire human race in less than a day. Your journey that followed was both unique and shared by all that remained of mankind, as you found yourself snatched from your home and sent off to one the re-purposed mega-cities, now strewn with alien machinery. The pain of those early days still resonates even now, the loss, the fear and the confusion.

And yet that one terrible question still lingers on your lips. What happened to the children?

The next ten years of your life were spent in unthinking monotony, for the aliens you know know as the Combine had wasted no time in establishing a brutal police state. All but stripped of your identity, you were given nought but a pair of cheap denim overalls, a cramped apartment shared by strangers, and a steady stream of tasteless gruel to keep you from starving. You have never seen the face of the Combine, for instead they make use of human collaborators to enforce their vicious will. Most hated of all are the gas-mask wearing units of Civil Protection, little more than school-yard bullies in uniforms, these thugs patrol the streets with impunity, cruelly taking out their frustrations on their citizen counterparts. Seduced by the promise of better living conditions and improved rations, many men have sold their soul and joined the ranks of Civil Protection. Perhaps this was your fate, to rid yourself of empathy and join the forces of oppression.

My main character



Despite her unique upbringing citizen 54993 appears to go out of her way to be a surprisingly unremarkable individual. As I have previously stated on record, Atkins’ loyalist status makes a mockery of the very system. For what level of intelligence an individual so devoid of intelligence could provide truly escapes my imagination. Previously my comments have been rebuked upon the basis that certain individuals within the Civil Authority appear to regard Atkins as a medical curiosity, again I would like to state in the strongest possible manner that whatever scientific merit an individual that matured during the occupation might bring it most certainly does not warrant loyalist status. The actual information that Atkins provides is beyond meaningless, for example I reference an entry dated 12/03 last year:.

**“Saw a bloke with a funny walk, t’other day, looked kinda dodgy. Don’t think I’ve seen him before. Though actually he might be that fella from t’op floor.”**

The very fact that some unit decided to actually record that entry into the Union database frankly astounds me.

So once again I formally request that all case files in regards to 54993 are transferred to WRAITH for further processing.



At eighteen years old Sarah Atkins stands out from the average citizen simply for her age. For unlike practically everyone and everything else within City 12, Sarah seems to have managed to weather the the worst that life has to offer and has come out with all of the curiosity and vitality of her youth still intact. Amidst a world of decay and a population made almost exclusively of the world weary middle-aged Sarah Atkins is a living reminder of an age now lost.

At 5'4", with mousy brown hair and startlingly pale skin Sarah cuts a petite figure, which although not outwardly unhealthy, speaks of a childhood wrought with malnourishment and a lack of sun. When she speaks she does so with a strong Lancashire accent that both undermines her gentle appearance and betrays her utter lack of an education. With expressive eyes of a bluish-silver Sarah Atkins is undeniably a very pretty young woman, yet her slouched posture and lazy attitude mean that despite everything she easy to miss.

I prefer to roleplay on Discord, however I'm flexible and am more than happy to roleplay via PMs, email or elsewhere. Any questions, just ask!