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January 15, 2021, 06:29:03 PM

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Author Topic: Skye Bliss and all her erotic adult themed ideas.  (Read 414 times)

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Offline Skye BlissTopic starter

Skye Bliss and all her erotic adult themed ideas.
« on: July 20, 2019, 10:26:21 AM »
I'm pretty new to this website, but I am a seasoned RP author who has been roleplaying for over ten years. I am a detailed partner and open minded. I am submissive so my characters tend to be that way as well, though I can switch it up and play the dominant role; even though my preference is submissive.

I have a lot of pre-thought ideas, but I also like to create custom made ones for me and my partners to enjoy. As I said I'm open minded and so are my kinks, but I have hard no's to certain things such as watersports, or anything like that which I call bathroom play, please be aware that this does not mean I exclude bathroom scenes with them being in the shower... it just means I'm not into the golden type or anything of that nature.

The only way I will allow a character of mine to be killed is if she will be reborn as something supernatural, like that of a vampire. Dying as a human and rising as something else. I like story based themes but love smut as well, so it has to have an equal balance. All my characters are 18 or older... I look forward to hearing from you!

My first idea: Darkness Report
A reporter that maybe gets too close to the secret that vampires are real and so she goes to an exclusive club that is whispered in the underground community that the club is where you go to meet a Vampire. It was owned by one so it attracts others of his kind to that area, feeling it is safe since one seems to be taking up residence in that somewhat small town that was an hour away from one if the main and very large very old city in London perhaps? She meets one, and this is when he takes her back to his place, with all intentions of feeding and dumping but theres something about her that he finds comforting, perhaps her looks or personality or maybe something he sees deep inside her begging to be released... your choice. Once inside his luxurious place he reveals that he's a vampire and he fucks and feeds on her then deciding instead of throwing her away, leaving her for dead, that he would keep her for himself and lock her in his basement. (He could either keep her human or turn her into a vampire, your choice.)

Second Idea: Sexual Cult
My character ends up joining a sex cult... your character is a guidance counselor at the local college and also happens to be the owner of the cult. He usually tries to focus on recruiting the feeble minded people, and those that are in desperate need of help. Whether they be drug addicts, or gambling addicts, or whatever he tends to help them and in return they owe him. He persuades them all to join him at a very private area, where he owns a compound, because they all owe him and because they are looking for help. He has told each of the people there that he will help them if they take his seminar where he is a speaker. He tells them it is a month long seminar and so everyone who goes, wont be missed for that month. Once he earns their trust he starts to make this seminar sexual and he starts to brainwash MY character (which happens to be his most favorite out the group of both men and women) into wanting to be his. All members there end up being forced to attain the meetings and walk around the compound in the nude, because that is how God wanted things anyway and they actually follow because he has actually been helping all of them and supplying others, in exchange for one of them to get him some kind of sleeping drug so that he could drug my character to sleep during this month so he could fuck her without any problems but he didnt use enough and MC ends up waking up and surprises YC by participating; letting him know that his brainwash is complete. She is now fully his property and he ends up sharing her with the others in the compound; man and woman.

Third Idea: Gotta have ya
The family of my character consists of a drunk and drugged out mother, an absent father who is married to his work rather than his life and wife. Then there is my character a young bright woman of 18 she wants to be an actress as soon as she is able. Then there is the older brother who just got back from jail, he is 26 and on drugs but not as hard as the mother. One night the mother is passed out, the father at work or at his mistress's house, my character is taking a long hot bubble bath and ends up dozing off in the warmth, with the music on and only a few candles lit to have a dimmed light effect. The brother stumbles in from a party, buzzed and high, realizes his sister is taking a bath and slowly opens the door to sneak a glimpse of her maybe take a few pictures. He knows she is asleep cause he tried to knock, got no response, and he wants souvenirs of his fine sister. (She could be half sister if full incest bothers you) he decides that just looking and taking pictures is not enough so he starts to touch her and then undresses getting in the tub with her. (Its a nice sized garden tub, and they are wealthy people) she wakes up to him trying to fuck her. She either lets or fights against him but he wins taking what he wants anyway (I'll leave it up to you.)

Fourth Idea: No Longer Jeyne... Jeyne is a pawn in a much more powerful families game to keep the throne. She went to the Capitol with her childhood friend, both of them being called to court. While there though, dark days start to roll in, and a war is started. High born lords across the Kingdom are starting to rise up and claim the throne, but the Queen has other ideas and tricks up her sleeves. She holds Jeyne locked up in a brothel, making the girls teach her every skill they know, as well as teaching her how to please a man because the queen intends to use Jeyne by marrying her off to form an alliance with a northern family that is opposed to the queen losing the throne. He is the usurpers bannerman though, so that is why the Queen enlists that family's help, the elder of her new ally however has a son who is not legitimate so he can not be an heir UNLESS he is legitimized by royal decree and married. The queen tells him that if he kills the usurper who is trying to take her throne, she will appoint him warden of the North, raise his son to legitimacy and give him a bride... only thing is, she is claiming that jeyne is the usurpers daughter so the newly legitimized son will gain the usurpers castle by marrying Jeyne. This would all be fine for all parties, except the usurper, but it is not because Jeyne is to marry a monster. The bastard is cruel abusive and sadistic, hiding how he truly is and how he gets his kicks off, until jeyne and he are wed. He shows her his true colors the night of their wedding as he is consummating the marriage... it turns into a sex slave situation and he is so abusive to her that he ends up giving her Stockholm syndrome where she swears to love him and his abuse. (Think of Game of Thrones Ramsay and Sansa, or in the books; Jeyne and Ramsay)

