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Author Topic: -Seeking a Similar Heart- (F Seeking M Character)  (Read 2988 times)

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-Seeking a Similar Heart- (F Seeking M Character)
« on: June 11, 2019, 09:55:05 pm »
►º° A Welcome and Greetings °º◄

I wanted to jump in here and say thank you for taking the time to view my page! It means a lot, I figured I would also go ahead to give a bit of a background about me. I was on here long time ago, so long that the former account might exist but I don't have a clue about it anymore. So, basically, I am a returning person :) I have over 11 years or so attached to role playing/writing in general. I wouldn't consider myself a perfectionist or even really that great at it. So, I'm pretty much just putting myself out here to see what bites. :) I do hope that what you see, you like, and enjoy. xD Thank you for taking time to see this!

◣Author Information◢
◄ Gender: Female
◄ Age: 30
◄Location: U.S Central Time Zone
◄Job: Full-Time Assistant Store Manager
◄Looking for Long term games
◄Seeking Forum based Role plays (No PM, IM, Doc, or Email based games)
◄Freeform style
◄Average postings are varied but as I am attempting to get better with detail I am going to focus with a alert partner who can provide many paragraphs of detail to mirror. Therefore, I am seeking a challenge.
◄Decent in spelling but my grammar lacks (sorry I know this tends to bug people). I try to make up for it though, but it just means that I am not a grammar Nazi at all.
◄Looking for someone who posts once or more during the the week (hell, even more than once a day would be awesome but I'm not going to be picky!)
◄Seeking someone who is understanding of a busy schedule or lack of a muse. (I.E. I am a full time manager time to reply is often limited but I am trying to get better at balance even with my move coming up. I am so sorry but sometimes my muse is dead and needs a replacement.)
◄ Let me know if you get bored with the role play! Talk to me xD I do not bite often haha just kidding, or am I?
◄Can play multiple Npc type characters to make the world thrive in the game.
◄Always seeking M/F only rps. (After some issues I am no longer seeking f// based rps)
◄I honestly don't mind who you are behind the keys, not saying this to hurt anyone's feelings or anything cuz it really wasn't intended to be that way at all
◄ To ask if I am interested about role playing with you please post down below or send a DM much thanks!

◁ Role Play Characters Overview ▷

⊳Typically play only female characters opposite male characters, this doesn't mean I'm not willing to try F// based games just haven't had good experiences with them
⊳Female characters I play are submissive and sometimes can be dominant just not the whole time
⊳Personalities vary based on role play scenarios/games
⊳Characters I play will only ever be 18+
⊳I do play some characters that are part of a fandom depends on what is intriguing to you

My on's and Off's Page
Fandom Based Rp Search Page
Apologies and Absences Page

▻Story Ideas ◅
I do happen to have my own games put together with background ideas so to speak. I would love to use them with anyone so feel free to inquire about them! Down below will be the games title followed by a spoiler with the plot put together only a few for now. Will post other options that can be inquired about as well, so please enjoy! :)

♦ Desert Secrets  ♦
Desert Secrets
Plot: The night was cool, the sands moving lightly because of the wind. Sounds of distant voices along the breeze traveling to a small oasis. Where the Egyptian Gods were meeting to discuss the next chapter of human life and what that would mean for themselves. Anubis, however, though present was distant. He had just lost his wife due to the fact that there was very little worship to her anymore.

Lack of worshipers meant that death was final for a god or goddess. Some were starting to wain. Almost dying from the lack of worship in the lands since everything with the pharaohs were changing. Some made sure to harken back to their ancient ways others wanted to break from them.

After the meeting was over, Anubis assumed the guise of a handsome man. Visiting a local village when he saw her. A stunningly beautiful courtesan who was on her way to the palace. From there he smirked knowing exactly what he was going to do. He took the guise of the Pharaoh. Coming to her and watching her dance it was the most intoxicating thing he had ever seen. He knew that some way, somehow, he had to make her his own.

This visiting went on for a few days, he was dying to touch her and claim her. He knew better. To do that she would have to be willing to give up her life. He couldn't do that to her.. not without her willingness to give into him. The last night he took form as the pharaoh he grabbed her hands and told her who he was. Why the pharaoh allowed him to pose as himself, because he was the God of the underworld. To disobey him meant eternal death.
Would she choose him or go about her life alone?

