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October 28, 2021, 12:50:02 pm

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Author Topic: “You Wanna be a Hero, Don’t You Beautiful?” [F4A]  (Read 686 times)

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“You Wanna be a Hero, Don’t You Beautiful?” [F4A]
« on: August 03, 2019, 10:08:56 pm »
”You Wanna Be a Hero, Don’t you Beautiful?”

Miranda had to bite her tongue; her own answer seemed too good to be true- like when ones answer for a math problem doesn’t seem to add up to any of the multiple choice answers- it had her second guessing herself, even if the answer in and of itself was Simple-

In technical terms? She already was a Hero, Smalltime, burglaries and old ladies in trees- those sorts of things, a superpowered fish in a small lame pond, but she was gifted, there was no questioning that much, the power of flight, super-strength and to be able to gather up energy in her hand and shoot it out in the form of a beam at evildoers? Was a better crime deterrent than Mcgruff ever could be-

But on paper? She wasn’t a Hero, not yet- a vigilante? Yes, possible Alien? Perhaps- but all known Heroes were part of the Defender Corps- a Large Corporation that funded the expansion into the sciences of a super- unlocking genomes that could put Marvel out of business as it made what appeared in their comics seem like it was just a report in the New York Times-

Which meant that contracts had to be signed, merchandise was everywhere- ‘She-Wolf’ action figures, Steeled Man Boxer Briefs, and The Hornet’s own line of lingerie, a contract wasn’t just a chance to become part of the most elite team of heroes, it also meant that Miranda’s family would never go Hungry, and never have to financially worry ever again?

In Simple Terms: Becoming a Hero Was Like Winning the Genetic Lottery, and the Actual One- With a few more hoops to jump through-

But Miranda, Poor, Small Town Miranda- didn’t realize what she was agreeing to, just what she was signing on for- not just yet.

“Of Course I do-“ Her voice optimistic, and in the same time still in shock- the offer was only made the night before, and the poor girl could still hardly believe it, long blonde locks tied back into a ponytail, leggings and a conservative blouse, a conservative “Disguise” for the Heroine who had started to call herself: The Lightbearer but with her long legs and perfect bosoms? She looked like the perfect poster-girl for the Defenders

”And Just what are you willing to do to prove that?”

Again- The answer seemed so simple, so easy-

”Anything, This is- This means so much to me-“

All that she had left was this interview with the Defenders coordinator, a Suit as the teamed called them- someone from the Corporation with no powers, who was to make sure everything ran smoothly, and that the company would still make money-

But little did she know?

That it was about to take a very dark turn for the worse- a Power was about to be used; one that wasn’t aimed through radiation or from Stardust- one that was gained through being the one who signed the checks and the paperwork, the Coordinator held all of the dice- and they both knew it.

”So Why don’t you lose the Blouse, and show me those Tits, Hm?”

And for the first time in her entire life?

Miranda was about to feel absolutely Powerless....


Time for some Pleasantries and some OOC clarifications!

Hey Everyone! This is my first post here, and a fantasy/scene I’ve had in my mind for a few days! and I hope that it’s enjoyed, it is heavily inspired by The Boys- the Comic, (But I watched the Amazon Series-)

The idea is this: Your Character is the Coordinator, The kind of person who can say “Jump” and the Heroes will have to say “How High?” If they want to be paid- The Authority is Absolute, and Absolutely Abused-

I left the Character Vague, I’m open to write with a M/F for this story, except for the fact they’re going to have to be the Dom-

Ons: Powerful Woman feeling Powerless, Humiliation, Pictures/Video Recording, Blackmail, SloppySex, Rough Oral/FaceFucking, Anal Training and Gaping, Spankings, Bondage, Plugs, Toys, FreeUse, Cum-Eating, Forced- Prostitution, Hypnosis- (even though I really doubt that it’ll be involved- felt I should mention it either way!)

Offs: Nothing, Obviously the Character Miranda will object- But I want her to be pushed, Beaten, Abused, and ultimately Broken-

(The rest of the Defenders Team can be involved- or can be made into simple NPCS, either way works!)

This Scene can be a one-off in the office, or grow to be more, as more sexual favors are demanded!

Feel free to PM if interested!
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