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June 29, 2022, 05:23:54 pm

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Author Topic: NC Systems and Freeform (F seeking)  (Read 712 times)

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NC Systems and Freeform (F seeking)
« on: May 28, 2019, 01:27:49 am »

Thank you for opening my request thread!  It might be a bit long-winded, so I have included a quick summary at the top.  If it interests you, please read further!  If not, thank you for taking the time and giving me a chance to catch your interest and best of luck!

Also, please do not post in this thread, if you want to contact me please PM me.  Please also include why you are PMing me, this may sound like an odd request, but it is a huge pet peeve of mine to get messages that are either "I like your ideas" or "Are you still looking?"  The first gives me nothing to work with, the second can be assumed if this post is reasonably new (and I will let you know if not).


I am on this website so I can include smut in my roleplaying, and more specifically, non-consensual smut.  I state that first as any roleplay I am looking for would include a healthy dose of non-consensual sex.  The type and degree is negotiable, but the inclusion is not.  I am not interested in vanilla, and I am not interested in romance.

I really enjoy system games, but obviously they can be difficult both in online play and in one-on-one play.  That isn’t to say I am only looking for system based roleplaying, but I will say that I seem to struggle a bit with freeform. 

The Details

I find that my interests tend to skew either system, or vaguely modern (+/- 100 years) freeform.  I do want plot, but I do want it intertwined with smut in some fashion or other. 


I have an on/off page, and that is a good place to start even if it is maybe a bit hit or miss.  I am open to discussing a lot of things, and certain things may be ons or offs depending on the specifics of how they are included.  So, if you have any questions, ask!  I did also do the on/off matrix thingy, but I haven’t updated it in awhile and how it categorizes things (want to try might be better as like for me) may not align perfectly with what I had in mind when I filled it out.

The main thing I want to include in any roleplay I am a part of is non-consensual sex.  It can be ‘soft’ through blackmail, drugs, mind-control, or something else, or it can be ‘hard’ with someone literally overpowering and/or defeating her, or most anywhere in the middle.  That isn’t to say I am opposed to consensual sex in a roleplay, I just don’t want it as the focus, and romance is an off for me. 

The biggest three ons I have are probably multiple partners, repercussions, and being desired/attractive. 

I list the last because I have found it is a major off to have a character I am playing be kind of... thrown away?  The specific instance where I discovered this is why I say my on/off page can be hit or miss.  I didn’t know it at the time but, through no fault of my partner, we hit the off and it ruined the roleplay for me. 

I like the somewhat animalistic and overwhelming nature of multiple partners.  There is probably more to it as well, but I can put it to words.

Finally I like repercussions, which is not to say that I want my character to quickly end up a broken shell of a person.  I mean through things like risk of pregnancy, bodily markings, tattoos, changes in personality, and so on. 

A few other ons that I have never really hit well, mostly because I think they somewhat require a specific set-up, story, or character, is enslavement, bondage, and interrogation.  Enslavement is obviously something that could take a plot off the rails very quickly, but at the same time it is something I wouldn’t mind exploring.  Bondage can be just hard to write, especially for the bound, but I do like to explore more creative and descriptive methods of it.  Finally interrogation requires a specific set-up, but is a perennial craving.


I like systems, I have lots of systems, I don’t tend to get to play many systems.  So while I am reasonably familiar with a few, I desire to play a larger number that I am only familiar with to a limited degree.  I am, I should mention, mainly interested in published systems.  I don’t have a huge desire to include homebrew ones no matter how detailed or well-done.  Apologies.

Obviously there are issues with systems both in online and one-on-one play.  I would prefer to keep to the rules as well as possible, but am open to discusisng modifications at times.  That said, I don’t really want to go rules-lite.  I am fine with limiting rolls at times, but not dropping them altogether.  I am also open to trying to work out some sort of way to take some of the GMing burden off of you, either so you can play a character as well if desired, or just so it isn’t quite as much of a burden.  This could involve outlining plots, sharing control of NPCs, or most anything else.  That said, if you want to be the full-on GM, I am fine with that too!  I am not however, at least at the moment, looking to be the sole GM.


I struggle with freeform, but I do crave it.  I tend to prefer roughly modern roleplaying.  I say roughly as I am fine with near-past such as WWII, or near future, but am not interested in historical dramas much beyond maybe WWI. 

The Hooks

I’ve tried to include a few hooks below.  They aren’t meant to be exhaustive or written in stone, either in terms of ideas or in terms of systems.  I’ve included an inspiration for a few, usually how I arrived at the idea so that you might have some idea of what I am looking to explore.

Healer (Pathfinder)
Inspiration: The magical ability to heal any wound, magic in general in Pathfinder.
A healer character of some variety begins to discover that she enjoys rough sex and mistreatment.  I see this as probably starting with some form of defeat.  The woman and her adventuring party are ambushed and defeated by a group of monstrous humanoids.  The rest are killed, she is left for dead after a night of ‘fun.’  She heals herself, heads back to civilization, and... something.

