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January 17, 2022, 04:03:29 am

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Author Topic: Ivory Dawn’s RP Requests – Solo-Style  (Read 858 times)

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Ivory Dawn’s RP Requests – Solo-Style
« on: August 18, 2019, 01:56:45 pm »
Ivory Dawn’s RP Requests – Solo-Style

Hi everyone! I’m Ivory Dawn, and this is my solo-RP requests thread (and a work in progress)! If you want my group-RP ideas, well . . . I’m working on it. Also please keep in mind that many of the ideas here would be easily expanded to a group, and most of my group ideas could be run one-on-one if we’re willing to play multiples.

Ivory Dawn’s O/o
My O/o is linked in my signature, but I’m pretty flexible. Let’s outline some of the take-aways and things that are looming large for me currently:

1 – I’m primarily interested in F/F pairings for solo-play right now. I might be persuaded to write other pairings, and in group play I’m down for a mix depending on what fits, but unless you’ve got a good idea, or can persuade me, I’m interested in the ladies.
2 – I don’t think I’m horribly picky about writing, god knows we all make mistakes, but if you can’t bother consistently to spell check your writing or make your parts make sense within the world/with your character, I won’t be interested. I spend my working days writing reports with someone who doesn’t spell check or grammar-check their work. I don’t want to do it here too.
3 – 3rd person, past tense. If you strongly prefer 1st person or present tense, I can do that, but I prefer the other. Writing collaboratively in 2nd person just weirds me out, I will not do it.
4 – Fantasy settings are of STRONG interest to me. I adore fantasy, and have a modest preference for high fantasy. Elves? Magic? Dragons? Yes, please.
5 – I will not write toiletplay of any kind. I am not interested in footplay or fisting. I am not interested in snuff.
6 – I MAY write characters who are evil/cruel and perform mutilation, kill people, or do other things I strongly dislike. I MAY write characters who are victim to mutilation and torture, who die at the hands of others, or be subjected to other things I don’t like. These will be story-driven. I do not get aroused or excited at the idea of these actions.
7 – It doesn’t always HAVE to be romance, but I like romance. I like comedy. I like drama. I like STORY. Gimme a story and I’m a happy lady.

Now to the ideas!
General Interests Right Now
I don’t have specific ideas for these, but I’m generally interested in them. Pitch something, and let’s see what we can work out:
1 – Disney. Pretty much anything in this, I’m so down for dirty Disney it’s scary.
2 – Fairy tales. More or less same as above. Cinderella lesbian step-sister sex? Yes. Red Riding Hood and a sexy she-wolf? Yes. All stops in between? Also yes.
3 – Wonderland. Have you read Alice in Sexland? Anything in that vein.
4 – Final Fantasy. I don’t have a ton of experience in the games, but I know enough to make it work in most of the game universes.
5 – Overwatch. My top two ladies are D.Va and Mei, but don’t let that stop you if you’re into Mercy or Sombra. All those ladies are damn hot.
6 - Mermaids. As you might guess from my avatar, MERMAIDS. Maybe two mermaids, maybe a mermaid and a human, just mermaids.

Fandom Ideas (sorted by fandom)

Right now, just one. I'm blanking. Expect edits!
Harry Potter
A Runaway Witch
A Runaway Witch (Open to either character)
A young witch (between 17 and 21) from a Pureblood family meets the wizard her parents have picked for her arranged marriage. Exceptional breeding, and no one she wants to spend 5 minutes with, let alone the rest of her life. When she protests, they lock her in her room until his family can come and take possession of her, whether she want to or not.
She manages to escape and goes on the run, trying to dodge the pursuit the two families have sent. But before they can find her, she finds herself being taken in by another witch who gives her a safe place and a chance to escape for good. Something more than friendship blooms, or maybe her benefactor wants something intimate in exchange.

Original (or at least not based in an existing world) Ideas
Property of the Amazons
Property of the Amazons(Open to either character)
The Amazonian forces have been steadily gobbling up pieces of the world, and people are scared. No word comes out of newly conquered territories until the army surges forward again to swallow another chunk of land.
Inside the newly conquered areas, all non-Amazons start as slaves. Men, women, children old enough to work, all serve the Amazons. Men are treated well, but are clearly kept as breeding stock and heavy labor. Children are educated and given training for tasks. Women are trained according to their skills and desires – mostly. Those who train in weapons may eventually become Amazonian citizens themselves. Those who don’t get trained become pleasure slaves.

This can go two different ways: Maybe one of the conquered women is made a pleasure slave to an Amazonian warrior, who grants her more and more liberty and training until she is able to become a citizen herself (this would be a more romantic option, sort of a slave-to-wife kind of thing). Or maybe her Amazonian mistress isn’t that interested in playing with her, but instead uses her as a perk to encourage others who are training to work harder; one of the women training may be someone she knew, who gets her citizenship and buys/trades for possession of her friend.

If you're interested, please PM me. DO NOT reply to this thread. I'd like to build something together, even if the base idea is mine (AKA I won't do all the mental work).

I look forward to hearing from you!

My Current RPs

Exalted: Words of Creation - group
Epic adventure in a fantasy world - empowered by the light of the Sun!

Fashion Affairs - large group
Drama and glamour in the world of high fashion!

The Hero From Beyond & The Good Prince - solo, with Armphid
Iseikai-style story set in an original fantasy world.

A Fantasy Reborn - solo, with Armphid
Adult fun in the world of Final Fantasy XIV.
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