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Author Topic: Capone's Collection of Concepts v.2.0  (Read 2886 times)

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Capone's Collection of Concepts v.2.0
« on: May 22, 2019, 10:17:42 am »

Hello! My name is Capone and this is version 2.0 of my Collection of Concepts! My goal in this endeavor is to make it slightly more evergreen, so that I don't have to keep writing down specific story plots or set-ups and can instead illustrate what I look for in certain kinds of settings and genres. I understand that most people want to see a solid, specific idea, but my cravings and ideas shift so frequently that I think it better to come up with a mutual idea together using common baselines of inspiration. Hopefully you can be open to such brainstorming.

Below you'll find the three most common genres I write in: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Modern. Each of these is a bit open-ended for my partner to help brainstorm plots and concepts for. Below these you'll find more specific concepts, a traditional plot request that has a specific goal or desire in mind. As these are constantly in-and-out of my current cravings, I'll spoiler any as a "Cold Craving" that I'd like to keep around but is no longer something I'm quite eager for. If you'd like to know more about my writing specifics, I first advise checking some of the stories linked above. They'll give the best feel for my writing and characters. Barring that, my On's and Off's should have some additional info. Admittedly, I do prefer a partner that can write multiple characters, but it is not a requirement depending on what sort of story we're writing. I am sorry, but I am not a fan of writing with other Lords outside of group stories, or ones in which our characters are platonic and there is at least one other player to control and write the women.

If you think you'd like to write with me, then please send me a PM and do not respond here.

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Re: Capone's Collection of Concepts
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2019, 10:18:32 am »

I grew up on Lord of the Rings and the Final Fantasy games, so it's only natural that one of my most common go-to genres to tell a story in is fantasy. I favor tales of adventure or scoundrels with hearts of gold, so you'll frequently see me thinking up concepts that send a group of characters on the hunt for something. However, I also like the idea of breaking out of my comfort zone, such as a group of bardic entertainers whose only intent is to bring joy to each town they visit (as well as a bit of pleasure, perhaps).

Nevertheless, the majority of my stories will still intend to have some form of sexualized element to them. The degree to which that sexual element surfaces will vary from story to story, but I tend to prefer settings where the characters are more open-minded or even encouraged to engage in more intimate interactions.

While these are all the most common sorts of scenarios, however, they do not at all speak to every scenario.

Roderick and Erasmus

Roderick was one of the first characters I became attached to on Elliquiy, first premiering him as the unlikely captain of the Moaning Molly before providing an earlier adventure in the floating city of Griffinport. A veteran to the world's wars, he has since removed himself from any obligation to a kingdom in order to adventure and do what he wants. This often puts him in the position of rogue, and he is frequently getting himself into trouble... or inside the corset of a woman.

Erasmus, on the other hand, premiered in the story Her Master, where he was permanently bonded with a succubus. A far more serious and exasperated man, Erasmus Kane best serves as the straight man to a more comedic partner in crime.

Which is why I'd like to pair the two up again. Granted, I want to lighten Erasmus up just a smidge from where he was in Her Master, but the real charm is for Roderick and Erasmus to work together. While I had created a fantasy setting in which Roderick once occupied, I believe I would like them to have fought for a Kingdom that lost, and where Roderick has since moved on to live as independently as he can get away with, Erasmus has become a bit more jaded and bitter towards the world.

The question is, what sort of woman would come between them? Would she lead them on an adventure, or would she pull them into her own troubles? The door is wide open, and both men are available for your own would-be adventuress.

Dueling Dominas

This is a story more-or-less intended to be played with two other female writers, each one in control of a Domina. The idea is a setting where they run their own gladiatorial arena, sort of betting and wagering each other's fighters. Think of it like a sort of card game where, upon one side winning, they get to select one of the losers' prized cards. Only in this instance, it's a fighter. Or, there's also the possibility that they opt to kill the losing warrior instead.

Definitely one of my "darker" stories, though not intended to be supremely dark. Most of the warriors will have opted to the service, for each Domina is wealthy and takes care of them... not to mention the possibility to be invited up to their bedchambers. That some will be hired due to little choice, such as slavery or being prisoners of the nation's war, adds to the darker element. That, and, well, that whole "some may die" thing. Depending on the number of fighters required, it may also require another Lord writer as well.

The real question comes to be: what's the end-point? We have a set-up, but do we want one Domina to win, or for the warriors to finally stand up and overthrow the system and win their own freedom? Or is there perhaps an outside third party that somehow factors into the story?

