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Author Topic: Tales of Lust and Love (Seeking Lit Writers)  (Read 853 times)

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Tales of Lust and Love (Seeking Lit Writers)
« on: July 06, 2019, 10:10:43 pm »
I'm in the mood for some plot driven stories with an adult edge.  These stories will feature multiple characters on both sides and long term.  I would prefer to RP these stories through the forums, but we can discuss plot through Discord or PMs.  Also, if we wish it and our schedules permit, we can RP certain scenes through Discord and then transcribe them onto the thread.  I will admit that I am selective when it comes to choosing partners.   

What I Desire in a Story 

  • An intricate plot with a beginning, middle, and ending.  But I don't mind surprises ;)
  • Third-dimensional characters with motivations, personalities, and backgrounds.  Archetypes are welcomed, but no cliche characters.
  • I'm not asking for novella length posts, but I'd like our posting lengths to be two to three paragraphs. 
  • These stories tend to lean towards non-con to my characters being dominated by yours.  I usually play female characters with a lean towards males.
     But females and futas are welcomed.
  • I just want to make this clear.  I ADORE love triangles.  Especially between two males and a female being the center.  Just a hint of what you'll see below.
  • Pictures included in a post is optional, but very much welcomed.  I prefer pictures of characters to be either art, anime, or CGI.  Not photos of real people. 

Below is a list of plots and stories that I've thought up and would like to write with an enthusiastic partner.  These plots are not set in stone and can be molded to fit both our tastes.  If you are interested or want to know more, feel free to PM me

The Nymph

A different take on the tale of the Little Mermaid.  A nymph is punished for a transgression against the God of the Ocean and is expelled from her home, the sea.  On land, she is found by the member of a royal family who believes her to be a survivor of a lost ship and takes her to the castle to recover.  There she learns how to live on land and how to be human while longing for the sea. 

She becomes the subject of curiosity and intrigue between the two princes.  The elder prince who is heir to the throne has been trained from birth to rule is a serious man who takes his duties to his kingdom very seriously.  He views the Nymph as a momentary distraction for the court but begins to suspect there's more to her than she appears.  His half brother, a young man who aspires to leave the shadow of his elder brother sees in her a maiden in need of aid and a companion to fill the lonely days. 

The three of them are drawn into a web of a conspiracy that threatens the crown itself and the Nymph must decide between her life on land and her true home the sea.

Notes: This story can take place in any fantasy setting from low fantasy medieval times or high fantasy world.  We can include magic or other races.  The Nymph will have limited power as she was banished from the ocean, but can still breath underwater and have near immortal longevity if we want to have the story start when she meets the princes when they are boys and watches them grow up into men.

My expectations for the princes is the older prince is a stern man who takes his role as heir very seriously.  All his life he's had to deal with sycophants and subterfuge to stay on top of the royal court so he perceives anyone new with a critical eye and tries to deem what their motivations are.  The younger brother is more carefree but has a temperamental who has a one sided rivalry with his older brother.

The Traveler
IN an alternate world, people have dominated the stars through science and ingenuity.  They have conquered disease and old age, living long rich lives.  Yet, this utopia does not come without its flaws or ambition.

A young woman performing theoretical experiments opens a portal to another world and time.  Engulfed by its light, she's taken to 1800s England.  A stranger in a strange land, she struggles against the culture clash where women were little more than the property of men and the class divide between the aristocrats and the lower class.  Disturbed by the disease, pollution, and criminal element in London, she seeks refuge in the countryside and meets an Earl while hiding on his land. 

The Earl considers himself an educated man, but even he is outclassed by the knowledge the strange vagabond he finds on his land.  Determine to understand her, he invites her to stay at his estate as a guest.  Another guide for the Traveler is the groom, a weathered young man downtrodden by his lot in life who finds her stories of another world where all men were equal a wistful dream. 

Notes: This story comes from my liking for fish out of water stories.  Mostly, I want to have my character struggle against the strict rules and etiquette of Victorian Era society.  Especially, since she comes from a more advanced culture with gender and racial equality.  Being familiar with Victoria Era lifestyles is preferred in a partner for this story.

