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Author Topic: Craving Literate Stories [F seeking M or convince me]  (Read 1005 times)

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Craving Literate Stories [F seeking M or convince me]
« on: August 11, 2019, 09:24:57 PM »
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Greetings! Welcome to my first ever request thread. I have plenty of story ideas, but a lot of them turn into fiction written by me and me alone. I'm open to pretty much all input, and if I haven't been as detailed as I could in places, it's because I want to encourage joint worldbuilding with my partner, not lay out a plan you'd need to fit into. I am pretty set on a long-term RP that is more story than smut, but some people have said I... tend overmuch to the smutty, so that's still a wide range of options. Feel free to check my ons and offs thread for more specifics about me.

Please PM me if any of these ideas appeal to you! If you want to see examples of my writing, I keep links to my current stories in my O/Os and A/A thread, as well as a comprehensive list of past and present writing on the Elluiki.

My Expectations
  • Highly literate writing. I rarely write less than 300 words in a post, and can easily write 500-1000 when I'm in the swing of things. And please spellcheck your posts, it'll drive me absolutely nuts. I spend quite a bit of time perfecting my posts, I appreciate a partner who does the same.
  • Life happens. My migraines are going to interrupt my posting, just as life tends to hit everyone. I try to warn my partner if I'm able, especially if it's going to be more than a day or two. I'd appreciate the same courtesy.
  • Long-term goal. While the starting scenario may be interesting enough, I'm looking for a long-term RP, whether that means one or both of us plays side characters as needed, we take the relationship between the two main characters up and down over constant hurdles, or what.
  • Aiming for 60-70% story over smut. I'm not looking for wham, bam, thank you ma'am, and I think the sex is subordinate to the plot. If they shack up, great. If not, that's fine too. (Mind you, I really enjoy a good story that has plenty of smut!) Given that brainstorming characters' potential hook-ups often makes me want to explore those early on, having a smut-heavy intro is totally fine by me. Stories just don't really last if there isn't a plot in there somewhere.
  • I only RP on the forum here.

Whoops! Looks like I ran out of ideas, or had all of them snapped up quickly. I've some random themes/thoughts below which I would be happy to RP at some point if you're still interested.

One-Shot Ideas
Sometimes it's just a random thought, but I've found that a lot of my ideas may
make better one-shots with opportunity to continue them rather than long-term stories.
Please PM me rather than posting in this thread.

Blind Date with My Doctor - Light Romance
Blind Date with My Doctor
Romance, Unexpected Situations, Light, Humorous

I tried this once before but we didn't even complete the awkward blind date, let alone their run in later on. I'm looking for something light, fun, and more romance than smut. I don't have any objections to them ending up sleeping together, I just want to focus on the comedic value of the blind date and then realizing their situation. My intention was to have the woman starting her new job the same day as the blind date, and then a few days later to have an appointment for an exam and evaluation with her new doctor, only to realize that the man is her blind date. I'm open to alternative options, whether they're coworkers who aren't allowed to date one another, one is the supervisor of the other, any sort of not quite taboo but discouraged sort of pairing that lets them have to work out how they'll do it or even if they'll do it. Trying to make it work around various hoops to jump through, I'm looking for the blind date and everything up until they figure it out. Comedic variety such as getting caught making out, gradually more elaborate excuses, and the good old interrupted teasing leaving both horny and unsatisfied encouraged.

Some Random Thoughts
These aren't quite fully-fledged enough to call them ideas, but if any resonate with you I'm
likely to be open to starting them, regardless of whether we've figured out all the details.
Please PM me rather than posting in this thread.

Damsels in Distress -- CRAVING!
Damsels in Distress appeal to me. I don't care if it's a woman kidnapped by pirates or a victim of a futuristic disease that can't be cured. There's something about being supported/saved by a romantic interest that really gets me. Even melodrama (in theory) could be a draw here. I don't have anything specific in mind except for the pirate idea elaborated below, so feel free to suggest anything you think might appeal!

Best Friends -- Light to Bondage
Girl Next Door/Best Friends trope, anyone? Anything from oblivious to their chemistry until X happens to one being married/spoken for until the significant other cheats. Intentional pairing off or not... I can think of any number of scenarios for this, and they range from Vanilla to... well, about as far as I'm capable. Potentially could twist this to be something less slice of life and more thriller if we were to have them both kidnapped for ransom and 'toyed with' by kidnapper(s)? I can do dub-con, I just don't really like true non-con.

