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Plots Within (F for M)

Started by Chantarelle, June 11, 2019, 01:21:54 AM

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Welcome to my new and improved request thread! After going through a couple of deaths within my circle of friends I am ready to step out of my grief and start enjoying the things I once did, namely Roleplay. Here will be presented my preferences, kinks and plot ideas...


My average posting is three paragraphs though I can write less or more depending on the scene (intros are usually longer whereas dialogue may be shorter). I’d appreciate someone detailed who can match at least three paragraphs on average.
I can manage 2-3 responses a week but this can vary depending on my schedule.
I prefer real images (no anime or drawn pics please).
I only play against dominant men but this doesn’t mean that my characters will be submissive though they can be.
I do not enjoy furries, scat, watersports, classic dom/sub dynamics (fifty shades of gray...boring), incest, anal or adultery.
I am interested in modern and modern fantasy genres.
For those who’d like to know my fave FC for my partners is Jason Mamoa But this of course is negotiable.
My FC’s consist of Adrianna Lima and Eliza Dushku but again this is all negotiable (I do prefer playing brunettes however)
I prefer playing on discord.


Vanilla sex
Rough sex
Light non-con
Giving head
Oral sex on my characters
Penetration (digits or otherwise)
Size differences (not too extreme but bigger than my character no scrawny guys please).
Character development (please don’t start your character off perfect and without flaws)

Plot-thoughts (open to other ideas as well):

The Sticky Wicket

You’ve stepped out of the void and into HER realm. How you entered the void is your own business.

This plane of existence is engulfed and surrounded by mist. An ancient forest surrounds you and as you explore you will find blue waters of a lake. The further you explore the more lost you will feel until suddenly you come upon some sign of civilization, a white and grey double storied cottage with smoke billowing out of its chimney, this is ‘The Sticky Wicket’.

Inside you will find the aroma of meats and spices as well as an interior that appears far larger than the exterior hinted at. You notice a dark table in front of you with two cushioned armchairs and either end. It feels as if you were expected. On the table is a bottle of wine with two glasses. There is a note as well that reads “Welcome home”.

Morrigan Aensland (my character) : Born seraphim, she was gifted with love, kindness and generosity. She was blessed with beauty, grace and a voice so sweet it made grown men weep. She used to love watching over the seedling worlds with her brothers and sisters while listening continuosly to the ever-present hum of Source.

Despite being born a Seraphim, she was born with lust in her heart. Her core housed fires her peers never had to endure. The aches in her womb, the curse they never had to live through, never had to die through.

When she was caught for what she did there was outcry and confusion as to what to do with her. Some called for destruction others called for reincarnation. The ultimate judgement passed down was she was given a name and excommunicated, sentenced to an eternity of servitude in an isolated universe, ‘The Sticky Wicket’.

Brutal Love

The Calazar caught her in the red zone on a drizzly, grey morning on a tuesday. By the time they had arrived she was pretty beat up and was fortunate enough to be in such a state wherein resistance was impossible or else she might have been killed. She was taken to the the infirmary which was housed in the ‘block’, otherwise known as the Bristol Detainment Camps where she would await trial and certain conviction for her crimes.

One count of soliciting an officer.

One count of brandishing a weapon.

One count of attempted self-harm.

One count of unauthorized decampment.

She was convicted even as she lay unconscious, never having testified. Her sentence of life spent in servitude was to be carried out in the House of Pyor, owned by the officer she threatened.

YC would be the officer. This is just a short idea that I hope helps inspire some world building creation as we tell the story of a hardened and brutal man that slowly starts to get his humanity back through falling in love with his new slave. (I would like to throw in some fantasy with this)

NWO (mostly setting)

The year is 4080, Armageddon (2030 A.D.) has reduced the Earth’s population by two-thirds. Nuclear bombs devastated the globe and what war did not kill, mega-quakes and fallout did. It took mankind ages to develop any semblance of a recognizable society again but with help from the surprising and underestimated victor of the apocalypse, Lucifer and his Legion, the world begins to take shape anew and in his image. His apparent victory over God has allowed him to manifest into the world along with all sorts of dark creatures.

The defeat caused myriads of angels to fall only to be killed or to go into hiding, the rest were thrown into Tartarus and are waiting to be judged by Lucifer whenever he gets around to it.

Nations as we know it now are obsolete; all states recognize a single, global authority under the law of ‘Do as Thou Wilt’. Demons take the lead in business, science and medicine to help fulfill their promises to the ‘Oligarch’, the only class of humans to be shown extreme favor by the demons. These are the elite, the moguls, and the famous. What makes them special is their bloodlines, these are the living family members of the individuals, political, religious or otherwise that made the ushering in of Armageddon possible.

Not everywhere is a utopia however, outside and in between the boundaries of the mega-metropolises are hardworking farmers and common people known as ‘specks’ who live in poverty but are appeased by entertainment, sex, family and drugs. Public executions are rare but not uncommon in the ‘outskirts’. If someone is caught planning a revolt they are flayed and sacrificed to Lucifer and their body left to rot for all to smell and see.

Love’s Triad

Just putting crumbs out there to see what sorts of birds I attract...I’m looking for two males to play in an intricate love triangle with my female character. I was thinking of a story filled with romance culminating in a threesome and beyond if interest is still there. I would like to see it be a story as much about the mens relationship between each other paralleled to mc’s relationship with them.

Politics of Love

Looking for a brave open minded soul to be the Democrat (party can be negotiated) in my love story about two individuals who see the world in different ways but find themselves attracted to each other instantly and the sex and chemistry is so intense that once YC finds out that MC voted for Trump what will he do? They have everything else in common, at least of what they know of each other, besides politically they are practically on opposite sides of the spectrum. Can they make it work? Will they find common ground? (This can even be biracial in theme but doesn’t have to be.)

Looking for: open-minded partners, dialogue, deep characters, romance, honesty and some humor. Oh, and steamy sex scenes. (also, I’m willing to collaborate if this prompt inspires you)
“If all we have is this imagined empty canvas of endless possibility...this potential heaven...then let it be our haven. A place of marriage between two souls desperate to feel something beyond the cruel tedium of real life. If we truly be the masters who dream these dreams then let our innermost desires fuel the adventures we create and the love that we make here, let it all unfold endlessly or for only a brief moment in time but for as long as it breathes let it devour and I will forgive your boldness if you will be so good as to forgive me mine...” ~ Chantarelle