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January 22, 2021, 07:16:00 AM

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Author Topic: Winds back at it again with pokemon smut  (Read 356 times)

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Offline Winds Of LustTopic starter

Winds back at it again with pokemon smut
« on: July 12, 2019, 01:22:56 PM »
I have recently returned and I am in the mood for a sexual Pokemon adventure

This can go a couple of ways, but no matter the combination I am currently only looking to play the potion of Sub


Basic rules

Feel free to post here or pm me.
I only play through PM or threads
I am good with pictures or descriptions
Keep in mind real life happens, I'll let you know when it gets to busy to post for a bit or if it will be a day or two, I expect you to do the same.
Please Please PLEASE be somewhat literate. I know these are going to be smut based games rather than plot baed games, but if you can't get out 5 lines of decent forward-moving writing don't expect me to maintain much interest in the game

So here is what I am thinking at the moment

Pokemon/Pokeboy/Pokegirls(dom) x trainer ( male or female, sub)

My character is a young trainer ready to go out and discover there destiny. The thing is, the trainer is kind of a shy, pushover of a person, and his/her first Pokémon is very aggressive. The Pokémon quickly asserts it's dominance over the weak-willed trainer and she/he becomes subject to its desires. It still deems it okay for her/him to go out and try and become a "Pokémon master", as long as he/she stays submissive to her first pokemon. Not to mention every Pokémon the trainer catches is seems all too eager to join the master pokemon in their domination of him/her.

This game could be, as I pointed out above, could have Traditional Pokemon, Pokemorphed boys/girls, or Gijinka, are dominating a trainer character, making my trainer ( he or she ) serve them sexually as they go about their journey. This could also end up with the trainer being taken by wild pokemon, or having to serve another trainers pokemon ( and the trainer ) sexually after a lost fight.

Pokemon/Pokeboy/Pokegirls(Sub) x trainer ( male or female, Dom)

Much the same as the previous set up but in reverse. I'd be playing what would eventually grow to be your own personal harem of pokemon

These are both very rough setups, but are open to a lot of additions, and I would be also glad to see if you were interested in something pokemon-themed but not quite what I have written up here. I'm just in a pokemon mood in general.

Potential Plot prompt

Careful with Psychic Pokemon ( this game can have any combination of gender pairings, but for the sake of simplicity I'll stick with a Her trainer and a He pokemon for the prompt

A trainer starts with a trouble-making psychic pokemon. The psychic pokemon begins to use its power to play wither there trainers mind. Putting little thoughts, suggestions, and feelings in her subconscious ( for example; puts thoughts in her head like Will feel very horny today, Will feel an urge to see or touch her pokemon's penis, Won't be able to climax on her own, Will allow the pokemon to touch her however he likes, ect. )  with the ultimate goal to make the trainer completely submissive to the psychic pokemon and all the others he/her catches along the way.