Fifth Idea:  Tied Up Damsel
My character is kidnapped, and drugged by someone that is jealous of her beauty and popularity, maybe a friend that she would have never suspected. She goes to her friends house for a sleep over but in the middle of the night after she is drugged and asleep, the friend calls her boyfriend and they move my character out to the woods and while she is out of it and weak; they bound her to a tree with rope and tape her mouth shut. Then he calls his buddies, (football teammates or closer friends) who show up and end up stripping her naked and having their fun while she is tied to the tree.

Sixth idea: Doctor Pleasure - This idea would consist of your character a young doctor gynecologist perhaps, maybe a surgeon... He preys on ALL his patients that he finds attractive with the help of his nurse of course, I'll play both nurse and patient with more emphasis on the patient. He can then choose to kidnap the patient or just keep booking check ups with her when hes in the mood to fuck. I'd see him as tying her up after she is kidnapped and until she is broken in when he comes to fuck her he drugs her up. As he has her locked up, he is still continuing to do this to other patients in his office with the help of his nurse who he is also taking advantage of by holding her high paying job over her head in case she becomes brave and tries to stop him with her or other patients. First time he strikes could be with the nurse after hours; drugging her and tying her up then spending all night and morning with her until it's time to open up. He only let's her go after telling her if she doesn't comply he will fire her n use his connections to make sure she never gets another job in that town again. So she goes about her day as if she hadn't been assaulted by her boss and helps him cover up his acts while he gets brave by groping and fucking patients back to back.

Seventh Idea:  Masquerade- My character is invited to a very exclusive Hollywood party, everyone is dressed in their bests and all wearing masks since it's the dress code to enter; along with your invitation of course. After midnight though, is when the party turns into a huge orgy like fest with dominants walking around with their submissive on a leash and very clad dressed or in some type of leather uniform. Women walk around naked holding trays of drinks some "spiced" which is just a code word for drugged or a normal drink. All they wear is masks though, and if they are pulled down to fuck they can not resist... being a member of a club like this is expensive exclusive and very tight lipped. Anything could happen as the second level of the mansion wear the parties take place is filled with "red rooms" filled with a bed and many sexual toys. It's my characters first time joining the party since she is a new actress, your character can be the owner of the establishment and a high CEO/owner of a production company that filmed movies of all kind. He even owns his own porn line, as a side hobby. Your character spots my character who has been told to leave before midnight if she wanted to keep her innocence and that was all the invitation stated. She decided to ignore the warnings because she was curious and brave. She will fight a little at first, but soon love it and become addicted wanting more and later either being your characters favorite sex toy and puts her in most leads, or forced to do porns.

Eighth Idea:   I sold my soul My character is fed up with her life, she comes from trash. Her mother is a whore who even sold her daughter's virginity for cash so she could have enough money to pay the rent and get her fix of drugs. She prostitutes in between and always tries to get her daughter Selina who is of Spanish and indian decent to join her for more money. Her father is abscent left them long ago when her mother wouldn't leave the drugs alone. She wanted a life of fame an luxury, but one night she comes across old family books from her fathers Spanish and indian family, they apparently had the gift of magic so one day, she was bored and decided to try one of the spells. "To summon the unknown." Was the title, so she followed the directions to the t, in the basement. She ends up summoning the devil and ends up selling herself to him after he becomes intrigued by her looks, he ends up taking her to hell to be his either sex slave, or bride; your choice.

Ninth Idea:  Dominant's choice - My character belongs to your character, she was bought at a bdsm convention as a sex slave. He not only likes to dominate women he likes to control the situation and watch, so, he regularly ties her up with rope in the traditional bdsm way, not allowing her to move. Then he orders take out or whatever, leaving instructions for them to go inside for their pay. Once inside, master is sitting in the dark and as the carrier places the package on the table and grabs his money he (or she) finds another note telling them about the bound girl further in the room, gagged and waiting that a heft tip would be offered if they took advantage and used the girl as they wished. Once he would leave master would then take his anger out on her bc another man was touching and inside her; taking her until HE was spent.

Tenth Idea:  A Young Prize: The royal elvish clan has been destroyed and all the royal family had been killed except for the princess who had been hiding in the woods behind the castle. The Orc's had their victory and earned the elvish lands, the princess was found and captured and handed over to the orc leader as a breeding slave made to give birth to orc babies for all the clan members and whoever the clan leader tells her to breed to.

Eleventh Idea:   Angel's and Demons - In this story either a demon or the devil himself, has captured an innocent and naive angel, she has never been touched or fucked. So she is captured and held captive and turned into a fallen angel who is in love with the devil and how he fucks her so good. Turning her into his BDSM whore.