My rare anthro request (TAKEN)

Started by LamentingQuill, June 08, 2019, 07:59:25 PM

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This tale is set far into the future, humanity wound up destroying themselves by various means, except for the few scientists and their families that were smart enough to put themselves into cryo stasis deep underground for a time when the Earth would be safe to inhabit again.

Now, in the year 4299, the globe has been widely populating by anthropomorphic beings for the last thousand and one hundred years, the Earth is now thriving again and teeming with bountiful life.

A group of anthro archaeologists excavating what they think to be human scientific ruins discover the hidden passage underground, leading them to the cryo stasis chamber, where three dozen cryo stasis pods wait… except only six out of the 36 pods are still active, the other pods drained of power with corpses inside.

The six pods still active, though close to power depletion contain the head scientist’s three daughters and three nieces, six young human women ranging from ages 18 to 24.

The current president of the United States decides that despite the destructive past of their predecessors, these girls are young and innocent, they can be taught better and should be permitted the chance to integrate into anthro society.

It’s arranged for the girls to be taken in by some of the countries wealthiest families best equipped to help the girls adjust to the world as it has changed since they last knew it. The sisters in one house and the nieces in another… since no one could expect one family to take in all six of them and the monumental task of helping all six adjust and cope.

Our story will focus on the sisters. I prefer to play just one of the sisters, but I can be persuaded to play all three, providing that my partner understands that I am not especially fond of threesomes and multiple bed partners, also that in this case, I really do not want to do that.

So if we center around all three sisters, there will have to be three separate males as well, one for each girl. We’d both be playing three characters and sharing the load of npc’s.

The anthro pics are just examples and by no means required to be used.

Below however are the pics I chose for the sisters.

1st pic- Marina (age 20), 2nd pic- Melody (age 18), 3rd pic- Bianca (age 24)