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Author Topic: Vicodin's Konclave of Korean Kuties (Looking for M or F Characters)  (Read 633 times)

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Offline ABagOVicodinTopic starter

Thank you for finding my request thread. My name is ABagOVicodin, and I've been on Elliquiy for six years. I feel that I have evolved as a writer through those years, and I have all of my partners to thank for that. This request thread focuses primarily on Korean characters that I have found through my trek through numerous K-Pop videos. I have other characters that I will be adding with ideas later, but I wanted to have an area where I would primarily play Korean cuties getting into different sexy situations. For the right writer, I will happily play the male characters that would play alongside these females, but I'd primarily want to play the females. I'll provide a little more information about me if you decide to take me on as a partner. I am available for messages and my main ideas are down below.

Prescription Information:
  • I am a writer in his 20s who is in his final year of college. My hobbies are mostly gaming, writing, and reading. I always try to do something different in life, although Elliquiy has been one of the main constants in my life since 2012. Sometimes it's a different book, different writing style, or maybe a different restaurant. Either way, I try to spice up my life to avoid the monotony of work + school.
  • I also work far away from home, so most of my time is spent between the two locations. Because of this, my posts are often written on my phone, although I do attempt to write on my computer for the first few posts/introductions. Sometimes I'll write one post a day, sometimes 3 or 4. If I don't get back to you in two weeks, please PM me and I'll try to bring us back to reality.
  • I'm a straight male that has dabbled in all manner of characters. From female to male, to hermaphrodite or alien, I have tried them all. Depending on the idea, I will want to play the male or female (or other), and I'll specify within my ideas. However, don't let that discourage you from not trying out an idea! Sometimes a good twist or simply an impressive writer will open me back up to the idea, and it doesn't hurt to ask my feelings about it. But, if an idea is completely closed, I will not budge on reopening it.
  • I write 3+ paragraphs in every one of my posts, with few exceptions. I expect the same amount of words in return, 300+. Thanks to Aya and Snow Nymph, I've gotten used to linking pictures of my characters in the post. If you don't know how to do it, I can help you. Openers I'd like to be a bit bigger, with 500+ words. Now, obviously I won't drop you if one post is below 300 words, but if this becomes a habit without a reasonable explanation, I will become frustrated and discontinue our story.
  • I prefer to be contacted by PM for any questions about my ideas or roleplays. Do not post in this thread. I cannot stress that enough.
  • I can also be contacted by Discord/Skype for friendly banter, brainstorming, or chatting. Mention either in your PM and I will gladly add you.

Picky Picky (3+ females x multiple males)

Based on a recent K-Pop video that I found, I came up with a fun idea involving many of the high school/college girls within the video. The video is fun, and I blame K-Pop for pulling me within their clutches. Anyway... The idea centers around a group of Korean transfer students who move to an American high school or college. The specifics around the girls can be described within PM, and the video conveniently names all of the girls within the first fifteen seconds if you would like to give it a look. I have some ideas for the girls which I will discuss below, but I want to play out a semester of life within a couple (or all) of the girls while having a writer play the males that the girls will encounter. Double points if a writer would like to double and take one or a couple of the girls so that we can play an equal amount of men and women.

Some of the ideas I had were as follows:
Doyeon as the older sister of the group. The one that the other girls often goes to, but she has a dark secret. Back in Korea, she used to be the leader of a girl gang who went around committing all sorts of crimes. Some of those crimes were bad enough to where some gangs want to follow her to America for revenge. Combined with being single and no career path, what part of her will change in this one semester?

Sei as the clumsy dork. The one who messes up the lab in the music video, Sei is a smart cookie with no charisma to her name. She's been bullied back in Korean school and was sent to America by her parents, but doesn't speak much English. I'd like to explore a relationship between her and one of the older members of the staff. The language barrier as well as the trading of sex to avoid deportation and grade loss can be a fun avenue to go down.

Yoo-jung as the class clown. Someone who never really cared about school and wants to bring the art of stand-up to Korea. Within the bastion of comedy that our story takes place, Yoo-Jung wants to learn the ins and outs of comedy and as a result, will probably be skipping class a lot unless someone brings them into line. Will she meet a fellow comedian and perhaps fall in love? Will she be pulled back into her studies and forced to pay attention? There are a lot of options.

The kinks we would be playing with are as follows: blowjobs, dubious and non consent, titjobs and creampies and facials, orgies and multiple partners, bondage and sexual exhaustion, outfits and public sex, and more! Suggest more kinks in the pm.