Incomplete Idea: Secret Life of an Introvert
Wallflower being pursued by male admirer who thinks she could be stunning if she just lived it up a bit more, only to find out she's a burlesque dancer on the weekends. XD

I would really like this to happen, I just have a feeling it'd be weird to write, because part of the burlesque hobby would be that she doesn't talk to people, so it'd be scenes where he tries to talk to her (at work, wherever they met, etc) and she becomes a mute, then he follows her and watches a show, after which she disappears. I think it's missing something before it'd make a decent RP.

Surprisingly similar to this one-shot I stumbled across!
The Stripper Geek Taken
The Stripper Geek (taken)
(PBP, Light - DubCon, Human Solo M/F, Freeform, Contemporary, one-shot)
(added 02/10, reposted from 01/10)

It's eight PM on Friday Night; do you know where your local geek girl is?

The girl at the workstation next door has a secret.  Oh she's a genuine geek and a whiz at that.  She's a hot shot gamer girl as well.  But where does she go on the weekend every week and every Wednesday night?  How come her cell phone is always turned off then?

She never seems to date anyone or go out for drinks with the work crowd. She must be going to the gym, because she looks really fit.  But she's still a mystery woman, at least she is to anyone who doesn't frequent the Pink Pussycat lounge on the weekend or Wednesday night burlesque at the Rialto.  That would be everybody from work for sure, wouldn't it?

So her secret is safe ... until one of her guy co-workers walks into the club one slow night and finds himself a ringside seat.
Spin:  I see this as light-hearted and steamy.  I see the our geek girl as brilliant and confident at a work station but shy, at least until she steps out on stage (though the woman player who finds her interesting might have other ideas).  I would rather she be the wholesome type, not a dark character, or on drugs or anything like that.  But I'm guessing that she might go a long way to keep her second job a secret, especially for a nice guy.  Or, for the adventurous geek girl, the guy might have a couple of friends willing to keep her secret as well.

Requirements:  One articulate and relatively detail oriented Lady or Dame player, of compatible style and interests to play one contemporary geek girl stripper, or exotic or nude dancer opposite one to three male character(s) of mine.  Lap dances would definitely be welcome.  And a good sense of humor is a definite plus.  Feel free to discuss via PM

Expectations:  Enough plot vs. sex (60/40) to tell an interesting story about them.  Exhibitionism, oral, vaginal, and optionally anal sex; kinks negotiable.  Posting on forum, once or twice per week, 2-6 paragraphs per post.

Taken: VR Beta Tester -- Light to Bondage, Exotic
I'm still tossing this idea around a bunch, but the idea is that a major software company is trying to create truly immersive virtual reality games, and not just limited ones like we have already (modern day 2020). Upping the stakes, mapping sensory stimuli and input so more could be done than just letting you see and act as if you're there. Our story would be looking for a female beta tester, because the VR prototype's programmer was already using himself as a test dummy, but he's trying to work on some more explicit games as well, knowing that'll be a big draw, and he needs a woman nerdy enough to take part and open enough to let him test his invention on her. I'm picturing a staggered progression of events, such as trying to rework a suit he'd designed for himself to fit her with sensors/stimuli in proper places (gentle teasing between them likely if he's got his hands on her body to make the suit fit), trying to determine nervous system reaction to both good and bad stimuli... I'm thinking this is near future or current day, so we'd be either using current tech or making up our own as we go. My goal is for two intellectual nerdy characters who hit it off as a partnership based on intellect (and probably sarcasm), and then to gradually build how much they're doing with one another personally, emotionally, and sexually. Scenes like fitting her for the suit would be playfully awkward, then maybe she objects to how something seemed painful and they have to remap sensors because her breasts are more sensitive than his chest... getting a bit more heated, but maybe start out with both embarrassed and then progress to some kind of subtle encouragement, so he ends up feeling her up a bunch while they admittedly do get work done, too. Based on how slowly I'd like to build this, I'm thinking there may be a number of dreams or fantasies of each that we may play out as well. Alternating, maybe? First one is her sexy dream about him (would probably be me making a suggestion of how she'd dream he would be and my partner running with it), then later one or both of them are masturbating to fantasies of the other... it'd build the tension without anything actually happening yet. I've got an idea that the first time they both choose to do something together it's him proposing a new simulation, and then she finds it's a dating sim and she's seated across from the image of the programmer, potentially involving her start kissing him in VR only for him to step in physically now that he knows she went for it. I don't have a solid idea yet, but if you like this idea and are in the mood to discuss it, by all means send me a PM!

