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Author Topic: [Plot Heavy] Revenge + Angst [M/M]  (Read 427 times)

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[Plot Heavy] Revenge + Angst [M/M]
« on: August 06, 2019, 11:10:34 am »

How can you stand there a whisper from me
When you are still so far away?

Male x Male - LF Top Partner (dom or switch, possibly sub-leaning-switch later in RP)
Plot Heavy - Long Term
Betrayal - Revenge - Love-Hate - Angst - Past Lovers - Mutual Distrust - Enemies

Inspiration: Count of Monte Cristo * | ♫ I Know Those Eyes / This Man is Dead ♫
Not exactly a Count of Monte Cristo roleplay, just based off of (perhaps heavily). Likely original setting with the same early 1800s feel(negotiable). Maybe very early iterations of firearms and pistols.
*Never seen/read the Count of Monte Cristo? That's fine. It's just where I'm drawing a lot of this from. I'll try to add more details so everyone can understand, but if you're confused about anything, feel free to send me a message. Also, none of this is set in stone. I'm happy to discuss changes and adjustments. We can make this ours.

Please PM me instead of posting here!
I may be a little picky about who I play this with. It has nothing to do with skill, but synergy.
My O/O Thread

Updates: Added and changed some things from the original post in my O/O thread.

Light or Extreme?
I usually prefer Extreme, but not necessarily for this one. I think if anything pushes this one into darker territory, it's the fury, the revenge, the potentially murderous intent (from both characters), and the denial of any affection felt for the other character. I feel this is the sort of roleplay that will lend itself more to the gentle cruelties and non-sexual assaults (hit him in the finances; ruin his social standing). I suppose there are elements of abuse in most revenge, so that's something to be kept in mind. I would probably put this RP in Extreme, but I don't know if it's really necessary. I suppose it depends on the partner and what we agree on.
I will say that I may prefer a partner who can withstand droughts in romance. Neither character will want to give in to their emotions, let alone admit them, especially when they both greatly distrust each other. Potential hate-fucks, drunk sex, cruel seductions (someone can't interfere with plans if they're in bed), and regrets.
Maybe it's not so Light after all, but it's Light for me, haha.

I know those eyes, following me
Dark and familiar, and deep as the sea

Characters: I have a preference for playing Muse B, and would like to play bottom. Any dom-sub elements in Muse B would probably be a reflection of his current emotional state with Muse A; otherwise, a switch. Later in the RP, there's the possibility for something more of a dom!bottom, but probably more gentle than my usual dom!bottoms. However, I could also go more sub route with him instead of dom!bottom. (read more)
Muse A: The Edmond Dantes adjacent. Originally, he was a good, hard-working man with a bright future. However, he was betrayed by jealous souls and imprisoned in a high-security prison where he was left to die. He miraculously escaped and stumbled upon a fortune. Instead of starting anew and living his life, he chose to seek revenge. He became the Count of Monte Cristo and joined high-class society fairly easily.
Muse B: The Mercédès adjacent. The lover of Muse A before the betrayal. However, unlike in the original, he was convinced that Muse A was nothing more than a fraud and villain. Muse B had an active role in locking Muse A away, livid over a framed betrayal Muse A never actually committed.

Other A: (Mondego adjacent)  A friend of Muse A and B and one of the biggest masterminds behind the whole thing. Convinced Muse B that he was being betrayed by Muse A. In the story, he wanted Muse A's lover. Could be the same thing here, or we can come up with something else.
Other B: (Danglars adjacent)  (Company instead of Captainship) A coworker of Muse A who had his eyes set on the company. Perhaps he had been there longer and felt more deserving, so when the owner decided he would pass it to Muse A, Other B was furious.
Other C: (Villefort adjacent)  The prosecutor. In the story, Muse A had a letter for Other C's father (from the owner of Muse A's company). The contents of the letter were dangerous for Other C -- it would have essentially ruined the man if it reached its destination. Other C decided it was too dangerous to let Muse A go, just in case he wasn't as unaware as he claimed.

This man is dead, he is no more
He died a little each day

Golden Years: Muse A and Muse B are lovers and business partners. Muse B ran his own small company, and Muse A was in favor of soon inheriting the business that employed him. Both were complementing ventures; they planned to join them when Muse A took over.
The Betrayal: Framed and betrayed, without trial, Muse A is thrown into a top-security prison and left to die.
The Aftermath: The villains prospered by removing Muse A. They reap the rewards of all of Muse A's hard work up until that point and build their fortunes over all his hopes and dreams. Muse B is successful in his business. He possibly managed to get his hands on the business Muse A was set to inherit. He merged them as planned, but without having to split the profit. (This obviously overlaps with Other B, but I have a few solutions in mind we can discuss).

The Present: Muse A returns in the guise of a mysterious, charming, and wealthy nobleman, quickly finding his place in society. His only goal is revenge -- to ruin those that sought to destroy him. It has been ten years since he was sent to prison and the only person likely to recognize him after all of that time is Muse B. His greatest threat was his old lover; he knew that if the man recognized him, his plans would likely be ruined and he could even be imprisoned once more.
Muse B isn't going to take well to old ghosts, still believing all of the lies Other A fed him. He may also understand that if Muse A were to return with a different name that the man would likely be dangerous. He wouldn't trust him and would aim to expose, kill, or imprison Muse A once again.

The following may change over time, shifting gears throughout the roleplay.
 •  [Muse B: Oblivious] Too much has changed. Too much time has passed. He is entirely convinced that Muse A is gone. He has moved on? (Susceptible to shock; hardly a threat.)
 •  [Muse B: Seeing Ghosts] Memories haunt him. The heart aches, especially around this time of the year. The mysterious nobleman very different from the Muse A he knew, but he resembles him in the right light, at certain angles, and when he frowns like that... (Susceptible to seduction and deception; more of a threat.)
 •  [Muse B: Suspicious] So much is different, and there's no way a man could escape from that hell, but those little quirks, habits, marks, or scars. Something is giving Muse A away, but it's not enough for Muse B to cry wolf... yet. It may be enough to have him looking into the identity of this mysterious stranger. (Guarded; substantial threat.)

I am a ghost, just a mirageThere in that voice...
Who chases traces of youTraces of you...
Dark and familiar, and deep as the sea
This man is dead
He is no moreI know those eyes...
And though it's torturing me               Torturing me

Can either of us really ever be free?

It takes two to tango...

Just because this is a revenge story, I don't want it to be a criminal x victim type of scenario. Each Muse is a predator as much as prey. No one is right and everyone is wrong. Both characters are dangerous, as well as in danger, and both have a lot to overcome.

Even though I'd like to play bottom, I don't imagine there will be a lot of sex -- if so, maybe later in the RP. My character's position in bed doesn't define him. He will bite. He will be bitter and angry. The more his heart aches, the more he'll bare his teeth and claws. He's not going to be swept away by a returning lover. The way he sees it, the man he loves is a lie and a fantasy. The plot option Seeing Ghosts works because it plays on his fantasies. There is still security in "knowing" this is a different man. His affection will still be for the lie; seduction would likely result in loveless sex and wooing may or may not get anywhere.

The less Muse A resembles the man of his past, the more aggressive Muse B will be (assuming he's at least suspicious). Any hints or acts reflecting the kinder man Muse A once was may cause Muse B to falter, but he may also build resistance. Trickery will not make Muse B a kinder man.

There may be waves of weakness, followed by regret. Weary souls are weak to emotion, but rational thought tends to flood the mind afterward.

I can't imagine Muse B trying to seduce Muse A, unless, perhaps, as part of some goal. Muse B would be suspicious or certain of Muse A's identity. Could backfire.


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