Slice of Life Pizza (Seeking Femmale Characters)

Started by Norsegod1839, August 13, 2019, 12:28:51 PM

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Hello all! Thank you for clicking on my thread! Even if this doesn't catch your interest I hope you have a great rest of your day!

Without further ado...

Idea 1.

First and foremost, I'm hoping to bring back a classic scenario of mine.

I'm looking for someone to play a mom. The very classic steppford wife and mom in an affluent community. This women would be as beautiful and driven. Most of all she would be... sad in her life. The kind of women you think has everything but really doesn't. Specifically there's something she is missing in bed, a secret fetish that she's never told anyone.

What's that fetish? Depends on my opposite writer. The obvious one is dominating and submission and one I wouldn't mind one bit if that's the route we take. HOWEVER if you have something more interesting you want to try and run by me I would love to see it.

Either way enter my character who pegs her somehow as having this secret fetish. He slowly subverts his way into her life and a romance begins.

Idea 2.

The next one involves a mall or possibly a pool. I'm looking for a young women who starts working at said mall or pool. If it's a mall it would be at a department type store like a Macy's and if at the pool something more akin to a life guard.

The young woman's type can be whatever my co writer thinks. In the end I would like her to get involved with an older man who frequents the store and or pool. He would be at least twenty years older than her and be known as one of the richer men in the town and or city. A romance would start between them during the summer leading into her senior year.

Idea 3.

This idea starts in a bar, a bar in a small town in the country side. Your character will have come to the town looking for her father. She knows very llittle about him and could have been either adopted or possibly the mother ran off. Either way she's never even seen a picture of her father and trying to find him took great effort.

She's getting a drink to gain some liquid courage and strikes up a conversation with MC. The two flirt hit it off and end up in her hotel room that night. A night of passion and the best sex she's ever had ensures. She wakes up the next morning a little hung over and the man gone.

Then she goes and sees her dad...

You can probably guess what happens next. The hook up is revealed to be the dad and the two have to deal with it and the sexual tension there.