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September 22, 2023, 11:48:22 pm

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Author Topic: The Kitsune Diaries [F Seeking GM/world-building partner]  (Read 1081 times)

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The Kitsune Diaries [F Seeking GM/world-building partner]
« on: June 07, 2019, 09:22:28 pm »
"Fuck, I'm gonna cum!"

"Sh-shit, me too!!"

"God, yes! Fill me up!! I want all of it!"

A pair of long, cum-slicked cocks pistoned in and out of Naomi's holes in tandem. The petite, white-haired bombshell screamed out encouragement as her pair of lovers flooded her insides with seed. "Mnnnh! More!! Fuck me harder!" Both men shuddered with orgasm, cocks pulsing, throbbing, spurting... but still impossibly, painfully erect. The pair exchanged a look over Naomi's shoulder -- was this girl really real? They'd started their night as rivals; both making moves on Naomi within mere minutes of each other. But a little pouting and a few batted eyelashes were all it took to convince them to be good boys and share her. Neither were enthused with the notion of sharing, but they would've agreed to practically anything if it meant getting to have sex with Naomi.

"Deeper! Please, deeper!!" Naomi leaned forward, the soft, perfect spheres of her breasts pressing firmly and intimately against the muscled chest of the complete stranger thrusting up into her pussy. "Destroy my ass!" The other one, standing behind Naomi, needed no further prompting. He began pounding into Naomi's ass like she'd personally wronged him in some way. The alabaster nymph shrieked her enthusiasm to no one in particular, only growing louder and wilder as time progressed. Energized, rather than exhausted.

Another confused glance. Both of Naomi's playmates were young, athletic, and quite well-endowed. In the midst of their sexual primes. And yet, this strange, alluring woman was putting both of them through their paces like it was nothing at all. Like the two of them weren't enough for her. The one underneath her stifled a goran of ecstasy, embarrassed by the prospect of cumming so quickly, not once, but twice. A smug look crossed the other's face, only for a grimace of pleasure to quickly replace it.

"Jesus Christ! I'm fucking cumming again!!"

"Fuck! Uhnnnff..."

Naomi's holes thirstily drank everything the pair had to offer. "C'mon, did I find a pair of studs, or a pair of duds? Fuck me!" Again, almost as if by magic, neither man lost his erection. Naomi only grew wilder. More primal; slamming her hips back to meet their thrusts. An indeterminate amount of time later, Naomi's body began to tremble, then shake. A low moan built in the back of her throat, building up to a wail right as her entire body went rigid. The three of them climaxed in unison, Naomi's victims pushed over the edge one last time by a pair of quivering silken vices.

"Oh, jeez, is that really what time it is?" Naomi checked the clock on her phone, then quickly pulled her dress back on. "Really gotta run, but thanks for the meal, boys, I was positively starving." She dashed out the door, leaving her pair of panting, exhausted lovers wondering what had just happened.

Hi! I'm Naomi, uh... and I'm a sex addict. Hey, we all have our stuff, ok? Humans need to eat, vampires gotta drink blood, Superman has the kryptonite thing... and I need to have sex. As in, if I don't, I'll die. Or occasionally someone else dies... Let's just say that dry spells put me in a bad mood...


The Kitsune Diaries follows the smutty, action-packed adventures of Naomi the Kitsune. Life for a supernatural creature that feeds on human sexual energy isn't easy!! She'll need to "feed" often enough to stay sane, while keeping her true nature a secret, lest she attract the attention of ruthless demon hunters, unscrupulous scientists, and all other manner of horrors!

I'd like to keep this story generally lighthearted and fun, with plenty of comedic (as well as smutty!) elements. I'm not entirely opposed to drama, danger, and darkness -- it's the contrast that makes things stand out -- but I think 'lighthearted' is the keyword here.

I expect a story like this will require at least a light amount of world-building, as well as feature a sizeable cast of minor characters/one-offs, though you're more than welcome to have a designated primary character. Whether Naomi's nosy neighbor, a romantic interest, a love-struck demon hunter, or whatever else strikes your fancy!

Send me a PM if you're interested in discussing things in further detail!
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