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August 16, 2022, 10:42:06 am

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Author Topic: (Dom F x Sub M) The Tragedy of Istvaan 3 (Warhammer || Horus Heresy AU) [EX]  (Read 599 times)

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"The Tragedy of Istvaan 3"
Warhammer 40k | Horus Heresy AU | Dark Eldar | Astartes (Space Marines)

"They Made a Deal With Us..."
Please reach out to me over PM if you are interested in speaking with me, do NOT post here.
I normally do not play Domme roles, so please do not PM me with Domme/Sub plot/idea outside of the request listed below. This is the only Plot/Story right now that I want to play a domme/top role. Thank you.

Welcome, if you are reading this I assume I have somehow caught your eye. Within these pages, you will find everything you need to know about plotting our next adventure together. Though be warned, my worlds are not always kind. Dark, Extreme & Cruel things often happen, things that will push YOUR muse to deal with all the twist and turns one might throw their way. If these are things you are not okay with, this might not be the path for you. Yet, if you still wish to continue I assure you, our journey will be one to remember.

"About the author,"

Some basic info:
I go by a few names online: Spero, Eri, Fox, Oni
Female // 31 // Demisexual
I have been roleplaying sense: 2006
I live in the CST/US Timezone
I only RP with people & characters 18 years or older
OOC Friendly -- Does not mix OOC & IC

I have been roleplaying on and off for a little over thirteen years. This includes things like text-based writing such as Forums and Private Messages, writing over MMOs such as World of Warcraft & Guild Wars 2 to enjoying Table Top Roleplaying games such as Pathfinder, D&D & Fantasy Flight Games. I have and still do DM a few games, though I have played in a lot more. That being said, when it comes to text-based writing I enjoy doing so free form.

I do most of my RPs over Discord (where I spend most of my day when I am not at work.) However, I am also open to roleplaying on platforms like Elliquiy.

Outside of writing, I enjoy things like painting Warhammer models, listening to music, reading books. While I do play video games, I don't do it often though I enjoy games like Banished, Dawn of Man, or games I can play with friends.

I also enjoy forming OOC connections with my partners, I enjoy talking to the people I write with whether it's to bounce ideas back and forth or just talk about things like work or what's going on with our day. I find it easier to write detailed stories with people that I connect with. Communication is always key. So don’t be shy to send me a PM so we can talk and plot things out. So while I am looking for people to RP with, I am also looking for people to build friendships with as well. So even if you don't want to RP with me, I would love to just chat as well.

"...but I'm now you belong to me."

In this request, I am looking for an AU based around the time of Istvaan 3 in the Horus Heresy. I love world-building & creating a world of our own to explore.

---RP Medium:---
-- Discord
-- Elliquiy Forums (One Slot for this RP)

---RP Type:---
--Enjoys both Long Term & Short Term RPs
--Dark or Extreme Themes welcomed
--One x One

---Preferred Characters Played:---
I play Female & Male Characters that tend to be Dom & attracted to Male characters. For this RP ONLY.

---Perspective (First, Second or Third Person.):---
Third Person Story with First Person conversations.

---Desired Reply Length:---
3-5 paragraphs, though my post length fluctuates based on what is immediately happening in the roleplay. Details in the post are a MUST! When it comes to detail: I want to know what your character(s) is feeling, doing, wanting. I like fluff in my post, meaning what your character is thinking or feelings at the time.

---18+ & NSFW:---
--I enjoy writing smut. Pure smut stories will be Short Term Only, however. If you wish to write long term stories with me, please understand they will be more story and character development based.
--Kink list available on via Elliquily's: "My Role Play Preferences."

"The Setting"

In this AU of Istvaan 3 the Forces of the Warmaster have made a deal with the forces of the Drukhari, their payment
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
(When Fulgrim Meets up with the Eldar in his book, Fulgrim, they turn out to be Dark Eldar and not a Craft World)
... The loyalest among their legions. While I am fine with OCs (As long as they are from the Sons of Horus, Emperor's Children, Death Guard or World Eaters) I am really looking for someone to play loyalest OCs such as (Loken, Saul, etc).

•• Dark Eldar Archon x Astartes

The Archon moved through the hall of her Kabal once more, the Black Sentinels had gotten a great haul from their deal...alliance with the great Warmaster. A soft purr leaving her throat as moved about the dark halls of her home, heading toward one hall in particular. It was such a lovely hall, her new -Astartes- standing guard like...well...silent sentinels. Their armor mag locked to the walls, keeping them from doing much of anything. Oh yes, this had been a good alliance indeed.

She could spend hours walking this hall, admiring the armor and markings of each. It made her lick her lips, they were so interesting, how they colored their armors with such things. The bits of paper from honor seals still hung from the rare metal. No one dared to touch them, no, they were her’s. All of them. Twenty-five adoring each side of the hall. Though one had caught her eye more than the others, for now at less, she had come to learn that his name was (......)...of the (.....) from his markings. She had one other from his Legion. A true prize these were the hunters of Xenos, warriors of the Emperor and sons of the human crusade. Though she had yet to get his name.

He had been the first to speak out to her, cursing her. And she had, had fun with him. Finding the endurance of these men to be quiet fascinating. Oh yes, it had taken nearly two months under her blades and other devices to get him to speak once more to her. To answer her questions honestly. It had taken almost another two before he started to whimper and cry at the sight of her.

And now, nearly seven months after the events of Warmaster’s Crusade he finally nuzzled into her hand when offered to him as she walked down the hall. Like the good dog, he was...after all he was a dog of the Imperium was he not? A twisted smile crossed her face as she drew her claws along the man’s face, allowing a moan to echo into his brother’s ears for the first time. Her soft whispers only known to (......) and maybe the two next to him.

Oh, how lovely she was. Long hair of raven black framing a youthful face marked by scars that were put there by her own hand. Her long neck collared by thick leather and rare metals as straps crossed and crissed around her body. Holding up bits of leather and cloth that kept her teasingly modest. Hinting at what might be under such small parts of clothing. Her right hand seeming to tip in long, sharp claws.

She heard a sound, a smile parting her lips. A sweet smile. Warm and loving, like that of a seductive lover as her eyes rested on the one that (......) called....

"Down Darker Paths."

---What I'm Looking For & What You Should Expect: ---
While I don't expect all of them to be included in our roleplay, I would like to explore some of the elements listed.

I am looking for an Extreme type survival RP, where my character has to do things she normally would not do in order to get by. A young woman having to submit to new and strange men for a safe place to sleep or a warm meal. When food and water are rare, there are few things one will not do to have some of it. I would like to see more Dark & Primal elements in this story.

If you are not okay with writing more Dark & Extreme setting this might not be the kind of roleplay you're looking for.

-- Kink List may be requested via PM

Force & Corruption:

Non-Con to Con | Rape:




Humiliation & Degradation:

Substance Abuse:
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