Also, for the characters, I want an upperclassman who has lived a comfortable life until the arrival of the Traveler.  He's kind with a strict sense of honor and protective of women.  The groom has been a servant of the household since he was ten years old.  Having spent his life serving his Betters, he's become disillusioned with the aristocracy and his role as a servant.       

  In a post-apocalyptic world, the remanents of humanity have dwindled into camps struggling for survival.  Scavenging, farming, and hunting just to feed hungry bellies.  Anna does her share of the work farming a dying land.  Life is peaceful with enough to eat and relative safety if one isn't foolish.  Then the unspeakable happens and Anna's family and colony are killed by raiders.  Fleeing the destruction on foot, she barely escapes the raiders.

Alone, without protection or food, she faces a horrible death in the wastes until she is found by a drifter, a man who chooses to travel alone and trade with nearby settlements.  However, his protection doesn't come free and since the girl has nothing to offer, he insists on sexual favors in exchange for granting her shelter. 

Notes: My expectation for the Drifter character is someone who isn't cruel, but doesn't have a heart of gold either.  He's been surviving in a desolate wasteland for many years and seen all kinds of human depravity.  He knows that in order to receive, something must be given up in exchange and expects nothing less from the girl he finds running for her life. 

Their relationship can be abusive to mentorship where he teaches her how to survive for herself.  It's like a dark version of the bond between Joel and Ellie from the Last of Us.  She's not being kept as a prisoner and is free to leave whenever she wants out of their arrangement, but leaving would put her at the mercy of the elements which leads me to my next notation . . .

The post-apocalypse can be anything from zombies like The Walking Dead, nuclear like Mad Max, or snow like in the Long Dark, whichever will fit both of our tastes.   

The Outsider
Audrina hasn't heard from her sister for nearly five years.  She ran away from home to become an actress and only sent a few letters.  Since then, Audrina has supported her mother and ran their father's shop alone.  Being the manager of a store has given Audrina the independence not many women of the time enjoy and remained unmarried to care for her sickly mother.  Shortly burying her mother, a letter comes in the mail from her sister of all people. 

At first, believing it to be a letter of condolence, Audrina opens it and sees it's folded note with a hastily scribbled note:  Sister, I'm so frightened!  I want to come home!  Please, come for me!

The return address on the envelope gives the name of a small harbor town many miles away.  Having no other recourse, she temporarily closes the shop and takes a train to the town to find her sister with the address on the envelope as her only clue.  Unfortunately, she doesn't know that the town of her destination isn't a normal fishing village and full of danger.

Notes: This is a plot that's been cooking in my head for a few years.  Basically, the missing sister had gotten herself in overhead when she joins a cult that worships one of the Old Ones or Outer Gods.  It can potentially be a sex cult or an organization that seeks to better understand the mythos through sacrifice and experimentation.  I would like this to be a bit of a sandbox mystery for my character who goes to the address listed on the envelope and has to follow clues to discover what has happened to her sister.  And I am not against this being a Shadow over Innsmouth take or instead of a seaside village, it can be Arkham with the iconic Miskatonic University. 

The Twins

During 1800's England, Alice and Alex are the twin daughter and son of a wealthy merchant.  With their mother having died at childbirth and their father away for long months on business, the two of them only have themselves as family.  Upon their 18th birthday, disaster strikes and their father perishes at sea and with him any means of supporting themselves.  Debt collects come and confiscate their home, their father's accounts, and land.  With no other means of supporting themselves, their choice is either living in the streets or the workhouse . . . that is until Alex receives the letter.

The writer introduces himself as a close friend of their father's.  He heard of their dire circumstances and wishes to help them.  He invites them to live in his mansion until their fortune changes.  The offer is too good to turn down, despite they have never heard of this friend before.  With no other options, they take this man up on his offer and pack what few possessions they own.  The friend lives in the countryside, many miles from the nearest village and within tall wall enclosing his property.  Unbeknownst to the twins, when they step through the doorway of their new home, they would never be allowed to leave. 