Taken: Love at Gunpoint

(Bondage to NC, heavy smut with exploration of relationship plot)

Previously attempted. Abducted on her way to have dinner with two friends, she's merely the bait to lure them into a trap. Whatever they were working on, it was apparently worth kidnapping for. The two men (one a friend from childhood, one a newer acquaintance) follow the van they saw take her, but lose it in busy city streets. Then one realizes that Find My Friends ought to work on her cellphone, and they follow the signal into an abandoned building empty save her handcuffed unconscious body (which looked like she'd been searched and then half undressed for the kidnapper's amusement). She wakes just before the door slams shut, only too aware the two had been caught because of her. And rather than releasing her, her purpose as bait fulfilled, their sadistic abductor brazenly toyed with her body when the men thought about resisting. (Ramping up from stripping her, groping and teasing, even commanding one then the other of the men to fuck her while he and his few guards watched, trying to make them work harder and/or save her from the attentions of the sadist or guards.)

When I tried it before, one person played most of the characters, I only played the woman. That works for me, but I could consider making this a small group (one for each major character) that traded off writing their abductor's sadistic plans. If you're good with playing more than one character, great, if not, let me know and I'll see if I can find a third. This idea was modern (thinking the men were programmers with some kind of national defense contract), but I'm open to other ideas that fit the story as laid out. I'm mostly interested in the relationship between the young woman and both men, one who had been working up to asking her out, the other just a new friend, but thrown into the mix. If the triangle doesn't work for your ideas, let me know. I have a feeling dangling his would-be girlfriend in his face would be plenty to motivate one man to do whatever it was the men wanted from him. Gender of the abductor is open for debate, but I think I'm more interested in FMM main characters. I could probably be convinced otherwise.

Taken: Taken at Sea

(Light to Bondage, 60/40 or 70/30 story/smut on average, probably sexual scene early on)

When the pirate ship overtakes the merchant vessel, they're surprised to find not only the cargo, but also a young woman being sent to marry an older man as part of a business arrangement with her father. She's part of their spoils, if they choose to be the scum that most decent folk believe. Or she's a hostage, to be ransomed back to either her father or her betrothed. Maybe both, if they're clever.

I intended this to be set in an era of swashbuckling pirates and eager officers of the royal navy, with honor and prejudice both having their place. Even the pirate captain would have his gentlemanly ways, because that was what's done. If he confined her in the hold, there would likely be damage done to her person by the crew, but he can confine her to his cabin. Yet it's possible he would also be unable to resist touching her, whether as a "punishment" for trying to escape, just to prove he is in control, or even something more romantic since she's being sold in marriage without knowing a lover's gentle touch. For this era if he took her dress and left her in her extensive undergarments, she'd be unable to escape for fear of the crew. She could be ransomed to a betrothed who basically chains her to his house, potentially in a literal fashion, should he doubt her loyalty (or her virginity). She could convince the pirate captain to take her with him, or set her down somewhere else. There's a lot of room for plot and a lot of room for smut, the choices would have to be made between a partner and myself. I could take this sci-fi as well, if that's more appealing for a given scenario, spaceships can get hijacked, too. I'd like to explore an odd romance between the captain and the young woman, ransoming her as a ruse then coming to retrieve her after the ransom was paid (either for love or just common decency due to the way her betrothed treats her), and see where that leads. Female pirates aren't impossible. Disguising her as a young man might be a better way to protect her, especially if her fiancee reports her somehow to the navy. If there's no woman visible aboard the ship, can't really blame them for her abduction. Would that affect their relationship?

Obviously being hijacked by pirates is assuming a certain level of bondage/NC. My gut instinct would be to take this to a rope-bunny level of bondage, though that's probably due to my lack of experience with bondage in general. So bondage is a yes, NC is a maybe. I'm good with plot nonconsent (kidnapping), but I have trouble with smut nonconsent (rape). Dubious consent (teasing till physically needy, coersion/blackmail, etc) is fair game. Rating can be discussed. :)

Taken: Dreamer x P.I.

The concept is fairly simple. The young woman (my character, hetero cisfemale) occasionally has true dreams. This time, however, instead of seeing something like her test score on the MCAT (or similar), she saw someone get killed. She happened to have a family connection to a private investigator (your character, hetero cismale in my head but I'm open to options) she had never met, and got her cousin (sister, uncle, brother...) to introduce them. She wanted to find out if she'd dreamed something real, but the internet didn't reveal anything in the town she thought she'd seen, so either it didn't happen, or someone had covered up the crime.

