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July 12, 2020, 07:28:36 AM

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Author Topic: Omni Circuit - Recruitment Thread - Semi Hard Scifi Space Horror LGBTQIA Welcome  (Read 6129 times)

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Offline TolvoTopic starter

Sounds great, and don't worry about being slow with character creation we seem to slowly be getting people so there's definitely no need to rush. It was actually a slight concern of mine that people might join with all soldiers, which soldier characters can work but sometimes people want to solve all conflicts in stories with guns which really wouldn't work in this story. But something like a doctor could actually help out others and themselves far more. As it is psychological horror for instance someone who can help people recognize thought processes, hallucinations, who can help prevent people from making rash decisions or panicking, would be very useful.

Offline Kit

Uptading this thread

Offline Fierbali111

Interested, maybe I'll play a young psychologist as losing your mind seems to be a likely problem in the abyss. Will read up more when I have the time.

Offline TolvoTopic starter

Glad to hear you're interested. ^_^

Offline Vonandi

I realize expressing interest doesn't amount to much at this point but I'm interested in playing someone combat oriented, seeing as everyone else seems to be content playing a squishy nerd. That or a janitor..
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Offline blue bunny sparkle

I have some interest. This looks like an amazing idea! Would you have need of a Botanist?

Offline TolvoTopic starter

It's a bit tricky as its hard to know how many people are still interested. I'm wondering if I should simply mark it as closed since it seemed like not enough people showed interest or made characters and every now and then people pop in but when they do others had since lost interest. That way I don't waste anyone's time with something that just didn't take off(It is a very niche plot for an RP I knew it was definitely a gamble whether anyone would join in the first place).

Offline Vonandi

You could send out PMs.. I was a little Leary of posting a character seeing how slow the proceedings were going but I will if it'll get a chain reaction going.

Online Brittlby

I'm still about and my Mechanic is finished. Should we have a roll call?

Offline TolvoTopic starter

Hmm true we could do a roll call, I'll post this here first to check for those who want to respond in thread, then later today I'll check via PM's those who did not post in here today.

Offline TolvoTopic starter

I've not sent those yet, I do apologize, some stuff has been going on relating to family and now I'm wondering if in general I'm going to be too anxious to run this right now and too stressed. I think I just need to close the thread at least for now, things are getting a bit too much to handle and I feel bad about the idea of wasting people's time and keeping this dangling out there.