Incubus Jones

I typically don't feel tempted to write demon type characters, particularly as I'm not a fan of my protagonist being antagonist in nature and personality. However, I love this image. An Incubus treasure hunter whose greatest goal is scoring booty of a gold variety rather than fleshy. Hoarding select treasures rather than a harem of succubi, selling the others to museums and collectors in order to finance future adventures.

Ideally, your character would be an opposing adventurer looking to secure whatever MacGuffin he's after. Be it that she's trying to guard it and a third party snatches it away, or she is also a thief and the two must form an uneasy truce to obtain it from the other respective parties competing for it in greater numbers. I may employ the same sort of pheromone rules present in my Faegrimm setting, but otherwise it's not necessary. He'll be a sexual creature, what with being an Incubus and all, but will not require it for sustenance or living. He'll just inevitably hit on and grope your character, the amount of which can be discussed based on what tone we're seeking (most likely light-hearted and adventurous, but how lewd is up to discussion).


Griffinport has thus far existed in two iterations. Originally created as a free-for-all in Adult Socializing (before the Red Light District split), then later further detailed for a more official group game as referenced earlier, the general concept is a floating island harboring a city of scoundrels free from any kingdom's singular law. Sort of like a pirate city, but for those using airships instead of those using regular ships. I'd actually love to give it another try as a group game one day, but, uh... I don't think I'm really the type to GM a game.

I would probably like to attempt the basic plot of the prior group game, but on a smaller scale. A mysterious new party suddenly shows up on Griffinport to challenge and defeat the separate gangs of the city, gaining control for an unspecified purpose. As a result, the Peacekeepers are put on high alert, and even driven to internal conflict over whether this party should be stopped or not.

Ideally, my partner would be capable of writing multiple characters. If not, then perhaps I can write it with another two or three partners, but any more and it may as well be a group game. If I do Griffinport as a group game again, however, I'd rather it not be narrative-driven, and truly an open sandbox where players can pursue their own narratives.

Monster Hunters

Inspired by but not based on the video game series, with my primary source of knowledge being Monster Hunter World. This could be an original fantasy setting, a sci-fi-ish setting, or it could be an "Isekai", a story where the protagonists are trapped inside the world of an online video game. The general attraction is to the action of fighting colossal beasts and creatures of all sorts, and the interaction between all the different monster hunting mercenaries and guilds.

Unfortunately I do not currently have a proper plot set up for either scenario. If it's an Isekai, the plot could be something along the lines of a contest, kind of like Ready Player One, where the game's creator chose to trap its players within the game and then offer an incredible prize to whichever group of players is able to find and defeat a singular unique creature within the world. Or, it could be a smaller scale story within the greater story of being trapped in the world, something where the characters are fleeing from some real-world problem but are forced to face it within the digital.

If it's a fantasy realm, then perhaps there's a dark, questionable guild of hunters seeking to hunt down monsters marked as off-limits due to the reduction of their population. ...yeah that's kind of bleh to me, too. Regardless, it's something I'm willing to discuss.

Followers of Erosyta (a.k.a. Healsluts and More)

So while I had, of course, considered the concept before, I didn't know Healslut was specifically a term and thing until this year. So together with a partner, I came up with the Healers of Erosyta, a Goddess dedicated to pleasure in a world where it was the most effective form of healing magic. I've since thought a bit more of the concept and how it might play out in adventures beyond simple D&D style adventuring parties. Or, rather, what other kinds of powers you might be able to capitalize on with such a Goddess you've chosen to fight for.

The general idea is that the healers and warriors of Erosyta are trained to draw the energy from the semen typically used for making life, and instead use it as a magical power source (there's, uh... there's a science behind it, I swear! (I don't actually swear...)). This is why healing during copulation, or using the stored energy from copulation during combat, has greater results than nearly any other magic based on serving a God.

Thus a sort of timeline can be developed where the Church of Erosyta is primarily in service to adventurers, but after an attack on their priestesses they begin to restructure and shore up on their own defenses. They develop combat arts in addition to refining their healing magic, and soon enough the Church is sending out its own warriors to accomplish tasks and complete mercenary work.

For a more epic result, perhaps there becomes a competing cult dedicated to blood-magic, resulting in a spread of bloodshed across the land that the Church must combat. So, while there's certainly sex embedded in the character's role, there can still be a greater overall plot that is spiced up with different scenarios that can serve both sex and possibly combat.

