Slice of life, modern, sexual or romantic roleplays! [M for F]

Started by fezesarecool, August 02, 2019, 03:00:37 AM

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Hello! I’m Dan, 23 years old and from the UK. Haven’t been on here for a long while, but now I’m back! Let the people celebrate! Just kidding. This is being written on my phone, so isn’t quite as detailed as I’d like, however I do normally roleplay via my laptop. I am looking for sexual and romantic roleplays! Preferably older women and younger guys, whether it is a simple dating scenario or first meeting, even something more akin to us having a secret affair! I love the idea that maybe your character works alongside mine or something like you’re my mothers best friend/my friends Mother. The naughtier the relationship or affair, the better really.

I have a few faceclaims that I do really like, though you are free to create your own character or build on a faceclaim here to create your own character backstory!

Kelly Brook (really craving someone to be her!) -

Nicola McLean (craving her too!) -

Chloe Sims -

Sara Jay -

Alison Tyler -

Angela White -

These are some Ideas for starters,

Dating - Perhaps going to an event for the stars and celebrities, a premier, club opening or gala. The media and press interested in our age gap.
Dating - More of a smaller event. Something with our friends or family party. Could be a wedding. Family and friends somewhat confused about our age gap, or we’ve kept the relationship a complete secret due to you being my mothers friend or something similar
Dating - A holiday or cruise together, somewhere warm. Get away from the media or a secret getaway from our families and friends to act like a real couple for once
First meeting - a casual encounter, at the gym, work together, coffee shop, bar, a project you are working on, somewhere else
First meeting - You're the company owner of the office I work in, could be my first day there, or I've worked there a while. Could be an office party, or just a general day at work.
Dating or starting to date - You're a current professor at the college I go to, or you're an ex-teacher that taught me when I was younger and our paths cross once more.
Dating - we could start on our first date together, doing something fun or different.

Plus there are many more ideas that I haven’t written here that would work just as well, or better. So if you have any of your own thoughts about how to start, do let me know!

We can always discuss ideas around a roleplay based on step mother, auntie or something else in that sort of way. I am very happy to discuss all sorts of roleplays with people.

Please do message me asking about roles and we can discuss how we want the roleplay to play out; who our characters are and how they met, and everything inbetween and hopefully have a good time doing it! Thanks for reading, I look forward to seeing peoples messages!