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August 12, 2022, 08:05:57 am

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Author Topic: Jan's Trove of Plots [F/F, M/M, GQ]  (Read 779 times)

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Jan's Trove of Plots [F/F, M/M, GQ]
« on: August 08, 2019, 04:25:21 am »
Hi there, I'm Jan, and I am currently looking for new RPs! Please only reply by PM.

How I write:

-I write in third person, I enjoy writing around 2-4 paragraphs. I can reply at least several times a week.
-I like playing characters with a variety of genders and roles, I'm flexible when it comes to writing as tops/bottoms/switch/whatever.

Check my O/O thread here.

I'm looking for:

-Someone who writes in third person perspective
-Someone who can reply at least once a week. If you need to put thing on hold for a while, I understand, but I would appreciate not being completely ghosted.
-Someone who enjoys character and world development and can enjoy an RP not focused on purely sex. Can pick up and write side characters if the story requires.
-I don’t expect you to write a lot or mirror length, but at least write more than one-liners. I care more about if you are creative and willing to contribute to the collaborative story than the quantity of writing.

(Of course, I'll hold myself to the same standards of the above.)

I like my story ideas to be a little fleshed out and not too vague, but the specific setting and details are definitely flexible. I enjoy writing kinky and smutty content as much as the next person, but I want those scenes to fit in at natural parts of the story.

*For all prompts, the character I'm more interested in taking is underlined.

Plots with no premade settings

Spymaster x Queen (F/F)

Genre & Setting: romantic fantasy, setting could lean more gritty or high fantasy
Themes: political games, LOTS of machinations and shenanigans. Thwarting assassinations is a very romantic pastime.

MC is the queen’s loyal spymaster and advisor on matters of politics and war, her specialty is in ciphercrafting and secret communication. The court nobility call her the queen's Bloodhound because of how efficiently and ruthlessly she roots out enemies. In quieter tones, they say it's because she's enjoying the luxuries of lying in the queen's lap. Due to rising conflicts with another nation, she is often sent out on business, carrying out order for her queen while she conducts politics from her throne.

Crime Boss x Journalist (M/M)

Genre & Setting: mafia, 1920s America
Themes: drama, seduction

YC is an intrepid journalist, dedicated to uncovering truth for the benefit of society. He's a lackey for a large newspaper press, writing mostly trivial entertainment articles, but that's just a job to pay the bills. On his own, he's determined to expose and take down an infamous criminal organization that controls the city. But when he finally scores an interview with an inner member, he finds himself unexpectedly charmed. The man is sophisticated, persuasive, and speaks so passionately that he can't help but nod along to his every word. Now he finds himself conflicted over how far he’s willing to bend his morals for his desires.


I’m a bit of a Greek mythology buff, and I really love digging into the lesser known myths for interesting stories.

Dionysus x ?? (Genderfluid/any or M/any)

My absolute favourite ancient Greek play is the Bacchae. The gist of it is that Dionysus travels to Thebes, where the king refuses to worship him and imprisons him. In return Dionysus drives the king mad, gets him to crossdress a little, and then... leads him into the woods to be torn apart by his followers. Fun times! Besides the dismemberment, it's got everything I like, and I have a serious itch to play Dionysus as an ethereally androgynous, genderfluid diety who can be both loving and ruthless, and mostly just wanders the world spreading the joy of drunken revelry and orgies while amassing followers. Being a god means that he can take on various physical forms to suit his whims.

I’m pretty open about who you play as, you could be a canon mythology character, or OC, it’s all good. This one can also range from plot-heavy to highly smutty.

Some ideas for your character:
  -A beloved follower, one of his favorites, whether that be a human, satyr, nymph, minor god, or some other mythological being.
  -A nonbeliever who gets converted. This could involve mind control and dubcon.
  -Another Olympian if that strikes your fancy. I'd love to have him interact with Apollo, Hermes, or Aphrodite.

Clytemnestra x Cassandra (F/F) (could play either)

Quick recap: Clytemnestra is the wife of Agamemnon, she plotted to kill her husband when he returned from the Trojan war (because he had sacrificed their daughter, not cool dude). Cassandra is a Trojan prophetess, cursed to have no-one believe her prophecies. Agamemnon took her as a concubine, and when they returned, Clytemnestra killed them both and ruled Mycenae until her son, Orestes, returned from exile and killed her in revenge.

I've been thinking of an AU where Clytemnestra doesn’t kill Cassandra, but instead they become lovers. I’m interested in playing the initial meeting, developing the relationship, and plotting shenanigans leading up to Agamemnon’s death. Though if you want more, we could definitely extend it and have Orestes eventually come into play.

This story requires more specific myth knowledge compared to the previous, I’d like someone who is at least familiar in passing with the Oresteia, and wants to explore these characters and give them more depth than just "crazy murder wife" and "helpless trauma girl". I think they’re fascinating characters, but women in these myths are often pretty underdeveloped.

    *If you love Greek mythos but you’re concerned that you don’t know the source material well enough… honestly, as long as you’re interested in learning, I’m happy to share my interests and talk about it! I just don’t want this to be a one-sided RP where I’m providing all the information.
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