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Author Topic: A Few Ideas, Male needed (though I may be open for F/F on some of them) [MUL]  (Read 607 times)

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Offline LyriaTopic starter

These are generally written for F/M, but would consider F/F for some of them  I am open to switching them up, changing them around, doing whatever is necessary to make it an idea with both could enjoy.

1. Contemporary. A mob boss appoints one of his most trusted and talented to kidnap the daughter of a rival mob boss. I envision that he would kind of have to act as a bit of a protector from the other goons, they would have far less will power to resist her attractiveness and the fact that she is a captive at their mercy. He is professional, cool, not blatantly cruel, but firm when needed. I envision that he would eventually be ordered to kill her, but in their time together they have developed feelings for one another.

2. Kidnapped. A young man wants to get in good with the local crime syndicate, and they are giving him a job beyond petty crime so as to prove himself. His assignment is to kidnap a senators daughter. She does not go easily, and gives him problems at every turn. As his ‘associates’ check on him to make sure he isn’t screwing it up, and to give him the resources he needs, he finds he is protective of her, and she sees him as a bit of a protector from the harder criminals who wouldn‘t mind exploiting the fact she is captive.

3. Fantasy or contemporary genre. A bounty hunter is tracking/captures a young woman who has been branded a thief. Her bounty is much larger than is normal for the crime, making this job very desirable. Not only would he have to turn her in, he would have to contend with other bounty hunters that may want to take him out so they can bring her in. My idea is that she is not really a thief, but spurned the advances of a powerful nobleman who is used to getting what he wants. So he has set her up as a criminal so he can enslave her and do what he wishes. The bounty hunter may or may not learn of this, but as they near their destination he finds the idea of turning her in less and less appealing.

4. Contemporary. Best friends for a very long time, or maybe step-siblings. They are now teenagers in high school. She is a tomboy who has recently developed and is not comfortable with her feminine body yet, and he is just a regular guy that likes boys. But, they discover each other. He discovers he is actually bi, she is opening up to physical desires in general. It would be a story of growth, emotionally and physically for the characters as they try to sort through their feelings. At first it could be full of conflict and denial that they are anything more than very close platonic friends, but things happen spontaneously between them and eventually they can not deny their attraction, physically and emotionally. TAKEN

5. An assassin has received his latest assignment. But this one is different. She seems so…harmless. Normal. Unremarkable, other than in her grace and beauty. Who could want her dead, and why? He is unable to complete the assignment immediately, and is compelled to meet her before pulling the trigger. He has to struggle with his assignment, and his growing attraction to her as he get’s to know her. She struggles with her attraction to him, and her own issues with trust.

6. Buffy/Angel genre. I would like to play a new Slayer. In this one I would like to take more of a player role, and you would play the watcher and any villains. I could play other NPCs if they are desired. I am thinking of a forbidden romance between the older watcher (30-40?) and the slayer (16-18), the attraction developing as he trains her and worries about her safety. Alternatively, the romance could be with someone other than the watcher. I will consider cannon characters if they are convincing. This is the one I REALLY want to write the most.
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Offline johntfs

I have a character who would work for 3 or 6, though 6 would probably be best.  William Raymond Forrest is a gunfighter/soldier character I use sometimes.  He's generally between 16 and 30 when I play, though he could skew around 25 for your Slayer character.  He'd probably be a former Initiative commando in the Slayerverse.  He tends to be a little protective of women, which might be a good issue for him roleplaying throught with a Slayer.  Another issue might be his general dislike of the supernatural, which could potentially include a Slayer that is effectively part of the same supernatural that she fights.  Just a couple of thoughts there.

Perhaps we can talk more once I get accepted.

Offline LyriaTopic starter

Sure, once you are approved we can talk more  ;)

Offline snow

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#6 got my eye my self, i would love to talk more about it if you wish, just pm me and i would love to work out the info