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Author Topic: [CLOSED] Like Asian girls? Caeli's searching for a British playboy/businessman!  (Read 959 times)

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Offline CaeliTopic starter

First: If sex = your main objective, you need not look further. This idea is less heavily-based on sex, but I'm not looking for page after page of against the wall, in the bed, in the car, etcetera etcetera.

Second: I openly admit to being picky about my partners. See my ONs-&-OFFs for more details about my roleplaying preferences, and feel free to browse through my active roleplays for examples of my writing style and post length. I try to find that partner whom I just 'click' with about a story :)

Third: I am wary of accepting requests from new members - in my past experience, many of them end up disappearing from Elliquiy and leave me without a word, partner, or a story. It's frustrating.

Lastly: This is not first come first serve.

If I haven't scared you off yet, please read on. ;3
This story is set in present-day London, but I'm rather loose with specifics and details as long as we get the atmosphere right.


It seemed almost... quaint, in comparison. For all that it was a big-city metropolis, London possessed its own charming, almost "old world" appeal that Hong Kong definitely did not. And of course, the biggest difference was probably the people. Although Vivian was half-Chinese and half-British, she was considered a foreigner here as much she had been in Hong Kong, though she didn't look British in the slightest. There, it was her blood that had set her apart; here, it was her looks.

Still, Vivian wasn't bothered. She was in London to get a degree, and to prove herself an independent and successful young woman. She'd netted herself a paid internship in London at the parent branch of her father's company in London, perfect for while she was attending King's to get her bachelor's degree - and she was determined to prove to her mother that she was not spoiled and useless.

It had definitely not been in her plans to almost be run over by some carefree jerk in a sleek sports car. She'd sworn at him in fluent Chinese, and when he'd made some racist remark, she repeated it in English - right before swanning away, flushed with anger. And from then, her luck had gone sour; not only was he the teaching assistant for one of her college classes, but he was also the division manager at the company she would be working at.

They seemed to bump into each other everywhere, and at the worst times - at clubs, on campus, at the market, during his dates... and even in their own building complex! He drove her nuts - he was rude, arrogant, a flirt, a playboy... in her opinion, everything a guy shouldn't be, and everything she never wanted in a boyfriend. He, of course, found her enormously amusing - she was straitlaced, haughty beyond belief, and a bit of a stuck-up bitch. (But it was fun to tease her, just to get her all riled up - a hot kiss, a grope, and a comment to make her blush usually did the trick and made her short temper explode like fireworks.)

There's something to be said about tolerance of things (or in this case, people) you hate. But there's also something to be said about sexual chemistry.

After all, if you're separating business and pleasure... there's nothing wrong with sleeping with whoever you want, right?


This story isn't entirely fleshed out, as per usual. I am looking for something a little more substantial than boy-meets-girl, boy-and-girl-hate-each-other, boy-and-girl-have-mind-blowing-sex, boy-and-girl-overcome-obstacles-and-fall-madly-in-love; however, I've little experience thinking of good modern plots, so I'll need a little help. >.<

My character, Vivian Zhao, is actually a previously-created character for a group roleplay that I dropped awhile ago. However, I liked her so much that I wanted to bring her back... and thus thought of this story. She's half-Chinese and half-British (on her father's side); if you want to read her profile, please go to her entry in one of my Elluiki pages.

I'm looking for a dominant male, preferably a British charmer who fancies himself a playboy.
My take: He's constantly out clubbing and picking up girls, and rather rolls his eyes at Vivian's idealistic outlook on love. Still, for all his thoughts on her foolishness, he still thinks she's a hot little piece - and maybe he'll get a little kiss or grope in now and again, when he gets the chance. ;) Still, when he has business to get down to... he gets serious, and gets things done. (He fits the adage about working hard and playing hard rather well, I'd think.)

They work at the same company, live in the same apartment complex, and go to the same school (he TAs for one of her classes). His personality and relationship with Vivian are up for negotiation, if you'd prefer some changes be made.

If you're interested, have some questions, or have suggestions / changes you'd like to make... Please PM me!


If this story doesn't appeal... some other story ideas from me include Anonyme, a modern fantasy that takes place in France, amidst cult murders and angels on earth. If you're into romantic, humorous, and fantasy settings, I am currently searching for a partner for Singers of Cerifa. I would also love an engaging steampunk story. All of my previous conditions also apply. ;]
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Offline johntfs

I have a Brit character that I occasionally play named Martin Devereaux.  However, I don't know how well he'd fit your concept because he's probably older than your request (I usually play him as being in his late 40s to early 60s).  He tends to be something of a sarcastic misanthrope who's involved in the intelligence business, the occult or both.  A good visual/personality picture of the character would be Hugh Laurie from House, Alan Rickman as Snape from Harry Potter or Malcom McDowell from almost anything he's played.  Devereaux would be a good boss, though he'd be a little old to be a teaching assistant.  He'd probably make be decent as the "mean professor" whose class everyone hates to take.

Offline Tsenta

Unfortunately for you, unapproved users can't participate in these Role players. I suggest you add your introduction post to the introductions thread and wait to be approved. :)

Offline CaeliTopic starter

Well, you're somewhat correct, Tsenta, but not completely. We don't disallow unapproved members from roleplaying, if the roleplay takes place in the Non-Adult Roleplaying board (i.e., no adult material).

To JohnTFS: I'm flattered by your interest, but I've already garnered enough interest for this story and have discussions going with potential players. If you are approved, then we can talk more about a roleplay in the private boards.

To both of you: If you want to search or advertise for a non-adult roleplay, you're quite welcome to. Just make sure to clearly note that your threads will take place in the Non-Adult Roleplays board.

Offline Tsenta

I'm in the process of being approved, forgive my mistake (I didn't see anywhere where it said unapproved users could role play in the non-adult role play thread.)

Offline CaeliTopic starter

It's stated in the sticky in this forum that unapproved members cannot participate in roleplays with adult content, and thus implies that you are welcome to participate in roleplays that do not have such content. That is also the only roleplaying board open to unapproved members. That, and most new members generally want to jump right into roleplays with the hot stuff in it, and don't consider or do not want a non-adult roleplay anyway.
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Offline Tsenta

Well I was already aware new users and unapproved ones weren't able to join the adult role plays, I spent all of yesterday just viewing the forums and such to learn the rights and wrong. Anywho I'll leave your thread, wasting needed space. :)