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Author Topic: [F/M] [Poly] [Seeking Male Switch/Sub] [Modern Gothic] Witches & Familiars  (Read 353 times)

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Offline DotleyTopic starter

"We are the granddaughters of witches,
the ones that would not burn."

Your Characters: a Pack of Illicitly Summoned Familiars
My Characters: a Coven of Rebellious Witches
Setting: a Road Trip through Present Day Americana

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Dark Romance, Modern Gothic, Family Saga

Content: Witchcraft, Rediscovery of Magic, Shapeshifting, Coven Politics, Fractured Families, Polyamory, Black & Grey Morality, Gothic Americana (pick your flavor)
Kinks: Female Dominance/Male Submission (possible switchiness), Free Love, Prove Your Loyalty, Caressing Monsters, Other Kinks Negotiable

let us tell a tale by blood,
and a story spelled with love.

a blood with many bloods.
a love with many loved.

see then the spirit of our tale.
now with blood long dark and age so saged,
yet once was wilden and held uncaged.
a spirit not to chase or catch,
sought by witches to invite back.
tracked far from trail,
whistled up and over veil.
summoned willful into the circle round,
vowed truthful and willing bound.
there then a familiar with flesh made real,
the we turned he to strike the deal.
sworn by coven oath was sealed.

shadows collared,
the choice made freed.
borne shield scaled and hexen horned.
he was red in tooth and black in claw,
given gifts to protect them all.

in time there came the fires bright,
made by witch to welcome night.
but fire lit first is not lit twice.
so too did the unfamiliar discover this light.

the unfamiliar -
cursed then and cursed still now.
mortal born and human raised,
their blood is blood and naught else.
their fires kept to chase and to catch,
and what was hunted they never once gave back.
all captured were never let go,
only caged in their fire to help it grow.

most familiar ran to escape such death,
and such betrayal turned deals into theft.
for where familiars refused to return,
that is where witches burned.

Plot: The witches of the far past are not the witches of the near present.

Witchkind has not forgotten the Burning Times and they cast equal blame on humankind and familiarkin for such slaughter. They practice their crafts alone and in secret for the few covens that remain forbid the summoning of familiar spirits. Magic still hums in the veins of all witches, but without the guidance of a familiar the magic is weak and waned. The witchcraft practiced now is only an echo of what it once was.

And what it could be once again.

A group of young witches work to make it happen. Like their elders they have not forgotten the past, but they are willing to forgive it for their future. They seek to reclaim their birthright to magic - magic without laws and limits. The witches rebel against their elders and welcome banishment from their respective covens for their unprecedented ideals and taboo plans. All four of them agree to be a coven of their own though they decide they won't be alone.

Every coven needs a familiar spirit. So they'll summon it together.

Other: Seeking someone to play the Familiar Spirit! The ideas presented here are solid, but not concrete. I'm hyped to have someone expand on the worldbuilding with me. The witches come as they are, but can be slightly tweaked if asked. As for the familiar I'm open to whatever my writing partner would like to do with him. Is he one sole spirit that merely wears different faces? Or is he actually multiple vastly different entities? Is he one of the many familiars that fled during the Burning Times? Or was he one of the few that stayed and burned himself? Feel free to get creative (and weird) with the familiar's physiology, personality, ambition, etc. He should be capable of assuming both human disguises and more monstrous, grotesque forms.

A brief caveat on the flavor of submission for this story - I'm looking for a monster that adores its collar. Show me strength and passion, not slavery and pity. Let's create monsters that learn the visage of humanity and girls that learn the demeanor of monstrosity.

Please send me a PM if interested!

the Witches

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Offline WildStallionNYC

Oh I'm intrigued.  I think this could be quite a fun story.  I normally play the dominant role, but would love to test my skills and play your submissive.  I see him as one familiar, one face, one soul, serving the coven as a whole.  Each witch different which of course brings out different sides of him.  He is an old soul in the body of a young man, he did not fleet, but nor was he burned, watching his previous Mistress go up in flames.  He stayed on the outskirts of town, waiting, watching, learning.  Until he saw the rebirth, witches finally realizing their power, their strength.  Till finally he is called to serve.