I would like there to be something romantic between the two characters, but I don't have any timeline on it. The longer the better. He thinks she's crazy but does it as a favor to her relative was kinda the end of the spectrum I was leaning towards, but someone who thinks she couldn't make that shit up if she tried so it must be true would work for me also. I had intended something to the effect of late 20s young woman / mid-30s P.I., but ideally they find each other attractive. If she's expecting an old detective, a mid-30s marine no longer in service is a nice way to mix it up. I wasn't going to have her be in total distress, I would prefer an independent young woman who simply doesn't know how to investigate getting caught up in something bigger than either of them.

This is obviously not straight fiction, given the psychic element, but I am open to a variety of genres. Urban fantasy is easy enough, but then anything from historical fiction (I'm not a historian, but I can try to write other times) to D&D-esque fantasy to science fiction. Whether we want to turn this into a serial show like Medium, the Ghost Whisperer, or Missing (all more or less a succession of strange events with some kind of psychic input), or have a big picture plot that we take turns posing intermediate scenes to figure out as we go, I am good either way. I could see this being Dresden Files level of "there are more things between heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy", or not. I have no current purpose of or source for her dreams, but that could easily be leading to other 'gifts'. I would prefer this isn't so scifi as Star Trek where other races and other abilities are accepted as easily as the normal/average person. And definitely not Shadowrun, with the races and tech level such that magic and science are one and the same.

Of Particular Interest:
If you have ideas for big overarching plots or the source/purpose/nexus of her dreaming/potentially other psychic abilities, I'd love to hear them. I think I'll be able to determine most easily the ideal partnership for this based on where you see it going more so than how you'd like to start out.

Trying Not to Spoil It
Having to wait through each ring of the phone was enough to drive Hannah a little nuts. Not that she wasn't already a little nutty, even considering asking for her cousin's help, but it was going to distract her until she found out if the dream had any bearing on reality. Or was that reality bearing on the dream?

Just as she was about to hang up in defeat, the other end of the call picked up. "Hello?"

"Hi, cousin Jennifer! It's Hannah Moore."

"Hi Hannah, been a long time. What's up?"

This was the hard part. "Um, this might seem kinda weird, but I was hoping your boss might be willing to check into something for me. I don't have a lot of money, but I figure he probably has the sort of connections that it would be easy for him."

There was a brief pause on the other end of the line. "What are you looking for?"

"Can we call it a hypothetical situation? I want to make sure it's not true, that nobody got hurt, but I don't know anyone in the right state to even have a hope of figuring it out. I already tried major news, but either the place isn't major enough, or..." Hannah sighed. "Look, I know it sounds ridiculous. Do you think you could introduce me to your boss?"

"Are you okay, Hannah? Are you in some kind of trouble?"

That was better than the laughter and ended phone call Hannah had been expecting, but she didn't want her cousin to go all over-protective on her now. "No, no, it's not that. It's just something I had a hint about, and I'd really like to make sure that nobody got hurt. That's all there is to it, I'm not involved."

"Oh, well, that's good I guess. Where'd you get this information?"

"Um." Hannah couldn't bring herself to admit it to her cousin, it would be hard enough telling a stranger and still getting him to actually look into it. "Can I plead the fifth for the moment?"

There was a heavy sigh on the other end. "I guess so. When do you think you could come by? He should be back from his lunch and sneaking around soon, and I don't have any other meetings on his calendar."

Hannah's chest felt lighter just hearing that. "Thanks! I think I can get there in about twenty minutes, plus a little to find a place to park. Do you think he'd be back by then?"

"If he's not, there's a Starbucks down the block you can always go to and bring me coffee," Jennifer replied, clearly amused. "And if you don't want to pay for the favor, what do you think about doing some temp work? I'm due in six weeks and I won't be able to get to the office every day."

Hannah felt like an idiot, barely even remembering that she had in fact known her cousin was pregnant. "I could do that, sure. I'll bring you something from Starbucks. I had planned to go back to my old restaurant and see if they needed waitresses, but I'd really rather not be waiting tables. Jot down a few things like how many hours, duties and such for me? I remember things I read better than when I just hear about them."

The Dreaded Explanation
"It's hard to explain." Hannah looked at the couch. "Do you mind?"

He gestured for her to sit down and joined her in the armchair, a small pad of paper appearing from a pocket, a pen from another.

"Maybe it's not hard to explain," she hedged, frowning. "It's just hard to believe."

"Why don't you let me be the judge of that?"

