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June 27, 2022, 12:27:51 am

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Author Topic: A New Partner (Anthro, sci-fi, Space Western, M for F)  (Read 500 times)

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A New Partner (Anthro, sci-fi, Space Western, M for F)
« on: June 22, 2019, 04:37:20 am »
Policing colonial worlds, on the frontier of human expansion has always been difficult. As settlers struggle to conquer their new world, they rarely have the spare population to form large, well trained and well equipped police forces. They also rarely have the funds for such a force, both to pay the officers and to afford their gear. More civilized worlds, can rarely afford to send away their law officers, as they struggle to maintain control. The best core worlds can do for fledgling colonies, is train limited number of marshals and send them along, to provide at least some sort of law enforcement, beyond the main city. Which is better then nothing, for most colonies.

Vathiea Prime teems with life, from its warm tropical seas to the lush, primordial jungles, covering most of the dry land. Like the rainforests of South America, the plants and animals found there, are a pharmaceutical goldmine. The planet also has untold narcotics to be found or offers the perfect place to grow or improve those mankind has known since before the discovery of space flight. Their new world has proved to be boon and bane of the colonies there.

Several colonists have already struck it rich from the wealth of the jungles but the world has attracted the attention of several pirate groups, resulting in raids on outlying settlements and plantations, as well as interplanetary gangs, setting up their own illegal grow operations and paying often violent smugglers, to ship their product off world. As if the large (and small) predators found all across Vathiea weren't bad enough, human ones are now preying on the settlers.

Of the twenty marshals sent to help protect the colony, ten have been killed, either by native carnivores or criminals and other three have been injured bad enough, that they may never return to duty. The remaining seven have not escaped harm but have been able to return to duty. The colonial government has been screaming for more help, more marshals, police, a military base, anything but there has been no official response from the governments of the core worlds or even neighboring colonies. However, there has been one gift they have accepted and are considering an offer from a conglomerate of pharmaceutical companies.

Both to gain good publicity and to hopefully entice the government of Vathiea Prime into accepting a private security force on their world, Wonder Gold and Green Pharmaceuticals has placed an order for and shipped to the colony, a number of custom canine Anthromorphs, to be partner with the remaining marshals and what few police are found on the colony. On the worlds, where their creation is legal, such beings, the combination of animal and human DNA, are normally used as pets, companions or for labor. However, these models were created with law enforcement in mind and where programed with such skills in their creation. Although it should be said, there as been some miscommunication between the conglomerate and the genelabs. It should be noted, that the skills and training, the labs used to make the Anthros, were taken from more civilized, core worlds, not the experiences found on wild frontier worlds. Nor were the Techs in charge of the creation of the Anthros, overly convinced they were for legitimate police work, thinking it was more likely for show or a fetish, there for used a great deal from the company's companion model Anthro.

One quirk of the Anthros, is that they imprint or bond with the first human they see. This is immensely useful for those made as pets or companions but has posed an interesting challenge, in getting them to Vathiea Prime, without them imprinting on the wrong human. To solve this, they have been kept in isolation since the moment they were grown, given only verbal commands, as their skills were tested, to ensure quality. In order to send them, the Anthros were seal into modified shipping crates, for the three week journey, which contained a bed, food, water and a waste receptacle.

So I am looking to play as a male human marshal, who’s a little out of the loop, when he is recalled to the capital of Vathiea Prime and informed he is being given a partner. He is then led to a shipping container and told to open it, in which he finds a female canine Anthro, who has the skills and training of a police officer but who might just have more than just little companion Anthro in her. Send me a Pm for more plotting.

The Marshal

Possible Anthro
These inspired my idea but don't feel constrained by them