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November 25, 2020, 02:10:49 PM

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Author Topic: Welcome to Koenigsbar! Please, treat us gently.  (Read 417 times)

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Welcome to Koenigsbar! Please, treat us gently.
« on: June 03, 2019, 09:40:34 AM »
Greetings! I am looking for anyone to guide me with the lines and spacing of roleplaying. For more details about my writing, please check my [O/O]. I have made a generic lobby filled with characters here. It should give a general idea of what kind of characters and settings I am familiar with. I am pretty much open to new ideas and suggestions. However, it would be really nice if you could communicate it through Private Message. Perhaps it would be mutually beneficial to discuss a lot there before starting. Again, I am really hoping to find someone to teach me more about roleplaying. Without further ado, here is my RP lobby:

Lobby Name: Koenigsbar
Lobby Version: 1.0
World Settings: Modern, Urban, some advanced settings possible
Character Count: 7
NPC Count: Undefined


Koenigsbar - An old, shady bar with an architecture reminiscent of classic Bavarian inn and a dysfunctional neon sign at the front. As soon as a person takes a step inside, they can clearly see how many people has owned this place. A macabre of different furnitures and decorations packed the whole interior of this two-story bar. Partial refurbishments and repurposed furnitures splatter all over the place, as if they were the footprints of ownership changes. Pictures, plaques, and certificates covered in news clippings and job posts decorate the walls of the stairway landing to the second floor. And at the end of this dimly lit room, one can clearly see the beckoning, well lit bar.

Behind the bar, a large beer glass is being wiped clean by a towering, large man. Otto Radmueller, the thickset owner of Koenigsbar grins as he examines the squeaky-clean beer glass in his hand, and puts it on the cabinet behind him. His towering 2 metres tall, light-skinned built is oddly covered by a black pants and a peach-colored shirt. His short, brown hair connects with his neatly trimmed full beard hides his rectangular face and strong jawline. And the lightly tinted glasses he always wear cleverly hides his clear, pale blue eyes. It’s hard to guess his age and ethnicity, but he seems to be someone of european descent in his mid-30’s.

Kimberly Paige stands at the far end of the bar, leaning her slim figure forward and looking around as usual. Sporting a jet black undercut and a variety of rings and studs on her face, this young woman known as “Axel” is actually keeping an eye out and waiting for orders to come up and mix. With her skills, she can make the bottles dance around as she twirls them around with her lean, fully tattooed arms as she mixes up someone’s drink. Her hazel eyes glances at her boss, who is standing to her right, and smiles.

Back at the Kitchen, a pale, skinny young man is munching on a stale sandwich, sitting on a stool. Steve Munch, the Bar’s waitstaff is having his dinner break. His brown eyes fixate on the images of late-teen girls, displayed on his phone screen as he scrolls through them, while his crooked teeth munches on the unpleasant meal he is having. He toss away the sandwich wrap to the bin across the room as he finishes up, and scratches on his unkempt hair. His bony fingers stops, as his big, brown eyes hungrily fixates on one of the girls in his phone. But he suddenly stops, put his phone into his pocket and change his demeanor as soon as he hears the back door swings open.

In comes Elisa Korsakova and Albert Garthson, also known as "Big Al", through the back door to start their shift. With her pale skin, strawberry blonde hair, and slim, womanly body, one would think she’s a ballet dancer. But even when she no longer limp as she walks, no amount of practice is enough to fix her once broken leg and make her a dancer again. Not even her youthful late-teen age could help her with that. As soon as she enters the staff room, she went straight towards her locker and opens it. Her sapphire blue eyes looks into the mirror inside her locker, checking if the makeup she puts around her eyes is enough to cover her sad, swollen eyes.

Big Al stands in the hallway, quite away from the locker room. This tall, old, dark-skinned man knows that it would disturb his workmate if he walks in at this moment. Carrying an old army duffle bag and sporting an even older overcoat, this clean-shaven man looks like he’s in his mid-40’s. But nobody can actually guess his age. Even Otto only knows that he’s much older than he looks. An air of patience and insignificance surrounds this waitstaff and regular janitor. Nobody would have ever noticed him, if not for his fiery red eyes.

Back in the bar, a shady businessman just walks out of the bathroom, back to his spot at the bar. He’s trying to look calm, but it’s evident that Malcolm Stephens is sweating profusely all over his light skin. With wrinkles on his pale face, some gray hairs, and vague bald spot on the back of his head, one would be correct to guess that his 40th birthday is coming up in a year or two. He waves at Axel, ordering up his usual drink, and she whips it up quickly. As she puts down the glass in front of him, he quickly grasp it, rubbing his dirty fingers on her olive skinned hand. She quickly pulls away her hand and smile, neatly hiding her feelings of disgust away.

Up in the second floor, there are a couple of private rooms, 5 guest rooms with bare minimum bathroom, the bar office, and a bathroom down at the end of the hallway. The hallway is crooked, littered with odd paintings, old posters, and other miscellaneous decorations. The private rooms are quite compact, yet comfortable. Their decades-old furnitures are still firm, despite all the partying, fighting, and murders that have happened. A modified old set of electrical menu bell is connected to a modified computer at the bar to print out orders sent by customers inside. The same contraption also connects to an input panel in the small guest rooms.The simple rooms with only a bed, a desk, a chair, and a small chest of drawers. Their plain, bavarian walls are riddled with wear and tear more interesting than the simple flower paintings, crookedly hanging on them.

A cute asian woman in her denim overall and pink t-shirt walks out from one of the guest rooms. Alicia Tan, with her tiny stature and innocent face, is often mistaken as an underaged kid. However, the staff knows that this porcelain-skinned woman with a shoulder-length straight black hair is already in her early 20’s. The warm hallway light accentuates her barely visible cheekbone as she slowly walks towards the stairs. As she creeps down, she peeks through the wooden balustrade of the staircase, clutching the shoulder straps of her backpack.


I will be updating this lobby if there are any new characters I would like to play that fits this world settings. For a different world settings, I might make a different thread or update this post in the future.

Update: Fixing broken forum codes.
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