The Handsome Minstrel

I originally wrote this minstrel as Antonio in the simple, cross-dimensional setting of the One Night Bride. He was perhaps one of the most enjoyable characters to write, of pleasant manner and joyful expression. He's not the sort of character you get to write often, as he's not intended to be an action hero. More of a support character, and therefore the sort to get the short end of the leash in terms of plot and development.

Yet I've yearned to return to him one day. What sort of story? I'm not sure, but as a minstrel there should surely be plenty of types of stories he can partake in. He would be traveling, after all. The problem is, who is his traveling companion? Or perhaps, who hires him and who must he serve? Does he serve gladly or does he do so against his will? I don't know, and it might be that he's a character that would best be visited with a partner that can write multiple characters herself.

Regardless, he was a wonderful pleasure and I've yearned to use him once more. I hope to get the chance to do so soon.


So, I don't hate the idea of Steampunk, but I don't love it, either. Mostly it's a matter of coming up with a plot and a world that I not only find compelling, but feel like I can successfully write. If there's anything that prevents me from jumping in, however, it's the lack of male fashion that appeals to me. The fellow in the image above, the only one in the crew, is the closest to a Steampunk male I've appreciated, and yet he's technically not Steampunk.

Top hats and monocles just do not become me.

Nevertheless, there's certainly an interest in the genre nevertheless. So, with the right partner with the right ideas, I'm more than willing to partake. Unfortunately, I don't really have much in the way of stories available for such a setting. Just four ladies I would most certainly enjoy writing opposite of.
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Re: Capone's Collection of Concepts
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2019, 10:19:04 am »

You don't grow up with a family that reads Lord of the Rings but doesn't watch Star Trek or Star Wars. Or maybe you do, but I certainly didn't. So, naturally, science fiction also has my interest. However, I tend to lean more towards the Star Wars end of the spectrum, as my sci-fi jargon is relatively limited. Note that I only mean in terms of scientific accuracy, as I rarely go so far as the actual Science-Fantasy route.

Regardless, these types of stories can run the gamut depending on what, exactly, we're going for.

Grasp Hold the Stars

Note that the story in which this setting was developed is currently being written. However, it's also intended to be a general, all-purpose sort of setting whose details can be found in its dedicated world-building thread. As of now, the goal of the setting is to be a humans-only science fiction in which different sorts of planets can be developed and explored between players.

Right now, if I were to do another story in the setting, it would likely revolve around space pirates.

I envision a Space Pirates story in this setting looking somewhat like a gang turf war, where two different groups are fighting over a region of space while both are seeking to evade the local governing armada. Perhaps one crew of pirates is framed for a crime committed by another, and therefore must get revenge and put the other crew to justice as the UAC certainly won't. Regardless, I imagine the cast being varied with several different kinds of personalities.

Otherwise, I don't have much else to do with the setting that I'm not already doing.

Draconian Invasion

Note that this could take place in a similar sort of setting as Grasp Hold the Stars, just far, far into the future. For the time being, however, I'd rather it be a separate setting. I've always loved reptilian races, and the ability to write them as a set of villains or antagonists in a story is certainly appetizing to me.

In fact, an idea I think I might like is one where the trio above are stranded on a planet with a group of human soldiers, and they must work together in order to survive. Something akin to Enemy Mine, but it's possible the Draconians will continue to be antagonists towards the end. Or, they could find peace between them, but be forced to recognize that they alone would be unable to convince their respective races to put an end to the current war.

Of course, it could also just be an epic Macross/Space Runaway Ideon style where the Draconians are obsessed with claiming an ancient vessel that the humans have occupied for their own, ensuing in Mech battles and other sorts of interstellar warfare. There are plenty of possibilities, so long as I get to play this reptilian race and write from their own perspective.

The Idol's Fantasy

A story focused on the desires of a Vocaloid to live. Or, perhaps, to love? In part inspired by the Vita, PS4 and Switch JRPG Caligula Effect, this story would focus on a Vocaloid whose A.I. advanced far enough to gain self-awareness. However, from there, things could go one of two ways.

The first is that she hacks into a droid factory and manufactures herself a body, allowing her to wander the world and explore it for herself. This could be a simple slice-of-life and romance, where she encounters a variety of people, from fans to characters that are simply curious as to who she is, and gradually become attached to her wonderful personality. Or, it could shift to those a more thrilling route where the recording company discovers her personality has escaped their databases, and are seeking her Droid body in order to recover and then patch her consciousness so that such an event does not happen again.

