Cecilia's Oddly Grotesque and unusual Aztec Game Idea [Ex-gore--vore?]

Started by Cecilia, February 17, 2009, 11:01:42 PM

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This is very sketchy but let's begin with idea that the virgins sacrificed in ancient times at Teotihuacan  were treated quite well before their sacrifices--or relatively speaking.  They were fed and played with in an honorific sort of way.  However, they did not die in a virginal state. 

I'd rather not get into the bloody details in this particular thread, however PM me if you are interested in playing the virgin who gives her life for the good of the people and the honor of her family.  I want to play the nasty priest who prepares and sacrifices--and hands out the goods at the end.  At any rate, PMs only, please.

I'm looking for someone who's willing to do a tiny bit of research for fun and a bit of historical accuracy.  (A teeny-weensy bit...)

(Thanks for the link Buchanan)


Thought I had a taker...but...isn't there anyone out there willing to stretch themselves a bit? 

Prefect Mos

I want to do this one.. but If i do it I wouldnt expect more then A post every few days.. possibly even once a week so i have a chance to hit the Suzzelo library.