Themes: Exotic, Mythical, Fantasy, Romance

◆Forbidden Nights◆
Forbidden Nights
Plot: The witching hour was almost upon the moving and frightful delights of the now bustling which had grown up around a particular old village from the past. This was something that a man had watched for centuries. He had been living in a state of depression.. long ago he had watched as his lover had been executed. This was something he hadn't been able to stop. There was something about her, she had charm and a fierce loyalty he had never seemed to know before her.

They had met at a Masquerade ball on All Hallows Eve. One of his favorite time periods to be out and about because of his race. Something about that lends itself to the dead. He knew he would be able to seduce a new prey that night but never had he expected to find the woman, who would have become his wife. They had spent hours talking about life and events that happened he forgot for the first time about his hunger for blood. She had been breath takingly beautiful as well.

That now he was lost without her. Feeling as though he had nothing else to live for once she had been killed one night by a vampire slayer. He couldn't make it in time before the sun held him back. Now as he was more ancient, he was able to walk during the day. Then it was a struggle to keep from having massive burns just from lack of pigment. He didn't know any better then like he did now. There was never one in the centuries that followed which thrilled him as much as she had done.

His friends and fellow vampires chided him for such love, they had plenty of lovers and brides. Vampire slayers didn't exist for the most part anymore and most thought vampires a fairytale. It made hunting easy and even seduction because this new generation believed vampires were gentle lovers. That was far from the truth except when it came to him. Seeing the time, he would have wondered down the street. Finding a gentlemans club, inside plenty of dirty deeds were happening but it was what caught his eye that made the night all the better.

A singualar dancer upon a pole, who appeared, confident enough to wear a ravens mask on her nearly nude body, it was a sign to him that she might almost be like his former wife. The Ravens mask was the same one almost that his wife had worn at the party. Perhaps, his lost love was giving him a new chance.
Themes:Exotic, Dark fantasy, Romance

♦Step into the ring, My dear!♦
Step into the ring, My dear!
Plot: A circus of unique mystery all of a sudden apppeared at the edge of town with nary a word about it's sudden appearance. Yet, everyone in town was raving about the amazing things that they had seen for the first night. The circus boasted three mighty tents with shows happening within each and every one. Although, the ringleader mysteriously was able to move between the three almost at will and give amazing introductions for each and every single act.

Though deep down he had his heart set upon a beautiful one. There was no one to perform a arial or silk dance high above the crowd. He knew that the person he wanted to do this had to be stunningly creative but also beautiful. It was difficult because he was a particular man, he loved curves but knew that it would be a feat to find a woman of his desiring for the act. Having been all over the world to try and find her. Nothing suited his tastes, though, maybe this town would provide the beauty he sought. He had someone willing to train her a man he trusted with his life and hers.

However, strange he seemed to come off to some he was truly compassionate to his circus cast to make sure they had everything they wanted or needed. Yet, he always seemd to carry on his person a peculiar pocketwatch. Inside, an inscription read: "To my dearest love, I hope you will find the time for even me some day after I have passed.-E" This was part of his determination to find someone to do this act, because if he found her again, he'd never let her go this time.

One night a young woman came to the show, wide eyed and loving the acts. He caught her and there before him was almost a pure spirit that he felt tied too. She was exactly, who he had spent a lifetime searching for. Now, it was a matter of conviencing her to give up everything she knew for a life with him on the road..for eternity.

Themes: Romance, Fantasy elements, Dark, Sexual Tension- Currently Seeking!!

♦ Reincarnated Love  ♦
Reincarnated Love
Over the last 2000 years two souls have been furiously bound together and it was only because of their love for one another. In each new life as a new race or generation they must try to remember one of their past lives through dreams and reconnect in some fashion. This has happened so much they sometimes miss one another to die early in that century without being together.

However, there is one evil spirit who is attached to them silently hoping to get the woman all to himself. So, far they are lucky to have avoided him. If he was to capture her heart, the chain would break, and they would be lost to one another for eternity. They must avoid this spirit no matter how charming or chaotic he might be at all costs. If he can’t have her his goal is to make sure one or both of them die whenever they are found to him. He knows her very well and was turned down as a lover.

