A Birthday RP (M looking for Strong F)

Started by kurioustoohear, August 21, 2019, 09:07:10 AM

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Greetings, and thanks for checking out my request! It is very specific: a birthday RP. I have tried this twice before, making progress on one before it died, and launching a second attempt that, well ... is still hanging out there. The story is about a birthday gift for the 20th birthday of the daughter (YC) of a powerful criminal/political father. He is protective of her, fearing that she could be used to get to him. And so he has thus far refused her dating. His latest idea is to give her someone (MC) for her birthday ... to own and do with him whatever she wants (specifics can be discussed, as well as O&Os). Below is my opening post, which will be modified to fit whatever changes we agree on ... PM me if you are interested! Thanks!

Opening Post:
Brian Hawkins sat down at a table in Charlie’s Irish Pub, ordering a bacon cheeseburger with curly fries and a rum and coke. It had been a long week; he was glad it was finally Friday. But it had been a good week. He pulled out a receipt from his wallet showing his five hundred dollar down payment on a fifteen hundred dollar diamond ring. It was a lot of money for a warehouse worker, but she was worth every penny! He had not decided when he would ‘pop the question,’ but he knew it would be soon, once his credit application was approved … perhaps this weekend! Brian smiled; soon, Sarah Meadows would become Sarah Hawkins! She was the love of his life and he was sure she would say ‘yes;’ they had been dating for almost two years! It still made him nervous … what if she said ‘no?’ His food arrived and he put that thought out of his mind and the receipt back into his wallet, the smile returning to his face. She would say ‘yes’ … life was good!

Since he had no plans (Sarah was out of town visiting family), he decided to linger in the pub. He finished his dinner and ordered another drink … and then another. Brian enjoyed surveying the patrons of the bar … noting the women, and comparing them to Sarah … each one falling short for one reason or another. After his third drink, he decided to go home. It was nearing ten, and he wanted to watch his DVRed copy of “Game of Thrones.” The show had everything he enjoyed … action, interesting characters … and nudity! Just as he got up to pay, the bartender brought him another drink. Brian looked up at him in confusion, but before he could say that he did not order it, the man smiled, “It’s on the house … some guy is celebrating something and he ordered drinks for everyone.” Brian smiled, picking up the free drink in a toast, “Well … to whatever he is celebrating!” The bartender laughed as he departed and Brian sat back down in his chair. He stayed for the time it took him to finish his drink. Setting the now empty glass on the table, he stood again to leave … but suddenly felt lightheaded and dizzy. “Whoa …” he mumbled as he took a step … with his head spinning, he stumbled and began to fall …

Brian began to wake up feeling like shit; his worst hangover times infinity. His whole body felt numb … incredibly off … his mouth was dry and his muscles ached. His mind was a jumble of thoughts and images … what the fuck had happened? The last he remembered, he was drinking at Charlie’s … rum and cokes. How many had he had? Two? Three? The bartender had bought him another … ‘on the house,’ he said … someone was celebrating something. Brian had stayed longer to finish his free drink. He remembered standing to leave, but then feeling lightheaded and dizzy. That was the last solid memory he had … coupled with clouded memories he could not be sure of … almost falling, but someone catching him … mumbled complaints that he felt ‘off’ … then being dragged out … whispers of concern ... cool evening air … then nothing. He had no memory except for now. What happened? His mind was too addled to make sense of any of it. 

He turned his head to the side … slowly opening his eyes. Brian felt something brush his chin, but he did not know what it was ... a big pink ribbon and bow someone had tied around his neck. He saw nothing … only darkness. Was he blind? He did not realize initially that he was blindfolded. Panic arose within; he began to gulp air to relieve the nervous tensions exploding in his chest. What was going on? Where was he? He tried to move and then realized that his arms were tied behind his back and his legs bound together; more panic and hyperventilation. Then he heard voices … someone was there with him, or at least close … but who? Two voices were talking … he heard a man and a woman. Brian ceased all movement and strained to listen. “Happy Birthday!” the man exclaimed with enthusiasm. “Oh grazie ... grazie … he’s perfect!” the woman excitedly replied. He heard movement … footsteps receding away from him. They continued to talk, but not as loudly; he could not understand what they were saying. Brian struggled against the ropes that held his arms fast behind him … his blindfolded eyes looking from side to side … seeing only darkness. Finally he spoke into his cloth gag. “Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?” His voice sounded muffled and slurred, his tongue still feeling thick … although his mind began to clear, nothing made sense. His heart was pounding in his chest … he was scared. “Hello? HELP ME! ANYBODY!” he yelled through dry lips and his gag, his words unintelligible. “Please …”