Notes: As you can guess from the summary, the 'friend' has some dark purpose in mind for our twins.  He should be all smiles and friendly, like a second father to the twins.  Also, it'll be up to you whether he actually knew their father or not.  His true intentions would be to seduce and train the twins to become his doxies.  The house is large with several secret doorways and passages and he would arrange it to where they lead into their bedrooms. 

The twins would each have their own encounter with him and be too ashamed or afraid to tell the other.  Each of them would believe the other ignorant of their guardian's true nature.  The encounters can range from hesitant consensual sex to outright non-con.  I also want to include some bondage and spanking. 

On another note, Alex the brother of the twins is trans without any surgical transitions.  He identifies as female and his sister, Alice has no clue that he had been assigned female at birth.  Since this is Victoria Era England, we could saw that their mother, fearing their father's wrath for not providing a male heir, presented one of the babies as a female and their nurse and governess went along with it in order to ensure they were provided for.  Alex would discover he is biologically female as he grew older but continues to live as a boy.  Of course, the guardian would discover Alex's secret upon exploration.             

*The next three plots are Bodyguard/Female character pairing. 

The Road Trip
Inspired by Final Fantasy XV, about a prince and his bodyguards going on a road trip.  Instead, what if instead of a prince, it was a girl instead.

Ever since Lisa could remember, she has already had bodyguards around her.  Some have come and gone, both professional and unprofessional.  Being the daughter of a powerful mafia boss makes it quite difficult to have a social life during her high schools years at an all female Catholic School and a retinue of bodyguards all ordered to protect her virtue at the cost of others.  However, Lisa has grown into a young woman who wants to explore her sexuality.  And the guards set to guard her too tempting not to crave. 

Opportunity knocks upon when her grandmother passes away and they are holding the funeral on the other side of the country.  Word has it that her father's enemies make may an assault at the airports, so it's deemed safer for her to travel by car to the funeral.  Three bodyguards are selected to get her to her destination and return home safe and sound.  Lisa takes this as an opportunity to lose her virginity but may end up with more than she can handle.

Notes:  I know playing three characters is tall order so definitely don't commit to this story if you don't think you can handle it.  Basically, this can go in several ways.  She can have a sexual encounter with each of the bodyguards with no emotional attachment, or perhaps love blooms between them forming a web that Lisa inadvertently weaves.   

The three bodyguards should have their own personalities and characteristics that set them apart.  I'm flexible in this, but my expectations fall along these lines. 

The first bodyguard should be around Lisa's age.  Having ran away from an abusive home and lived on the streets for most of his teenage years, he is grateful to the Family who took him in and gave him purpose.  Due to his youth, he's considered the rookie even though he has been part of the mafia for a few years.  He takes his position quite seriously and may or may not have had feelings for Lisa before the road trip.

Bodyguard number two has the appearance of being the muscles of the group with a large muscular frame.  Having a military background has granted him strength, but it has also taught him discipline and patience.  Having been one of Lisa's bodyguards for five years, he's fiercely protective of her and sees her as the little sister he never had. 

The third and last bodyguard may be my favorite.  He functions more as the manservant/valet.  He personally takes of Lisa, preparing her meals, making certain she gets to school on time, and answers directly to the Boss himself as a subordinate.  The other bodyguard and servants would answer to him.  He would have been in Lisa's life since she was born and she may view him as the father figure in her life in the place of oft-absent father. 

The story is angled towards a vanilla romance, but it can take a darker spin with one of more of the bodyguards taking advantage of Lisa.             

Another story about a girl being guarded by a handsome man.  This time it takes place in either medieval times or a fantasy world. 

When the princess first laid eyes on the new captain of the guard, she thought him uncouth and a brute.  And worst of all, he obeys only her father the King and ignores any of her commands.  When she tries to go riding alone, he insists on one of his men accompanying her, denying her the only freedom she enjoys outside of the castle.  And he always recognizes her when she dons men's clothing to sneak out, no matter how well her disguise.  Worst of all, is that amused smirk he gives her whenever he thwarts her plans.  More than anything she wanted to wipe that smile off his face and the temptation grew too much to ignore when during a tense encounter in stables cause her to outright slap him. 