Would they ever be allowed to love one another in peace? Or will the spirit finally claim his prey once and for all?

Themes: Sexual Tension, Historical, Action, Suspense, Romance, Fantasy Elements

♦ Love Affair with the Devil ♦
Dance with the Devil
Plot: Watching a dancer from a far, a handsome and mysterious man would have been frequenting a club. He was unique and never spoke to anyone there. However, he was eyeing a particularly beautiful woman. She was an exotic dancer and moved fluidly about the stage. There was something unique about her that particularly caught his attention. He waited until the club was officially closed early in the morning to make his way over. She had done three dances and was tired. Yet, He couldn't wait any longer to introduce himself. Using a unique name that wasn't his normal.

One he used to hide himself from the world, because if any knew his true appearance or name it wouldn't be good, for them. One question led to another and her charm was getting to him. He felt an arousal towards this woman he wouldn't have felt in eons. She was sassy and even though she stood before him completely nude had a keen since of self-worth. This was an intoxicating trait and he knew he had to claim her at least once. They took to one another quite well.

He spent most of the night chatting with her, having taken her to a hotel room, away from prying eyes. She had dressed to leave and it didn't bother him. Although, once he felt the time was right laid on the thick amounts of charm and appeal. Taking and claiming his prize after hours of seducing. They were romantically compatible but even more so in the bed room. He was thoroughly impressed. No mortal woman had ever captured him in this manner. To the point the next morning he regretted that he would have to part from her.

Having made up the lie that would destroy her..that he was married. Because of his magic he was able to make a wedding band he would have pulled out of his jacket pocket. Slipping it on, when the beauty questioned his motives he lied and said it was only a good time to do so because the wife was out of town. She was devastated because part of her assumed more..but he couldn't give it..not yet..there was too much at stake. As he left he heard her vent..finally as he closed the door to the room. Heard a scream of anger and sobbing. Pressing his back to the closed door he listened. His heart, he assumed didn't exist anymore broke. His wings which had been destroyed during his fall reappeared in his vision and covered him hiding his tears.

He wanted her more than keep her his forever..knowing she would possibly never be able to remain his own.

Two years went by, he never stopped thinking about her..or his wings..would she hate him? Did she move on?

Questions without answers that plagued him..part of him wanted to send a scout to watch her but he was affraid he would kill any of her lovers in the process. His jealousy would be large and unexpected. Taking the high road and leaving her be, he would have visited the same club not expecting her to be there..but he saw her again. She was even more spectacular than before. Capturing everything he missed.

Love at first sight beyond all..he had to claim her forever. After she was done, she had seen him angry and full of fury she would have taken a random persons drink and thrown it on him. This didn't anger him at first except the words she chose to use calling him a bastard and then some. Taking her wrist he would have forced her into a room alone locking the door. Then pushing her forcibly up against a wall. "No my dear, you've danced with the devil..and now he will have you."

Themes: Mystery, Suspense, Sexual Tension, Romance, Fantasy Elements

♦ Purchased Bride ♦
Purchased Bride
Plot: A young woman had been brought to live with her extended family. The reason behind this was because her family had been killed in an enemies raid of their village. Lost and alone was all she could feel during this time. It was also about to be winter among the kingdom she had been brought too. The family itself was cold, distant, and often rude. A man seemed to come to call the girls family being of noble blood more than any other. They didn't have a place in the court but this man did.

He was a known lord, who was known for being both secretive and seductive, that came to their door. They sponsored him with their gold and loyalty of arms. There wasn't too much known about him from the local people but his men knew better than most. Though they had a vow of silence upon them outside of work. Once inside the home he would be discussing new details with the young woman's uncle. Allowing him to know of different things unfolding when she walked in.

His eyes caught her and he was immediately enchanted by her beauty. Licking his lips with an evil smirk, he wondered since she was an orphan so to speak, if he could tempt her family. It didn't take much coaxing once she had left the room with the aunt. The uncle paid well would turn her over before he left their home. Planning to use her for his own devious ideas and make her his young wife.

