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June 01, 2020, 01:56:06 PM

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Author Topic: M x F romantic roleplay inquire within.  (Read 1180 times)

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Offline SpaceCoreTopic starter

M x F romantic roleplay inquire within.
« on: August 03, 2019, 02:41:56 AM »
Hello! I have several characters who can be used for a wide variety of roleplaying situations. Several of which are of the fantasy variety, as I enjoy a small dab of the unnatural in my roleplay. Please note a lot of my roleplay do require romance. And are long term only, no one shots or short term.

The Characters


Millie Chiot. The dog eared woman. Depending upon the setting she could be anything from a slave or servant, to the daughter of a French-german carpenter or a lawyer who is very grumpy and unhappy, she could be an Ensign Medical Officer on a space station, or part of an unlisted newly discovered alien species, take your pick.
Themes: Romantic, adventure, action, scifi, modern, medieval, fantasy.

Alanala. The albino unicorn. Ally is a very fun one to play in most settings, in a more medieval or even feudal setting she resides in an enchanted forest that surrounds the Spring of Healing which is part of a larger world that I have a whole story written up for, but would be better to explain one on one so you can ask questions to understand better. In a modern setting she is a hidden unicorn just trying to fit into the modern human world without anyone catching on, while pretending to be human, while also trying to complete University, while also living on her own without any support. Expect her to cry. A lot.
Themes: Romantic, action, adventure, modern, medieval, fantasy.

Demetria. The witchy magician. Demetria, or Demi for short is a witch who was born into the modern era, and orphaned quite young by her mother who was being chased by witch hunters. With her powers awakening when she was 13, and running away to live on the road since then, she has carefully crafted her powers to try and make herself into a magician, and perhaps one day be reunited with her family. Aid her, or hinder her? It’ll be your choice.
Themes: Romantic, adventure, modern, fantasy.
Queen Faery

Queen Faery. The half-elf. Queen is much like Ally, she can be played in medieval or modern setting, or even scifi and come from some sort of elf like alien race. In Medieval she would be a newly released slave or servant who was wrongfully enslaved, and now released and unsure of what to do with her new found freedom. In a modern setting she would be trying to get her life together while also keeping the secret of what she was hidden from everyone and everything as much as she could, a total klutz and with an unknown destiny and future, her story is a fun one.
Themes: Romantic, modern, medieval, fantasy.
Khepri Amisi

Khepri Amisi. The lamia. Khepri is one of my favorite characters to play, right behind Alanala and Millie. She is able to be roleplayed in a medieval and modern setting, although I favor a more medieval setting for her. She is a lamia with a taste for the arcane of the world, be it for the magic users themselves, or learning about magic. She trained and worked hard to be able to harness and use the powers of all four elements, bending and shaping them to her will, she can also heal, to a certain extent. Khepri is an adventurer, going where she needs to, and as she is needed, never staying in one area for too long, and always in search of a good adventure. In a modern setting, she is over a thousand years old, and remembers a time when she didn’t have to live in hiding, or non-hiding if it’s a modern world where beings like her exist. Khepri is a long retired adventurer, and instead teaches at a Dance studio, her second favorite hobby behind fighting.
Themes: Romance, medieval, modern, action, adventure, romance

Well that is all of them. If you’re interested in one, let me know, and we can work something out for a roleplay.

Offline mioyumyum

Re: M x F romantic roleplay inquire within.
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2019, 06:22:07 AM »
I like the story idea behind Demetria and I think I'd love to aid her in her quest to find her family, wherever that may be.

However, I'd like to concentrate on the relationship between brother x sister as I never had a sister. I call these platonic romances (no incest or even hint of it whatsoever) because I like to explore this relationship dynamic I've never experienced before.

I can completely understand wanting a romance theme as well. So perhaps both?

If this isn't taken, I'd love to discuss it more and am happy to comply with many to all of your requirements if you'd be interested in developing the bro x sis thingamajig. :) Do you mind an elf joining you on your adventure who, yes, shifts into a human when he has to for survival in the modern world - but really likes being an elf when no one's around?

Offline Quamen

Re: M x F romantic roleplay inquire within.
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2019, 08:35:55 PM »
Reading about Demi made me think about the Iron Druid series. A world where basically any god that people believe in actually exists in that form. So pretty much everything is able to be pulled into the world. It would be set in modern time but be able to pull any gods/myths we desired. Would you be interested in playing in a setting similar to that? I have two characters in mind. A normal human who find out about her powers. Or a similar gifted person in a more power struggle role.

I also would like to hear more about the world you made to go with Alanala. I always had an interest in unicorns from a RP perspective. Plus it seems you have spent a lot of energy developing a world for her.