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June 29, 2022, 05:27:06 pm

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Author Topic: Playzone [M/M]  (Read 577 times)

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Playzone [M/M]
« on: June 28, 2019, 02:15:28 pm »
Greetings, I am Trinket. It's a delight to make your acquaintance. Now before we delve into the plot angle please be sure to visit my O/O thread as it goes more into detail in regards to what I like and what I'm interested in.

Currently, I am craving a Batman roleplay where I play Batman. I'm looking for a Joker to get involved.

The more stars there are denote's my level of interest.

Batman Omegaverse *************
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Here within the Omegaverse, Batman is an omega. There is only an exceptional few who know or are even aware of Batman being an Omega. One of them is Alfred Pennyworth. Other Beta's believe him to be an Alpha. Alpha's believe him to be a Beta.

Now in this Omegaverse, the omega's are believed to have gone extinct. Due to this there are many Alpha's who have gone mad as some of them simply cannot exist without a counterpart. However not all Alpha's need an Omega. Some are perfectly fine with a Beta. There are even Alpha's that hook up with other Alpha's, but that tends to lead to any number of problems due to their aggressive and oft possessive natures.

It's unknown whether or not The Joker has gone insane due to this, or entirely something else. Maybe its a combination of things, but the matter doesn't exactly help. He's one of the most aggressive and possessive alpha's out there.

What no one knows, execept some select few Alpha's like The Joker himself is that Gotham and other cities have been killing Omega's. Any Omega's known to have survived after being delivered at local hospitals have been culled as well by the government agencies. Those that have escaped detection and thus were able to survive were somehow rendered infertile. This has been going on for at least the past thirty, fifty, to one hundred years.

An Alpha and Omega Pair is highly desirable. Omega's were rare before and treated as quite special. From this pair up strong Alpha's could be concieved. As well as Omega's.

A pair of Beta's can only have other Beta's and in the rare case a weak Alpha.

An Alpha and a Beta pair can have mostly Beta's, but can also produce Alpha's which are weaker than their Alpha parent, but stronger than an Alpha concieved by a pair of Beta's. It is very rare for an Alpha and a Beta to produce an Omega.

The government has tried to segregate the Alpha's from the Beta's. Whenever this pairing does manage to consumate there is a careful eye placed upon them and any offspring they might concieve. Sometimes there's even unscrupulous tactics by sending in an assassin to rid the world of one or both of the pair.
Martha Wayne was a Beta and her husband Thomas was an Alpha. They knew their son was an Omega the moment he was born, but they'd taken precautions. Money certainly helped to hide the truth of their offspring's status. They made sure that any who knew Bruce Wayne would believe him to be a Beta, if not an Alpha. They did let their Butler, Alfred Pennyworth in on the news. They knew he'd keep the secret as he had always proven to be quite loyal.

Due to their sons true biological sex they bought up a few decades worth of pheramone blockers and heat blockers - under the table so to speak so that no one knew they were buying it nor whom for.
The government however, while they didn't believe Bruce Wayne to be an Omega they feared the couple might produce one and so sent an assassin to get rid of the risk. Which left Bruce Wayne with so many questions and so much anger and anguish that would lead him to training and ultimately becoming Batman.

Most Alpha's hate Beta's for what they've done and continue to do. Yet there are still Alpha's with Beta's mates. Yet there are so many Beta's that for some reason fear Omega's as well as the Alpha's.

Batman is unaware of the truth, as yet, at least as to why there are so few Omega's. He has no idea about their culling of them. Not even Alfred speaks of it (if he even knows the whole truth) lest it should somehow bring about the ruin of Bruce Wayne himself, plus Martha and Thomas had asked him to keep the secret. As Batman he pretends to be an Alpha, although most Alpha's don't believe him to be one, but he has the scent of at least Beta on him when he's out saving the city. While in the guise of Bruce Wayne he pretends to be a Beta out in public.

Out in public of course and even in private as Bruce Wayne he only dates female Beta's. Getting involved with Alpha's he believes can be a detriment and distraction to his Batman persona that he feels the City of Gotham needs.

It is Batman's intention to save everyone within his city. Believes that what he is doing is to save Gotham itself. Especially from The Joker.

So many on the police force and within the government are corrupt. Mostly they are Beta's with just a sprinkling of Alpha's. After all the Beta population is 60-70% whereas Alpha's are 30-40% although Omega's used to make up part of that percentage. Now there is less than 1% Omega's though again some believe the percent to be 0%.

Alpha's have a difficult time getting jobs in cities like Gotham. Unless they're wealthy in their own right or get hired by other Alpha's which can also be tricky due to their territorial behaviors.

For whatever reasons, Beta's want Alpha's and Omega's to cease to exist. Not all Beta's, but a great portion of them.

Junjou Romantica Supernatural-Verse.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I don't really have a plot in mind, other than that the main cast within the Junjou Romantica universe are supernatural beings rather than human. Well some may or may not be human. (Hiroki, Miyagi and Akihiko are vampires. Nowaki is some type of male vela, or fae mixed with dragon-shifter. The Takatsuki family are known to be Slayers. As for Misaki he's more than likely human. I imagine Isaka to be human, or maybe a wolf shifter. Asahina could be something else entirely from any of them.)