Themes: Sexual Tension, Fantasy, Romance, BDSM (optional)

♦ Fear me and Pity Me ♦
Fear me and Pity Me
Plot:An evil and corrupted king was in the throws of fighting a civil war among his kingdoms. He had conquered many. They resisted the villainy only to loose. The man who had brought the rebellion on was brought before the king and his throne. This kind of move was one of revenge. The king being powerful was making the man an example to his son at the time. The prince learned that revenge against ones enemy was two fold.

You took everything from the man, i.e. his family and made examples of them. The traitors wife was raped and sent to the service to be a lady of the night, his son was taken into the guards to learn to be a battle hardened warrior for the king who his father rose up against, and finally his daughter was to be made the wife of the prince.

The prince though old enough to understand was taught the ways of his father. He learned that his soon to be wife remembered all that her father truly stood up for and spent the next several years trying to break her out of the habit of killing him. One day they both received news that his father had passed away due to his foolish war he started. They both knew that now his son was to be king. The prince knew his situation but also wanted to make sure that now he broke his wife's spirit even though he loved how she fought him. It was something he longed to eventually watch break as she would succumb to him.

He wanted her to pity and yet fear him for what he was and who he was going to become once he was on the throne.

Themes: Fantasy, Violence, Action, Sexual Tension, Romance, NC (optional)

♦Sworn Love♦
Sworn Love
Plot: It had been a few hundred years, the elder of the vampires had taken a woman to be his lover and in turn she had given him a child. A joyous moment for them both until the gender of the baby was revealed. A daughter. Something he chose to live with but was furious by. Allowing her to live despite the bitterness that his first born had to be with a child of so little value. Despite the changing times he was very old fashioned that women were not allowed such places of station in his reign. None questioned his absolute authority except for two different races outside their normal ones.

The humans were little to no value other than feeding stock for the vampires, but there were two rival clans they would have to contend with, one being that of the were's all different manners of creatures they could turn into depending on who bit them and finally the dark elves. They were less fighters and more betrayers of their words. Neither could be trusted among the vampires. However, because of the leader of the the vampires having a daughter, both tribes outside theirs heard of her.

They sent envoys to the leader, allowing him to know their interest in her since it was said she was born with pure white hair, and at the age of 30 would be the perfect age for one of the leaders to claim her as a bride. While she didn't have value to her own clan the vampire elder took this into consideration and wasn't sure how to make this deal. Just because he wasn't sure who would be the lesser of two evils with a bride of his own making at their side?

Deciding to make it comfortable for them all. They (the dark elf leader and were leader) would live close by to the vampires in order to spend as much time with his daughter as possible. However, once she was old enough she would fight the one she wanted to claim. If she could bite him with her fangs leaving her brand on his neck they were a couple. The male not selected would return to his people and wouldn't go empty handed they would provide trade to him as service rendered.

Who would the daughter love? Would she try to escape the sentence? Would she fall for one of them?

Themes: Sexual Tension, Modern, Action, Drama, Romance

◆ Optional Pairing List:◆

Random pairings:
Coding: Characters I want to play are bold, currently craving will be dark green, not interested in will be red, Strike Out means its taken


Exotic Dancer x Bouncer/Bartender
Master x Pet (this is for a unique pairing)
Security guard x Stray
Model x Model
Model x Photographer
Boss x secretary
Mob boss x Rivals daughter
Exotic Dancer x Bartender
Exotic Dancer x Mob boss
Exotic Dancer x Police Officer


Werewolf xhuman
Were-person x human

Werewolf x Vampire
Were-person x Vampire

Vampire x Human
Vampire x Vampire

Merman x Human
Mermaid x Human

Angel x Demon
Demon x Angel

Angel x Human
Angelx Human

Demon x Human
Demon x Human

Egyptian God x Human
Egyptian God x Queen

Egyptian Goddess x Pharaoh
Egyptian Goddess x High Priest

Egyptian Goddess x Greek God
Egyptian God x Greek Goddess

Greek God x High Priestess
Greek God x Queen
Greek God x Nymph
Greek God x Mortal woman

Greek Goddess x Thief
Greek Goddess x King
Greek Goddess x High Priest
Greek Goddess x Mortal Man

Goblin king (labyrinth inspired) x human woman

Transformation: (fantasy aspects clearly)

Male to Female x Mage
Male to Female x Werewolf

Beastiality: (fantasy aspects will be involved)

