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January 18, 2021, 10:58:55 PM

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Author Topic: Beachlover's Playful Prompts - M seeking F  (Read 587 times)

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Beachlover's Playful Prompts - M seeking F
« on: June 12, 2019, 08:55:29 AM »
    Hello E! I'm Beachlover, a Floridaian who has found this amazing community. I enjoy the Roleplaying and Gaming here because it lets us creatively indulge in those urges we're curious about, or that we know are wrong, and allow us to explore them in an safe and supporting environment. Plus its a ton of fun :D

    Typically I enjoy writing about situations involving the outdoors, nudity, awkward situations, pairings that should not make sense (older/younger, incest, power dynamics), and general quasi-plausible mayhem. All of my roles tend to be lighthearted and fun with a fair dash of humor. That being said if you're looking for NC, Rape, Violence, D/s, Bondage, Pain, and the darker side of things you might as well keep moving on to the next post.

    Below are ideas or prior scenes that I have enjoyed or would like to play with a woman. They're simply ideas for scenes, so if you like one but want to tweak a setting, or the roles, or have an idea that is spun off of one of those then PM me and we'll fine tune the details. These roles can be played as either Short Term and Long Term just because of the potential I see in the setup, but you know how it goes: Sometimes the shorter roles end up expanding into large plays and the large plays end up fizzling out. Such is the nature of the beast. Third Person is my preference for the game and forum post is the preferred medium. I also prefer to play Original Characters, really not into Fandoms at all.

1. Comic Con (TAKEN)
Comic Con always is an event rifle with possibilities. Dressing up and cosplaying is always an idea that introduces anonymity with hot outfits. What could go wrong?
Ideas include:
  • Two people hooking up not recognizing one another, then dealing with the fallout afterwards. Revealed identity afterwards can lead to some interesting play.
  • Hooking up with the hot girl only to realize it's your sister/co-worker/enemy/etc.
  • Or for something sweeter could be escorting a friend's little sister to Comic Con since he brother couldn't take her, indulging her into letting her dress him up, etc.
2. Spring Break
Spring Break is known throughout the US as a time to set aside your inhibitions for a week and blow off the stress of year. Usually this is done with relative easy because you rarely meet anyone you recognize other than those you bring with you.
Ideas Include:
  • Running into a friend's ex out on the beach
  • Finding out you booked the same hotel as your sibling who goes to another college
  • Being pressured to participate in a contest and being paired with your crush/nemesis/whomever
3. The Concert  (IN DISCUSSION)
Crazy local EDM DJ gets a half-baked plan to throw a rave at a nude beach during the night. This is some place far outside of the city, so due to the nature of the invite through social media to fans its doubtful the powers that be would even know anything about it much less be able to stop it. Dancing to heavy tunes wearing nothing but sweat and glow in the dark paint sounds like an amazing time. It's dark, who would even recognize you?
Ideas Include:
  • Your former Teacher is there to enjoy the tunes and cut loose. Teachers do that?
  • Quite literally bumping into your little sister's friend/boss/co-worker/whomever!
  • It's dark. It's hot. Keep it anonymous. Though the next day you need to find out who the hell was that I slept with?
4. Fraternity/Sorority Hijinks
Organized mayhem is always fun and no one does it better than a Fraternity or a Sorority. Fictional collegiate life makes for some outrageously entertaining writing fodder and there are plenty of ideas to spin off of that setting.
  • Fraternity/Sorority Pledge Task: You're given a task to do that forces you to go outside your comfort zone. Or maybe you're the recipient of someone completing their task during the pledge process.
  • Initiation or Ritual: to become a full Brother or Sister in the chapter, you need to perform a ritual act. Don't worry, everyone goes through it!
  • What really goes on...: A college newspaper reporter sneaks into a party to so she could see what truly happens at these depraved events.
5. High Fantasy
Elves. Wizards. Dragons. Spells. Forbidden Kingdoms. Wars of Conquest. Playing characters tossed together due to circumstance and having them get out of it sounds like an entertaining prospect. I have a fairly well versed knowledge of Fantasy and would love to give this a shot.
  • Reluctant Bodyguard: Circumstance has forced him to be be responsible for the crown princess, getting her out of an attempted assassination/botched betrothal/invasion.
  • Academy Life: Wizard Academy for up and coming mages. Not Harry Potter, but kinda Harry Potter <_<
6. The Outdoors
Been having the urge to play a story about the outdoors. Wide open here for ideas, could be anything from a hiking trip to summer camp to being trapped on a deserted island. Not sure what I'm looking for but always open to suggestion!

If you have a role that you think I might be a fit for, by all means drop me a line and we'll discuss the details. Some of my favorite pairings are:
Best Friends
Brother x Sister
Son x Mother
Older Brother x Little Sister's Friend
College Jock x Nerdy Girl[/list]
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Re: Beachlover's Playful Prompts - M seeking F
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