Instead of stoking his fury, it stoked his ardor and he swept her up into a deep kiss.  Never before she has experienced such pleasure, overwhelming and intoxicating.  By the time act was over, she was lying breathless in his arms, her body trembling from the aftershocks of ecstasy.  This tryst in the stables is one of many between them in this forbidden relationship of love and lust. 

Notes: Basically, this is a secret romance between a princess and a captain of the guard which would cause them a lot of trouble if it was discovered.  The Princess is a spirited young woman who abhors the role forced on her at birth.  She's strong-minded, moral, and can be a bit naive and stubborn in what she wants.  Her relationships with the captain could be seen as rebelling against her father but is also her falling in love with the captain.

The Captain would have a military history and be much older than the princess, perhaps in his late thirties or forties.  He has been a warrior since he was young and would have been the survivor of many a bloody battle.  You can give him whatever background you like and how he became captain of the guard, but he would be a patient and mature, loyal to his men and king.  Falling in love/lust with the princess would have come out of nowhere for him.  Upon meeting the princess, he would view her as a petulant lady who insists on making his job of keeping the royal family safe difficult.  His feelings towards her would change, perhaps gradually or overnight.  He would be the one who would be hesitant to continue their relationship despite the princess willfully pursuing him. 

This can be a series of them sneaking together for a quiet tryst a plot-driven story with conflicting NPCs.           

The Captive (Canon- Maquie: When The Promised Flower Blooms)

For this story, you must be familiar with the anime film Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms.  It's a beautiful story about love and motherhood.  Unfortunately, it doesn't give much focus give to an interesting subplot and relationship between Leila and Izor. 

For those who haven't seen this gorgeous film yet (seriously, you have to watch it), Leila is one of the Iorph, a race of people that age so slowly they are considered immortal.  They live peaceful lives weaving cloth in solitude until Izor leads a raid on their village, kidnapping the immortal women to include their longevity into the nobility's bloodlines.  Leila, being the most beautiful of the kidnapped women, is wedded to the crown prince to produce an immortal air and Izor, as an award for the successful invasion, becomes captain of the royal guard.  Throughout the years, as Izor ages from a young man to middle age, Leila stays the same, untouched by time. 

Izor comes to regret the actions that brought Leila to trapped in the castle.  She is called Queen, but has no more power than prisoner locked in a tower.  Though she is draped in silkes and gold, a smile never comes to her lips.  When her first child is born, it's swept from her arms shortly after birth to be raised by nursemaids and governesses while Leila is kept in her tower with Izor to stand guard.   

Notes:  It's a sad story, I know, but I find it interesting enough to explore.  We can start from before Leila is forced to marry the prince and cover the years in between her marriage and her escape at the end of the film.  Though, it can be our story with Izor and Leila becoming sexually or romantically involved.  This is only for people who have seen the movie and is interested in playing Izor's role in this RP. 

The Camera Loves You     
This is a classic plot of mine that I'm ready to dive into again. 

When Ashley 'Ash' Bryant's received the news her parents had died, she wasn't certain of how to feel about it.  She was never close to them as they were often overseas on business or vacation, leaving her behind with a live-in nanny.  When she turned 13, they shipped her off to boarding school and forgot about her.  Now at age seventeen, the headmistress called her into her office to deliver the news that her parents had been killed in an airplane crash. 

There wasn't much of a funeral as their bodies were never found.  Ash stood dry eye at the memorial services and smile and nodded as each person came by to give their condolences.  Then a hand gently takes her and gives it a strong squeeze.  The most attractive man she had ever seen was holding her hand tenderly and introduces himself as her half brother from her father's previous marriage.  He invites her to live with him in his condo until she could access her trust fund by age 21.  Since her parents had died unexpectantly, their funds are tied up in litigations and not wishing to return to the boarding school, she agrees to live with her half-brother. 

What she doesn't know is that her brother operates a porn studio in his condo's basement and he sees Ash as his next starlet. 