Wolf x Woman
Horse x Woman
Dragon x Woman
Naga x woman[/color]


Egyptian Pharaoh x Priestess
Egyptian Priestess x General
Egyptian Priestess x King of Thieves

Egyptian Queen x High Priest
Egyptian Queen x Conquering King

Pirate x Pirate
Pirate x Privateer
Pirate x Slave
Pirate x Queen/Princess
Pirate x Heathen Goddess

Pirate x Admiral
Pirate x King
Pirate x Privateer
Pirate x Greek God

Prince x Princess (arranged marriage)
Prince x Queen (Forbidden romance)
Prince x Pirate
Prince x Thief
Prince x Succubus
Prince x Slave

Detective x Criminal
Detective x Victim/witness

Mob boss x Victim
Mob boss x Rival
Mob boss x Assassin
Mob boss x Rival's daughter

Slice of Life:

Barista x College Student
College Student x Exotic Dancer

Boss x Secretary
Boss x Best Friends girl

Single mom x Co-worker
Single dad x Baby sitter

Butler x Lady
Maid/Nanny x Lord

Master x pet (fantasy optional)

◆ Optional Games List:◆

Genre based:
▪Supernatural (i.e werewolves, ghoulies, goblins)
▪Slice of Life
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Re: -Seeking a Similar Heart- (F Seeking M Character)
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2019, 03:20:20 pm »
-Month update-

Added more optional pairings
Plenty of Greek God/goddess pairings
Ideas mentioned but with no pairings like potential updates for a western style and Japanese style
Will add more slice of life pairings towards the end

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Re: -Seeking a Similar Heart- (F Seeking M Character)
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2019, 09:06:18 am »
-month update-
Added Incest options
Added Master x pet option
Added Beastiality options
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Re: -Seeking a Similar Heart- (F Seeking M Character)
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2019, 07:58:32 pm »
-month update-

added Prince options
Updated the first story to Desert Secrets
updated the look of the page

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Re: -Seeking a Similar Heart- (F Seeking M Character)
« Reply #4 on: October 06, 2019, 10:36:26 pm »
-Month update-

Forbidden Nights as a new plot

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Re: -Seeking a Similar Heart- (F Seeking M Character)
« Reply #5 on: October 26, 2019, 12:09:17 am »
Minor update:

Updated searches to include new openings.
Re-opened Step into the ring to seek new players.
Re-opened Pharaoh and Priestess.
Added more pairings.

Closed pairings for incest based games.

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Re: -Seeking a Similar Heart- (F Seeking M Character)
« Reply #6 on: October 26, 2019, 01:10:47 pm »
Interested in the master x pet play if that is open. Have sent a pm.

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Re: -Seeking a Similar Heart- (F Seeking M Character)
« Reply #7 on: October 26, 2019, 01:14:48 pm »
Interested in the master x pet play if that is open. Have sent a pm.

Awesome sounds good!

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Re: -Seeking a Similar Heart- (F Seeking M Character)
« Reply #8 on: December 09, 2019, 11:46:28 pm »
removed several pairings no longer interested/filled.
added new transformation games

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Re: -Seeking a Similar Heart- (F Seeking M Character)
« Reply #9 on: December 09, 2019, 11:54:15 pm »
Waiting for your reply on pm

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Re: -Seeking a Similar Heart- (F Seeking M Character)
« Reply #10 on: December 10, 2019, 12:02:53 am »

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Re: -Seeking a Similar Heart- (F Seeking M Character)
« Reply #11 on: January 10, 2020, 08:39:17 pm »
Added a new story to the main post!

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Re: -Seeking a Similar Heart- (F Seeking M Character)
« Reply #12 on: February 11, 2020, 01:21:16 am »
New plots added-
Dance with the Devil
Purchased Bride
Fear me and Pity Me

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Re: -Seeking a Similar Heart- (F Seeking M Character)
« Reply #13 on: March 26, 2020, 09:39:19 pm »
Seeking active new stories
added more furry ideas

Removed Trapped in a Bottle
Added Sworn Love
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Re: -Seeking a Similar Heart- (F Seeking M Character)
« Reply #14 on: August 18, 2020, 10:57:08 pm »

Removed posts,
Added a new storyline Love Affair with the Devil.