Naive (Pathfinder or D&D5E)
A new adventurer of some variety, but of a good alignment, falls in with an neutral or evil group.  I don’t see them as necessarily abusing her themselves, but rather taking advantage of her naivety.  They use her as bait for orcs.  They have her infiltrate a sex cult.  They send her to scout the strange ruins.  That sort of thing.

Body Swap (Pathfinder)
A skilled and grizzled female fighter is suddenly, through some method or other, transformed (or transferred) into the body of a soft and not particularly physical, but very attractive, woman.  The basic idea is to play a fighter with low STR, low CON, and middling DEX, but probably designed for high STR (with potentially some rule bending to fit that). 

Sith (Force and Destiny or Edge of the Empire)
Inspiration: Early interactions with Vette in Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO.
A woman with some sort of skill finds herself in the tender care of a Sith or Imperial Agent.  It might work better as Old Republic or post-trilogy, though I am fine trying to figure out a way to set it during the original trilogy as well.  The woman may or may not have force abilities, but at the very least she has skills that make her useful as more than just a slave. 

Pilot (Age of Rebellion)
A Rebel Pilot is shot down in some battle or other, and has to escape and survive. 

Corporate Recruitment(Shadowrun 4/5 or CthulhuTech)
A person is recruited by a corporation, only to discover that the corporation in question intends to remake them into a useful agent.  The inspiration is CthulhuTech and Dhohanoids, though it could be made to work for Shadowrun as well I think. 

Corporate Infiltration (Shadowrun 4/5 or CthulhuTech)
As above, but the character is an agent sent to infiltrate said corporation and report back.

Blackmail (Shadowrun 4/5)
A character, maybe even a fairly ‘normal’ character, is blackmailed or coerced into becoming a runner and carrying out various jobs.  They aren’t well suited for it, but they don’t have a choice.

Achtung Cthulhu (Savage Worlds or Call of Cthulhu 7E)
An agent is sent to carry out various tasks behind enemy lines.  OSS/SOE/etc agent but with a supernatural addition.

Zombies! (All Flesh Must be Eaten Revised or End of the World)
A woman has to survive the apocalypse.  To make matters worse, many of the other survivors have given into their more animalistic desires. 

I see this as a game set in a zombie apocalypse, but where other humans are often the biggest threat.  A group of roving bandits just looking for fun.  A group of authoritarian survivalists who need breeders.  A group of crazed cultists who need sacrifices. 

Porn Star Heroine (Mutants and Masterminds 3E)
A heroine, probably a rather renowned heroine with a conservative and pure image, becomes involved in porn in her secret identity.  It could go a few ways, both in terms of why she did and what happens.

The main thought I have is that she does it out of a desperate need for money due to never having time to hold down a steady job.  The act is discovered, either by the porn producers or by a villainous enemy. 

Ghoul (Vampire the Masquerade 20A)
This one is honestly a bit of a maybe.  I think the idea could be great fun if done well, but I am also not woo about vampires in general.  The basic idea is that a woman is ghouled by a Vampire to be used as his agent in the world.  A slave angle maybe, but also a focus on the various tasks she has to carry out.

To Defend the Wyld (Werewolf the Apocalypse 20A)
I would really like to play a Fera or a Silent Strider in a heavily non-consensual (or extreme) game.  I really like the villains in the setting, and it seems perfect for any number of fun plots.

Warhammer 40k (Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Wrath and Glory, or maybe Only War)
I don’t have a specific idea I just crave the setting.

Starfinder (Starfinder)
I don’t have a specific idea I just crave the system/setting.

Star Trek (Star Trek Adventures)
I don’t have a specific idea, and the system might need some modification, but I really crave the setting.

Religious Conversion Camp (Freeform)
A reporter goes undercover at a remote camp that claims to ‘cure’ various spiritual illnesses.  She quickly discovers that the place is effectively a prison, brothel, and work camp rolled into one.

Mafia Ties (Freeform)
A woman is the daughter of someone involved in a criminal organization of some sort or other.  She probably is aware of it, but not to any real depth.  She knows, but it hasn’t hugely impacted her life.  Her father goes to prison (or is killed), maybe even talking to the police in the process.  The organization informs her that the only way he will avoid death (or maybe the only way to avoid something happening to her mother) is for her to pay his debt. 

I see the story as probably being about her being coerced to do porn, though other angles are also an option.

Ski Hill Scandal (Freeform)
This really isn’t a properly formed idea, I just have a craving for something set at a ski hill.

Poacher (Freeform)
A woman, maybe a Forestry Officer of some variety, maybe just a camper or hiker, is kidnapped by a group of poachers. 

Mars (Freeform)
Inspiration: Surviving Mars, specifically a play through where my colony was bombed, then the New Ark people tried to steal all my colonists.
In the near future the colonization of Mars has become cheap enough that numerous organizations have taken part in it.  The new land rush is still limited by travel time and technology, but hundreds of small colonies have been established on the surface. 

A woman volunteers to go to Mars and either finds herself at the wrong colony through some method, or simply doesn't know what is going on at the colony she volunteered to go to. 

Home Invasion
A pair of sisters, probably twins and probably both played by myself, are at home alone when their house is attacked by members of a gang.  I would like to include an interracial angle, either black men and white women, or white men and Asian or Indian women, but otherwise the idea is rather simple.