A bit of Romance - F looking for M

Started by Dichotomy, August 06, 2019, 06:25:06 AM

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:) Well hulloh together,
I've got another itching for an rp that I didn't see coming. Unlikely for me is, that I have no setting for this one yet, but an idea of what I would like to happen.

The title says it - I am looking for romance. Two people that slowly, over time, fall in love with each other against all odds. I want them to meet obstacles on the way. I want them to fight. To argue. To maybe even hate each other at times. But in the end they have to solve their issues - because love!

I can imagine various settings for this from historical over fantasy to even modern days.

Setting 1 (Modern): Your character is a criminal. A biker maybe? Something not socially acceptable, Im not looking for the criminal in tie and shirt, but for an outlaw-ish kind of criminal. My mind screams Biker, but if you have a different idea... just approach me, Im open to discussion. I want to explore the dynamics of the good girl falling in love with him. She's intelligent. She's nice. She's the good girl next door. I want to play the evolution of their relationship. I don't want a manipulative bastard that evokes some Stockholm Syndrome, I want them to genuinely love each other. Through his troubels with the police, other criminals, the "normal" people of the place they live at. Through her doubts and her fears and through his doubts and his fears.

Setting 2 and 3(Historical fantasy/fantasy): Nothing is set in stone here. There should be reasons why our characters shouldn't love each other, and still they do. Against all odds. I am looking for some epic drama. Romeo and Juliet like drama. Though I don't want our characters to die, I just... want fate and forbidden love and so much more from this. I am pretty open to the exact setting, time period, etc.
In case of a pure fantasy setting... different races? Kingdoms that are enemies? Something entirely different?

Kinks and so on: *g* I want lots of steamy sex in this rp. I want the dynamic, I want the romance, I want the love, I want the obsession, yes, but I want sex too. From soft to hard to.. whatever fits. It may get kinky, I like my sex on the rougher side.

For this we need to "click" however. Our characters must like each other, that's mandatory. There has to be chemistry. Else this story isn't going to work out.

I think this is short and maybe it's not even coherent, but if this resonates with you feel free to shoot me a pm any time.