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May 23, 2022, 10:47:32 pm

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Author Topic: A human among crossbreeds (M LF F&/GM)  (Read 506 times)

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A human among crossbreeds (M LF F&/GM)
« on: June 01, 2019, 09:48:37 am »
Got a bit of an idea for a world that I would love to try out if anyone is interested.

The World:

In the future, the birthrate of humans, along with the desire to grow ever more powerful, lead to a global research project, that would see humans being injected with genes from certain animals, such as dogs, cats adn rabbits. The main point of this was to give humans a more primal desire to repopulate their species, and make sure that the humans wouldn't become extinct. To add to that, the genes were modified, so humans would adapt certain physical traits from the animal genes that entered their bodies, such as ears and tails, while also gaining their physical abilities, like higher stamina, more strength and speed and the ability to jump higher than what was before possible for humanity.

It was only animals that by themselves were deemed to not be a threat to humans that were using for this project, since the scientists feared that there would still be predator hints within them that could lead to them losing focus if it overcame them.

As this project began to globally inject more and more people in the world to the point where "pure" humans were starting to become but a fraction of the world population, some of the higher up scientists discovered something amazing. It seemed that due to most animals that were used for this project had been pets to their human masters, the feelings of loyalty and attached towards the "pure" humans were strong in the now crossbreed humans. They would stick closer to them, feel a desire to please them and for most of them, even be mixed with the feeling of love, that would have them do almost any commands that a human would tell them to, no matter what. However to push this away, the project to get the rest of the humans injected to become crossbreeds were put into higher focus to make sure, that nobody could abuse this kind of power.

By the year 2045, the entire population of "pure" humans were deemed extinct, and the crossbreed had completely taken over. Thanks to their need desires to repopulate, the worlds population grew once again, and with their improved physical abilities, the world moved into a new era of supremacy, as the main focus was now to improve the world for the new species. World peace was achieved, and the crossbreeds could now focus on their daily lives on how to make the world a better place for everyone.

However what a few scientists did before the end of the project, was to disguise their own children as crossbreeds, to make sure at least a few pure humans would remain in the world. They would live their lives as normal as possible, while their parents feared that they could be found by the government at any moment. All it would take is a hint of the powers they owned over the rest of the world.

The Main Character:

MC is one of the pure humans, that would be going to college. He won't know who he actually is, and believes he's a crossbreed of a cat, which means he walks around with fake cat ears and tail, that has been attached in such a way they don't fall off by mistake, and has mechanics in them so they move slightly to give them more believable movements. So he seemed to just blend in with everyone, just as much as he himself thinks.

Compared to everyone else, he's the worst at pretty much everything physical, and sometimes is on the receiving end of bullying just for that, although thanks to his true nature, there are also those, mostly females, who are very attached to him and jumps in to defend him whenever he's in trouble. Something nobody truly understand, especially not MC, but he's happy that he at least has someone who wants to be around him.

Other than that, he doesn't stand out much. He get average scores on his tests, doesn't miss school much and doesn't have any enemies as such. Pretty much your average student.

The Story:

I don't have a particular story planned right now. I was thinking at first, that we get the to set the stage, introduce some characters related to MC, and then find out later on if something bigger happen. Perhaps he gets found out, another organization tries to use his powers for themselves or something completely different. I'm open to discussing where to take this.

Looking forward to hearing from you.