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January 26, 2021, 06:17:04 AM

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Author Topic: Story prompts (M lf f)  (Read 333 times)

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Story prompts (M lf f)
« on: June 16, 2019, 04:56:22 PM »
Just a couple of ideas here, if anything you see stands out to you then drop me a PM - I prefer to build a story talking to the other person rather than just working out a script before I start. Check my O/O, but it's far from comprehensive so don't worry about pitching something that's not there, the worst I'll say is 'not really my kind of thing'. I mostly enjoy some kind of sci-fi or fantasy, so that's most of what you'll find here.

>Cyberpunk: Trench coats and mirror shades
"He pushed the button just above his larynx and inhaled, activating the nicotine dispenser the good doctor had installed in his last tracheal surgery. No matter how much flesh he replaced he could never shake that itch. The vapour cloud he exhaled seemed 10 times bigger than it was in the poor lighting of the back alley he was waiting in. The chrono in the bottom left of his visual field confirmed that the contact was late, it happened in this line of work, anything could happen, but he never got used to new contacts being late. A lack of punctuality was just so ... unprofessional".

>Cyberpunk: Pink mohawks & motorbikes
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Yeah, OK, I'll turn off the synth music now  :P
"Coming up now, Lucy, bring the noise!" As the three wheeled vehicle cleared the staircase, the iridescent lighting custom built into the chassis flashing a random pattern, the bomb detonated, blasting a hole in the wall of the corper security office and sending fireworks soaring to detonate over the heads of the crowded street. He had a full 60 seconds from now 'til their backup arrived. Should be long enough. The contact for this job was a stunner (soft in all the right places and chromed everywhere else) and she had made it very clear that price tag and collateral didn't matter as long as she was left holding the files held in the vaults inside the office. The V24 engine in the trike howled in protest as the front wheels punched a hole in the interior wall. The guards inside were still disorientated as he leaped from his seat and punched the closest uniformed goon in the face, feeling teeth shatter under his fist. "STAY DOWN MOTHERFUCKER!" he doubted that anyone could hear him but it felt good to yell.

>A princes captive
The prince was still pacing up and down the gallery. He felt nervous, he was still relatively young by the standards of these things and the responsibility he had been entrusted with felt like a weight on each shoulder. The idea had made so much sense when it had been proposed in council, when it looked like someone else would be responsible for carrying it out. The Elven nations needed to be shown that humanity would not accept their bluster or posturing any more, and one of the old scholars had pointed out that the quickest way to shatter that illusion was to take a respected Elf and break her, show her to her people as a simpering, affectionate, servile toy - and make it clear to them that accepting humanities demands was the only way for them to avoid the same fate. When someone had suggested that it sounded like a perfect job for the young prince he had to agree happily if he wanted to save face. Well, he was here now, and once the Elf girl had been delivered he would need to do his duty no matter how much it scared him.

>A lot of time in not much space
"Start log 1. You know this job seemed a lot less weird when I signed up for it. It's some sort of long term study that's supposed to help them figure out some of the problems that the transport ships to Mars are having. You hear the stories but I don't pretend to understand the problem, well not yet at least. I was told that it would be a small ship I shared with one other person and they were going to .... well pay me to watch me live with this person for the few months the trip takes - free ride home too. Like I said it sounded like a great deal, but I've just started checking out the ship and man they weren't kidding when they said that the ship would be small. I'm not even sure there's space for separate bedrooms here. I wonder who the other person's going to be"

More ideas posted as they come to me.