Anyone Interested in Trans Men (Trans Man for Any)

Started by dicequeer, August 13, 2019, 08:40:21 PM

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Heyo! I'm hoping to get some more RP partners. I'm happy to RP here, on discord, kik, or wherever you prefer.

I'm a trans man, and that's what I'd like to play. I prefer to play bottoms/subs. If we end up playing multiple characters I wouldn't be against switching that up, but I'd like my main character to be submissive. Here's my F-List if you want to check it out. Currently I'm particularly interested in dub-con, or maybe non-con. I love power dynamics, situations where my character is in a subservient position to yours. Also bonus points for inflation, mpreg, transformation, or anal.

I am willing to do almost any ratio of smut to plot, although I would like there to be some smut. I would prefer people who are looking for something more long term. Not necessarily the same story the whole time, but someone who would like to RP more than just tonight.

My ideal partner would be able to reply a few times a day, but I totally understand thats not feasible for most people. I just would rather have ten, one paragraph replies over one, ten paragraph reply. That being said I'm happy to pretty much match your post length. Grammar and spelling aren't a huge deal to me. As long as I can read it, it's fine.

I'm also casually interested playing against someone who takes on a more gm style roll.

Some ideas, but I'm super open to anything you want to do.

Patient x Therapist or Doctor

Warlock x Patron

Paladin or Cleric x Deity

Hostage x Pirate Leader

Apprentice x Master

Human x Monsters

Human x Alien

Sugarbaby x Sugardaddy

Gang Member x Cop

Sex Worker x Client

Thrall x Vampire

Second In Command x Leader

Slave x Owner