Pornographic Destiny -- Of Flesh and Camera Lenses (M x F)

Started by sexomancy, June 06, 2019, 08:07:02 PM

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Jack Mason is a gifted young man born of fortunate genetics and raised in a privileged background. He likes photography, fitness, and partying. He also has a huge penis and superhuman sexual prowess. Jack wants to become a pornographer when he grows up. I want to tell Jack’s story, from the day he accidentally discovered his mother was a retired porn star, to making amateur sex tapes in art school, to the height of his career as the world’s most famous pornographer. Not just an actor, Jack has the chops to produce, direct, and edit all of his own films. He was raised in a very liberal household by a loving and supporting single mom, and his inheritance is more than enough to fund his ambitions.

I don’t want to play this character by myself. To expect someone to GM such an idealistic and basic world is unrealistic. Instead, I want to find a partner willing to play him, and the world he lives in, right along with me. Think of it as collaborative storytelling, where we don’t own specific characters and have the freedom to further the plot with each post. As one might assume, this is a role play where literacy, creativity, and dedication are necessary. It’s long term, it’s full of smut, but it also has plenty of opportunities for genuine stories.

That being said, my love of smut and certain fetishes is deep rooted and difficult to cast aside. I like modern day worlds that mirror our own, only they lack so many inconveniences that they might as well be a fantasy. Just imagine what the absence of HIV and STDs would do to the sexual and social activities of so many teens and young adults. Or maybe there aren’t as many fundamentalist Christians around trying to stifle the sexual creativity of modern culture. It’s easier for a person to fall into the kind of scenarios that wind up in the pages of Penthouse magazine. Not only that, but people have the kind of assets you only find in Japanese erotic media, (most notably the tits and cocks), and can't perform sexual feats that are humanly impossible.

Huge cum shots. Excessive squirting. Easy and constant female orgasms. Perpetually hard cocks capable of marathon fucking. True and genuine hermaphrodites with both functioning sets of reproductive organs. Sisters who wanna touch your abs and find out what your cum tastes like. A mom who teaches you how to seduce women, make love like a champion, and actively wants you to fuck as many girls as you can before college. And harems-- many women willing to have sex with the same man, share him with each other, and also have sex with other, likely in the same house. I’m not that selfish, though. I’m not afraid of other men being involved in group sex scenes. I’m even cool with some kinda gay stuff. Wouldn’t it be fun to share the same fun girls with all your best friends?

Imagine being in a pack of fellow alpha males, but you’re the king alpha ‘cause you got the biggest dick, and you know that you’re always the coolest dudes all round. Always got each other’s back, all work together on the same projects, talk about girls while jerking off in the shower after football practice, double teaming your sister with your best friend, having cock measuring contests, circle jerks, sharing nudes and sex tapes, watching porn together, swapping girlfriends, pretty much everything short of genuine male on male romance and buttsex. I mean, if lesbian orgies are to be expected with the cheer leading squad, why can’t the guys get in on similar action? They can still identify of ultra masculine jock bro “Chads” while also being in touch with the full spectrum of sexuality.

I could dictate more details about the world, its protagonist, his family, and the supporting cast, but I want my partner to have equal input. I believe I want to RP in the forums, and discuss the RP through DMs and possible IM chat off site, whatever proves more convenient. Characters can be as young as 16, opening up all the fun of sexy teen hijinks. Wild parties while the parents aren’t around, drinking beer, smoking weed, doing acid, smoking cigarette, having unprotected sex with other people you barely know, all the sort of wild, crazy shit your parents don’t want you to do, but fully expect you to do anyway. College offers more of the same in addition to Jack’s first fores into the pornography industry. Independent projects made with other students, joining your girlfriend in a cam show for paying strangers on the internet, making an incest sex tape with your mom and sister to share with a secret club of hedonists, or even living in a three story sex house with other young, beautiful people willing to be recorded by secret cameras and microphones 24/7.

All of these alone are typical and possibly boring ideas, but I always want to explore what happens between the wild sex scenes. Sometimes Jack is just staring at his computer trying to edit together the hours of footage from his last shoots. Sometimes he’s making business contacts and contacting lawyers. He can have normal conversations with his friends over a few beers at the local pub. Maybe in these moments real character development can occur. I personally see the guy as an arrogant perfectionist who knows better than to share his true thoughts on things. A person with ambition who wants to succeed, and may end up ruining a few relationships do to his inability to focus on genuine romance.

I’m open to whatever you might have to say or add. This has been in me for some time, and I’ve struggled with the right approach to sell it to the right partner. This is my attempt to just “be myself” and vomit everything out onto a page. If you’ve made it this far, and you’re still interested, then by all means send me a message! Those familiar with American cultural institutions, who share my love of reading, writing, and being a pervert, are ideal. I don’t care what your gender is, but please understand I’m not interested in having transgendered characters in my RP’s. I don’t have face claims, I don’t collect reference art, and I don’t care to look at those of my partners, either. This may put me at a disadvantage of many, but that’s an effort I have no time or ambition for. I’m here to write, and if you want to know what a character looks like I will do my damned best to describe them with words in intricate detail.

I'm comfortable with third person and first person, and can adapt to my partner's preferences. I just can't tolerate bad writing. I understand spelling mistakes and misplaced punctuation, but it really takes me out of the scene and turns me off when my inner English teacher is marking half of what you've written with her red pencil. Chemistry is equally essential, as sometimes I just don't feel anything from some prospective partners. For whatever reason a person's writing might not have any objective errors or issues, but it's just boring. I usually try my best as a multi paragraph role player, and I try to be flexible, but if I'm not enjoying myself then what's the point, y'know?

Can’t really think of anything else to say, so this is it for now. It’s messy, it doesn’t follow the conventions set by other players, but then again this is supposed to be a place of acceptance, openness, and friendship. I really do hope there are some kindred spirits out there looking to reach out in the dark for a chance at something special!