That's what I have for these girls so far. There are 8 members and if we want to shuffle around the personalities or if you have an idea for a personality, I would love to discuss it within a PM.
There is a girl that has always wanted to be a superhero. She has every Marvel and DC comic, has cosplayed at conventions and during Halloween, and considers the movie "Kickass" to be an example of realistic heroism. She decides one day that she wants to put her money where her mouth is, and she sneaks out of her house, armed with a knife and a taser. She's looking for trouble, and finds it.

I'm leaning on it being a GM roleplay, where I play out the girl while the other plays out all of her obstacles, from rapist burglars to the regular high school life. Maybe the girl becomes a superhero eventually? As long as it has a naive, but willful girl that is willing to achieve justice despite how many times she is taken advantage of and defeated, I'm game. Perhaps the city's corruption goes all the way up to the school, and everything is in her way to make her fail, from abusive boyfriends, to sexist teachers?

Possible themes that the roleplay could include
Misogyny (preferred)
Non-Con (preferred)
Gangbangs (preferred)
Public Sex
Suggest other kinks!

I also would be very much interested in doubling with another writer, the both of us playing a naive vigilante and some of the many men that take advantage of the girls.

Face Claims
I found five K-Pop idol face claims that could realistically look 16-18. You pick your favorite, and I'll choose her as the face claim and appearance for the rest of the roleplay, so choose wisely! I'll also entertain different hair colors if you wish.

The name in quotation marks would be their name in the RP. I'll also provide two pictures since hair colors often change during different album periods.

Lalisa "Lisa" Manoban (Blackpink)

Im "Nayeon" (Twice)

Kim "Jisoo" (Blackpink)

Chong Ting "Elkie" Yan (CLC)

Kim Ye-rim "Yeri" (Red Velvet)

Or we can discuss other possible face claims if you have a different preference :)
Taking Back the Future

I usually like to provide a plot explanation for the story and go from there, but this time I have written an opener that should explain the tone and ideas that I want to explore with this story. The opener is below, and I'll toss in some kinks below the line break. Thank you for reading and I hope to write some sexy words with you all <3. I do wish to play the female within this story, so I am mainly looking for writers who are willing to play the male characters, commonly known as a GM. I'd help explore the story along with the GM, since I don't intend to sit back and have someone else write the story for me. Anyway, without further ado, here is the opener:

Taking Back the Future
The year is 2050, and Lee-Kyeung wished that she lived back in the past. The blonde woman grit her teeth as she sat on the leather and vibrotech couch, her fingers running across the back in frustration as she watched the television show in front of her. A well-dressed man in both silk and tech stood in front of a camera, since apparently humans weren't replaced by robot reporters... yet. The man was white with brown hair and hazel eyes. The lids around his eyes were dabbled up with makeup. While technology had heightened to the point that the makeup was impossible to see without knowing about the brand that was used, Lee-Kyeung could see that the reporter was exhausted. As to be expected when everyone seemed to be drained out of everything that they owned since America turned upside down.

The year was 2030, and America had finally elected a woman president to run the country. Unfortunately for her and every woman after that, things only worsened from there. One side of the aisle claimed that the voting system was rigged and that a woman president would be denigrated by other countries and their leaders. The other side of the aisle claimed that America's history was nothing but men who siphoned whatever they could from the country while blaming everything else except themselves for the problems. Unfortunately, the misogyny won.

First, the economy fell. Increased technological advancements had thrown millions of people out of work, and the government failed to address the sudden, immediate problem. Riots broke out in the street, which were contained by shaky and scared policemen that weren't sure if their jobs or lives would be next. Problems with state police agencies were amplified to federal controversies as the FBI were shown to be looking into corrupt business decisions from politicians all across the spectrum. Money flowed from public services into pockets of higher-leveled men, and those who dared to point this out were touted as liars in the media or secretly jailed for increasingly petty crimes.

All of this happened, but the president couldn't do anything about it. She tried to release these "freedom fighters" and defended them, but a sudden transfer of vast amounts of money to various governmental agencies had flipped the country over within the span of a year. Millions of "Criminals" who just happened to be "Freedom Fighters" were jailed with little reason, often for what was on their computers. At the same time, the President had turned against her former voters, decreeing within only two years that her leadership was only dividing the nation as opposed to putting it together. That was strike 2.