Hannah nodded, but found it hard to meet his eyes while she spoke. "I get these migraines. A lot. Just ask Jen, it's been a problem for a long time. Nearly failed out of college. I don't know if you've ever had the pleasure, but there's a lot more to them than just pain. It's like... sometimes it's so strong that I can close my eyes and still see flashes of light, something like fireworks, or lightning. It changes, but it's sorta like an afterimage, the negative mirror of something you see with light." That much was fairly straightforward, and she counted on her fingers the points she wanted to make. "That makes my life a mess as it is, but it got worse. If I take medication to put me to sleep, I have very weird dreams. I thought it was just one more thing making my life difficult." She took a deep breath. "And then I walked into one of the dreams on the T." She realized she was fidgeting and clasped her hands together in her lap. "This kid tried to rob a woman at Park Street station, I think he was hoping to hop on a train and get away. It was the craziest thing. For a second it felt like time just stopped, and the deja vu was so strong it was hard to breathe. So I stood there, just seeing the very thing I'd dreamed about a week before." At this point she had to get it all out, because if he stopped her, even to ask a question, she didn't think she'd be able to start again. "I've had it happen a few times since then, and there's a feeling I get in the dreams, it's almost like lucid dreaming, from what little I know about that. It's like I can tell the difference between when it's just something weird my subconscious dreamt up, and the ones that seem like real events. Even if they're jumbled scenes that don't really fit together, I can usually tell. Last night I saw someone get killed in an alley behind a shop I know in Kittery, Maine."

When her words ended, the silence stretched on farther than made her comfortable. Both Ellison and her cousin were still sitting where they were, looking at her, but neither spoke for a long while. Hannah could feel her cheeks get hot as the silence filled the room. Jennifer's face was rather easy to read, but Hannah had known it would be hard for either of them to believe her. Mr. Ellison, on the other hand, was harder to read. Nothing in his expression suggested he was about to throw her out of his office for wasting time, but there wasn't a lot in her favor, either.

"And you want me to find out if it was true?" he asked at last.

"I don't know how to find out. I could drive up there, but unless it was headline news, no one would tell me about it just because I asked. If I did, they might even think I was involved somehow." She was feeling rather desperate to get him to agree at this point. "Jennifer said she hadn't found a temp receptionist for you yet, so I was going to offer to be your receptionist for her maternity leave. You don't have to pay me, just find this out for me."

"Oh, I don't think that's entirely fair to you, but we can revisit that later. I admit I'm intrigued. If you were anyone else, I doubt I'd be so easily inclined to check with the police in Maine, but you're Jennifer's cousin." He looked from Hannah, to Jennifer, and back. "A few phone calls aren't that hard, I'm happy to make them. Jen, if you want to make the arrangements for her to be your temp, it wouldn't hurt having them in place ahead of time. At the very least take an extra set of keys home so you can give them to her when you need to."

Also, I had an incomplete but definitely similar idea some time ago which might be worth combining with the private investigator idea, or any number of possible crossovers. Maybe the P.I. is really James Bond's "day job" for when he's not doing spy things. I don't know how I'd like them to work together exactly, but if it sparks something for you, great!
James Bond and the Psychic
I'd had this weird dream that was very James Bond/Mission Impossible, in which I was a nobody who happened to have a psychic gift, and it was fascinating at the time. I tried to write it down, but I forgot the details of my dream too fast to write a novel outline from it. Instead, I'm going to post it here, in hopes someone might have an idea how to make it work. The main story would be the James Bond type character and the woman he bumps into, and her odd willingness to help him out of a sticky situation. The text I wrote I've included below, please don't judge. It's not great, I know. It is, however, about as close to the start of my dream as I could get it, so it ought to set the stage for the sort of game I'd like.

In my head there would be two primary characters, male and female, and I'm open to what sort of job your character has, whether it's one of the acronym agencies (FBI, CIA, NSA...) or something you make up that's a shadow organization. I'm happy to bounce ideas if you like, but it'd be your ideas building that. There would also be NPCs as I think of them, characters outside the primary two who we might take turns writing, or trade off so we're each writing in the scenes that don't have one of the primary characters. I'd prefer realistic and more of the gritty side of things (a la Mission Impossible 3 where the girl gets kidnapped and Tom Cruise has to go save her), but keeping it light at times might make the thread easier, so some Bond gadgets, one-liners, and such would be very appropriate, too. I had sort of intended there to be some kind of reason she could 'hear' his thoughts so easily, or some kind of spiritual presence that was leaning on her subconscious to help, but I don't really remember the details. I would hope you and I could discuss some of that, maybe come up with it along the way, but ultimately have reasons for things to happen.

