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June 26, 2022, 09:57:35 pm

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Author Topic: knights, astronauts, etc. good story & sex. [F - seeking M]  (Read 995 times)

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Hi there, my name is Katie and I haven't been on this website in a long time. I'm almost 28 and I spend most of my time working and self publishing romance books.

If the story is good enough, I would love to add a really good RP. I feel like I could add so many details, but I might just put down bare basics until I get someone who is interested.

Please note: I'm ditch friendly if you tell me that you just don't dig it. I'm cool if you don't want to write, I have a long book that I'm working on, so it doesn't offend me! I just really don't want to set myself up to talk with someone who totally ghosts me. It's such a waste of time. If you can't tell me you don't wanna write anymore, don't message me, please~!

I enjoy writing about good stories with good sex. I would describe my writing and style more tasteful, carnal, erotic and organic. Kinks aren't off the table, but aren't exactly a prime focus in my post at the moment. Can be talked about later! Expect adult themes such as some drug use (but no addictions).

I do not use face claims of actress photographs or anything like that. I write mostly small (think 5'4 ish) women with a lot of goals, dreams, and personality.

Most people I've tried to roleplay with (got "ghosted") usually said that "I wrote a lot". I'm a writer and I write for fun. My main writing rule is that I usually write until I'm happy! I just ask that my partner does the same and has fun, though it would be appreciated if we're about the same "level".

I'm super laid back and looking forward to hopefully meeting someone. I can be reached via PM on here but would prefer discord: Katie#5765

I've underlined what I'd prefer my partner writes as! Hopefully it's easy to read.

astronaut x public affairs writer
May 8th, 2023.

X has a bad feeling about being assigned Commander Rex _____. (insert name here, I just love the name Rex, lol).

Forbidden relationship between a writer and a stubborn Commander who came back from the moon's orbit. Midlife crisis, exploration, sex, realism and exploring welcome.

space worker x space worker
It's hot, sweaty and long days working on rockets. X, a new technician working at NASA navigates working in a mostly all male environment.

Totally open to potential themes/pairings such as an Engineer taking interest in her, or someone more experienced/astronaut.

knight x artisan princess
Fantasy. Forbidden relationship. I have a plot for this, but it's totally cool if we make one together.

star wars - haughty imperial officer / conscript
I'm a sucker for the Imperial side. Let me write a day dreaming conscript from Bela Vistal who's vicious in a TIE.

cop / stripper
More than meets the eye. A young woman trying to pay her way through school ends up deeper than where she wants to be. Drug use involved. Expect this to be a story with 2 people, not just a play-by-play short story.

fallout: rough character / escaped vault dweller (sniper)

fallout: DJ Travis / OC

high school teacher / college student teacher aide

Writing sample:

Anastasia sweat her way through the late September evening. It was late for Sunday– almost 9:10 by now, if she was to guess. The student teacher, who arrived so promptly, so modest and coordinated– the image was torn away ritually on the weekends. Nude skin felt wonderful against the damp air. Her breasts swelled in a pink bandeau. Without ever feeling stupid, she could stretch out her arms to catch the humidity and play with a low hanging palm.

She never meant to come to Dempsey so late.

Learning to grade papers, had one thousand and one different, but secret and unknown meanings for both of them. Still, the feeling was mutual. Everything that had been planned was too intimate. Anastasia felt it often– in her bones, in her heart and it shown in her eyes. Words would come from her day dreams and she couldn’t turn them off. What was this unnamed boundary in between them? What did she need to eradicate it? To make it disappear, forever. With wide eyes, she looked at the hazy moon that hung over the ocean, giving her a soft light as she headed south.

He had said it was the Windward complex– an eye sore of an older, square shaped building that was on the beach. She had seen the building a hundred times, but never knew the name. When she saw the red lit building come from the corner, standing 7 stories tall, Anastasia felt something drop. What had she expected? Dempsey was young, a bachelor, maybe he’d even paid rent by himself.
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Re: knights, astronauts, etc. good story & sex. [F - seeking M]
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2019, 02:50:15 pm »
M’lady seeks a knight? Surely tis my lord’s order to guard thee always.

Or whatever works for you.