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February 26, 2021, 02:56:14 pm

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Author Topic: MXF ( Looking for a female who interested in exploring mind control,hypnosis)  (Read 671 times)

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Offline Mag2kTopic starter

Hello! My name mag and the title say it all. Now when I mean mind control or hypnosis, I don't mean that my character has complete control over your character by the snap of his fingers.
I am more interested in your character resisting my character power(s )and slowly succumbing to my character's will.

Here are a few things about me.

I can reply every other day. I don't mind where we rp, but onsite or discord would be best for me.

No, one-liners, please. I need substance. A paragraph or two is just fine.

Your actual gender doesn't matter to me. Just know I am looking for people to write females.

Anywho, when it comes to pairing, I have a few in mind.

Hero X Villian: So this can go a couple of ways. For one, I would be the Villian who has some sort of mind control or hypnotic power. Perpahs lesser know Villian who is looking to brainwash or convert Heroine ( s)to his biding. That would the very bases and basic structure of the plot for this pairing, but of course, I am willing to plot with anyone who is interested. That being said if you want to play a heroine from Marvel or DC that is totally fine as well! In fact, any fandom heroine that you want to play is fine by me. Just know that I may not know the lore of whatever specific fandom your heroine is from.  ( Though if you are willing to play Raven or Starfire, I have a plot for these two heroes in mind)

Mindflayer x adventurer, warrior, normal female, etc.: So this is a big turn on for me, but I love the whole concept of mind flayers tentacles going into the ears of their victims and messing with their brains. I admit my knowledge of D&D is limited, but this creature I would love to play. As for your female, well, she can be whatever you like. This really depends on our setting, time frame, and just what genre we choose to have this RP grounded in.

Other monsters/ demon x female: If there is a monster you want me to play, ask me and perhaps I would be down as long as their male and have some sort of mind control aspect to their abilities.

Therapist/Teacher, boss x female: A bit more Slice of life but same concept. Instead of monsters or Villians, I am a normal male who uses pocket washes, technology, and other techniques to bring your character under my character's will.

Please feel free to dm me.

Offline Mag2kTopic starter

Hello! Giving this bump.

I also wanted to add that regardless what the pairing is.
The method of corruption is second to that of how it impacts how your character thinks, behaves, act etc...

I want more than just mindless sex.

I want your character to struggle. To Fight back. To give it her all till she nothing left. Hope to hear from folks soon!

Offline BurningRose

Hello, hi.

I'm interested in this if you're still looking for someone