Strike three was something that America never saw coming. Three countries pointed their nuclear warheads at America, threatening to take down America if they didn't agree to adopt misogynistic views. On pressure from one side of the aisle, the President refused and aimed nukes of their own, only to be assassinated in broad daylight with an untraceable weapon, something that the government never could have guessed. There was no bullet, only a cauterized wound in their skull. The government found out that it was a laser, built from scavenged parts all over the world.

With the president out of commission, a new election was held due to what the other side categorized as a "disastrous" two years. In order to cooperate with the powerful countries across the ocean as well as the secret individuals hiding in plain sight, America redacted the Equal Rights Amendment, putting women as second-class citizens compared to men. Women enrolled in university were refunded and kicked out. Women in higher-class jobs were replaced with men, and all of the effort that women put towards equal rights was ruined.

Lee-Kyeung blinked. The reporter on the television stood in front of the local police station where a younger woman was being handcuffed and lead into a car. She couldn't have been much more than 19, and she was screaming at the policemen. One of the policemen pulled out a baton made of a new type of material: vibranium, and was about to crash it over her head when they saw the camera and smiled. He shoved the woman into the car and smacked the roof. "Today, the New York Police had defused a riot outside the Police Station. The..." The Reporter tried to stifle a giggle. "Pussy riot fired firecrackers and assaulted police with batons. Thankfully the riot was able to be contained within an hour, as expected."

Lee-Kyeung's fingers clenched down around a glass as she glared at the reporter. "Cocky little..." she grumbled as she placed the glass upon a nearby wooden end table. Of course they would be reporting on something like that when there were far more important problems in America. She looked towards the numbers on the bottom-right of the LED screen. 9:15. 15 minutes past the curfew assigned to women. Lee-Kyeung's fingers clenched up into fists and she turned the television off, stomping up to her room.

"Lee?" her mother asked as she poked her head out of the kitchen. Adorned with an apron around her chest and a slight bump around her stomach, her mother shrugged before she moved back into the kitchen to finish dinner.

Lee-Kyeung walked into her room and shut the door, wishing that she could slam it if the metal wouldn't fall off its hinges. She brought her hand up to her ear, brushing across the lobe. A screen began to show within her vision as her normal brown eyes flashed a bright blue. As if she was looking at a web browser on a computer, the screen showed a VPN software immediately turning on and a tingling feeling shot up her back. Underneath her "Burn It Down" band shirt, metal spines glowed faintly blue as she logged directly into the Internet within the small condominium and refreshed a website that was often blocked whenever it was found again. Tab after tab of news from different countries began to show, as well as news within America that the regular media didn't bother to portray.

"Government Official Found With Young Woman In Her Building. No Charges Filed."

"Another Freedom Fighter Found Dead By Police."

Lee-Kyeung's thumb rubbed along her pointer finger, scrolling down tab after tab of horrible news. All things that no one bothered to care about... because no one could care about it. Until now. Lee-Kyeung grit her teeth and grabbed a vibranium pocket knife, sliding it into the pocket of her black jeans as she turned towards her bedroom window. She opened it and leaned her head out, the hair on the back of her neck straightening as she looked down at the one story fall. Gritting her teeth, Lee-Kyeung tried to remember the video that she watched. Land and roll... land and roll...

She barely managed it. Lee-Kyeung hopped out of her window and grunted as she landed, her leather and vibroplate shoes colliding with the concrete. She let her body fall forward before she rolled, grunting as her knee slammed against the sidewalk. "Fuck..." she muttered as she stood back up and walked into the nearest alleyway. She flicked her knife open and held it close to her body as she headed down the alleyway and walked around a corner. As long as she stayed out of sight and away from cameras... maybe she could be someone to finally bring the facts to the police. Someone who could do what everyone else could not.

Be a hero...

Kinks and Themes:
Misogyny (Mandatory)
Non-Con (preferred)
Gangbangs (preferred)
Oral (Mostly forced blowjobs)
Public Sex
Forced Lesbianism
Risk of Pregnancy
Suggest other kinks!

Finally, I have a K-Pop group game that is in dire need of some writers. The recruit thread with all the information is right here (do note that the system is going to be revamped and perhaps taken out), and I'd love to hear from you if you're interested:

That's all I have so far. Again, PM me if you are interested and thank you for reading.
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Re: Vicodin's Konclave of Korean Kuties (Looking for M or F Characters)
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Added a link to my group game as well as opened the doors for other writers to play these Korean Kuties!