A Chance Encounter (Original Story Idea)
I don't usually knock into random passersby whose thoughts are so loud I can hear them. But on that otherwise lovely spring morning, I met Alec rather abruptly in the North End; he was in such a hurry he didn't see me, my sprained ankle, or my crutch, and managed to kick it out from under me before he could stop, sending me to my knees.

Let me say now, I had grown to hate that crutch in the weeks my ankle had been healing already. But I still desperately needed it to keep me on my feet, and when it went clattering into the harbor, I was not pleased. I admit my vocabulary may have been somewhat impaired. "Fucker!"

"I'm sorry, miss," replied the stranger in the flyaway tan suit, hastily backing up a step. "But I really have to go."

If I know anything, I know that people serve themselves first. I'm just as bad as the next person more days than not. But my mind wasn't thinking straight. "Fifty points for the cripple with the crutch, see if you can knock her over?" Even enraged, however, I didn't miss the fact that as I straightened, trying to get my better foot under me, two men in dark jackets and sunglasses ducked out of my line of sight.

This was where my hurrying idiot surprised me. Looking him right in the face, I heard his voice even though his lips never moved. Please get up, lady, you're gonna get me killed.

While you may think I'm crazy, this wasn't the first time it had happened to me. It was always frightening, but this time, out in the sunlight, I was merely sobered. This guy likely knew he was being followed, just as the goons thirty feet off knew they had to get to him before he managed to slip away. Insults and sympathy battled in my brain, each more ludicrous than the last. Finally I merely extended my hand. "Can you at least help me up?"

The man in the tan suit seemed relieved to not be the center of the street's attention any longer, and assisted me to my feet with more dexterity than most. "I am sorry," he began, but I cut him off.

Blocking the thugs' line of sight by wavering on my feet, I muttered, "Two thugs sliding along the wharf. Help me two blocks to my doctor and I'll get you out of here." I frowned at him, perhaps a bit melodramatically, and the look on his face changed from surprise to concern, through mistrust, and all the way to calm in less than a tenth of a second. Before he wasted time with the next question, I sighed. "Ten yards and closing, blow me off if you like, but you're screwed if you don't take me up on it." Louder, making sure that my voice carried, I cried, "What, do you expect me to crawl all that way? I needed that crutch for a reason, you know!"


I glared at him, which was more than in-keeping with my character for this particular charade anyway.

Christ, what choice do I have? But Nielsen won't stop at killing some random woman on the street. "Fine, but I really need to be going. If I miss my train, you'll be buying me the next ticket." He was somewhat more gentle when offering me his arm, however.

I took it, leaning more heavily than I liked on him. If his thoughts were accurate, I might be screwing myself over with this stunt. "Like hell I will, you'll be buying me a new crutch if you want to get into obligations, mister." I heard a snicker to one side and decided perhaps I was overdoing it. Too late now.

We made it, if barely, to my doctor's storefront style office, and as he helped me sit down I quickly stole Alec's keys, dropping them even as I palmed my own. "Here," I offered, bending down in my seat before he could say a word. I dropped both sets of keys in his outstretched hand and his face cleared.

When he asked to use the restroom I pulled a notepad from my purse, scribbling my name, phone number, and a tiny map on a sheet and tearing it out, then added a comment of %u2018VoIP phone unlisted, use if you need it'. A moment later when he returned, keys out of sight, I extended it to him, giving the only excuse I could think of. "You'll be hearing from my lawyer. But I own a shop on Cheshire Street... do me a favor and avoid it, will you?"

"Sure. Bye, have a nice life." Aside from the look the receptionist threw at him, Alec left without comment. I could only hope he'd make it to my shop's tiny basement in time. Why I cared, I really didn't know, but I did.
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Re: Craving Literate Stories [F seeking M or convince me]
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2020, 12:56:45 PM »
Updated with two new story ideas:
- Taken at Sea (pirate x maiden) [under discussion]
- Love at Gunpoint (kidnapped woman to coerce something from male friends)

... that was fast. ^-^
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Re: Craving Literate Stories [F seeking M or convince me]
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Ah well, you win some you lose some. Adding Love at Gunpoint back onto the list.

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Re: Craving Literate Stories [F seeking M or convince me]
« Reply #3 on: March 16, 2020, 06:01:05 PM »
Started a one-shots section, only one idea in it so far but I expect that will change. Looking for lighter, fun RPs to help destress and break up any anxiety the world today is causing.