Notes: Okay, this can fall along the lines of consensual to non-con.  The half-brother can either seduce her into posing for his camera or coerces into doing so.  Also, if incest isn't to your liking, he could lie about his relationship to her or be a 'friend of the family' she never heard of. 

The 'half-brother' should be charismatic with a sexually charged nature.  He's been involved in porn since he was barely of legal age and has been involved in all kinks from vanilla sex to bondage.  With an eye for art and appreciation of the female body, he excels at photography and cinema.   

The Acolyte    

Ever since her family gave her to the temple when she was barely more than a babe, Sari had served the temple and worship the Goddess of Love and Family.  The temple is all she knows and she had been training until the day she becomes an acolyte; the beginning of a path to becoming a cleric.  After her deflowering ceremony, Sari is assigned to overseeing a locked chamber containing unholy items that have yet to be purified by the priests.  An incident occurs and a relic containing the soul of a lust demon is released and enters into Sarin's body. 

Considered corrupted, the temple tries to kill her, but she manages to escape with her life.  The demon fights for control of her body causing her to experience sudden moments of intense lust.  Giving into these desires keeps the demon satisfied and dormant while she seeks a way to expunge it from her body.  Along the way, she'll meet those who may wish to help her or take advantage of her of more carnal nature. 

NOTE: There are a number of ways this story can go.  It can be an open world where Sari has to travel long distances or kept within a large city such as Water's Deep for example.  This story is more suited for a GM partner who enjoys world building and portraying multiple characters.  I'm willing to take on more characters to help flesh out the story.   

Madame X
Madame X is a different sort of villainous than one may encounter in comics or movies.  Instead of robbing banks, stealing jewels, or trying to take over the world, Madame X is a sexual predator with a strong preference for young women.

She six foot tall woman of Amazonian strength and with fully functioning penis.  Her skills are expert hand to hand combat, agility, and seduction.  Her ejaculation contains a chemical that serves as an aphrodisiac and make women more susceptible to her charms.  She has no problems with forcing her victims to comply with her wishes with strength, cuffs, rope, and blindfolds. 

Madame X tends to stay in large cities where there are plenty of prey, especially corrupt cities where the innocent is often overlooked by the elite.  While it's easy enough to pick a girl off the street or smuggle from a store, Madame X's tastes lean towards the more wealthier side of the tracks.  Rich socialites and debutantes, especially the ones guarded by overprotective parents and kept away in mansions or high rise apartments.  Through disguise, sneaking, or outright climbing the side of the building, Madame X will reach her goal of getting into the young lady's bedroom and turning her into a worshiping sex slave.  Sometimes, Madame X will use pornographic photos or video of the daughters to blackmail the family for money or easier access. 

In order to support her nefarious lifestyle, Madame X's alter ego, Jennifer Mason, who owns and operates a popular nightclub called Ecstasy.  There's a studio above it that Madame X makes her home and below is a secret porn studio where many a video had been made and circulated through underground networks, all under the name of MX. 

The cream of the crop for Madame X, the girls she really wants to sink her teeth into, are female super heroes, especially the young perky sidekicks of established heroes.  There's nothing she loves more than teaching these bright eyed heroines about their darker nature and make them beg her to fuck them senseless.  And the icing on top is to record it all and release it as a viral video on the net. 

NOTES: This is one of the few scenarios where I would play a dominate character.  I'm looking for a partner willing to portray multiple female characters.  Also, Madame X is not interested in males or effeminate boys or trans women.  Sorry, but that's how she swings.  This can range between reluctant consensual to extreme non-con.  From blackmail, mind control, seduction, and enslavement.  Madame X isn't a nice a girl and gets what she wants one way or another.   


MORE COMING SOON . . .               
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Re: Tales of Lust and Love (Seeking Lit Writers)
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Added several new stories.

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Re: Tales of Lust and Love (Seeking Lit Writers)
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Added several more stories and that will be it for now.  I'm involved in a few stories now and I wouldn't mind added one or two more. 

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Re: Tales of Lust and Love (Seeking Lit Writers)
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