The second direction would be closer to Caligula Effect, and is a bit of a direction I'm more interested in exploration. In the game Caligula Effect, the Virtual Idol creates an artificial world in which she pulls people into that are unsatisfied with real life. Whether it's her personal interaction with one or two characters within the artificial world, or it's those trapped within the virtual world (and perhaps unaware they are trapped inside of it), there's a number of directions I think could be interesting to explore for such a story.

Super-Powered/Shounen Heroes

I'm not much a fan of doing canon characters or settings, but I must say I'd love to do an original setting starring young adults with super powers, be it styled after American comic books or more a shonen style fighting anime. In the end, it'd probably be a fusion in the middle, as part of the prime inspiration is the arcade game Rival Schools and its sequel Project Justice.

Perhaps, rather than going to College, these few specials are given full scholarships to Powers-based academies of their choosing. One academy has been slowly training its students for a take-over of the city, pretending to be good-natured and helpful while actually causing havoc for their own profit. It is therefore up to another school to take them down.

Or, simplify it down to just a number of students at a single academy are bad seeds. Maybe, those that aren't accepted by any of the major academies are sent to one for rejects. A number of possibilities with this one!


So, uh, don't exactly have a specific plot for this, but I've been with this series since Red and Blue. As I've said in the past, canons are not something I typically do, but for some reason I'd love to do a story in the world of Pokemon. Note that I would not want to play with any of the canon characters, nor would I want to interact with any canon characters in any region. It would be preferable to me to play in an original region, or to have it take place in someplace like Ryme City in Detective Pikachu. A location that is established well enough, but not to the extent that the game worlds are.

I wouldn't want to do a typical adventure, however, namely because the characters would need to be 18+. Yet I wouldn't mind those that specialize in Pokemon combat, or perhaps work in Pokemon reserves and preservation, or some other method of working with the creatures.

Ultimately, I'm not completely solid on what I want to do, just that I want it to not follow the pattern of the typical game or anime stories.
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Re: Capone's Collection of Concepts
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2019, 08:53:00 am »

Modern stories are always the hardest for me to get, as they tend to be the most obviously sexualized. I rarely go for some adventurous plot in such settings, more something slice-of-life and truly escapist. On the rare occasion they do get adventurous, they typically fall into the realm of "Urban Fantasy". Why would I put stuff like Super-Heroes and Pokemon in Sci-Fi but leave Urban Fantasy out of Fantasy? That's a good question.

Regardless of the sexual element, however, I still believe character is an absolute necessity. Sexual interaction is nothing without the personalities between the two (or more!) informing the emotional cause and response to it. As a result, I take the slice-of-life elements very seriously, often seeking to explore a character's growth during a key time of their life. Be it in building confidence in general, or hurdling over some difficulty, or just discovering themselves in a unique situation.

Note that a lot of the characters and story settings here are quite modular. One idea can be mixed with another to develop a story rather than any one being developed alone. So as you read through, don't read these as singular story ideas or characters, but elements that can be implemented into a multi-dimensional story.


Inspired by the streets of Kamurocho in the Yakuza games (and recently released Judgment), each of these images screamed a story set in a city district with a bustling nightlife and seedy underbelly. The crime boss, the thug leading a minor gang, the sleazy snitch and informant, and the quiet boxer just looking to live a simple, honest life that he is frequently denied. Naturally, there's plenty of room to add police honest and crooked, as well as other potential forces at work.

The story, as a whole, would largely depend on the role(s) taken by my partner. Being inspired by the Yakuza games, there's obviously bound to be prostitution and sex work, but there are also civilian roles that could unwittingly get pulled into the interests of the crime lords. Receiving the deed to her Father's/Uncle's apartment building, where inside is hidden something that the crime lord wants but cannot be permitted to get.

Or other potential possibilities. There's a lot of directions the story could go. I just look at each of these photos, however, and yearn to write these characters in such a world.

Men in Uniform

As stated in this section's introduction, not all of these need to be blended together. For some reason, I've been wanting to write a cop of sorts in my stories. Be it a dramatic arc where the honest cop is pulled into a maelstrom he wasn't prepared for yet must put to an end (hrm, kind of fitting for the characters above?), or the kind cop that enjoys getting to know the locals on his beat, or the cop more than willing to take advantage of his badge in ways minor or major.

It all depends on the story being told. Needless to say, it's a character I'd like to roll in another story, and can do so in a manner that's slice-of-life or dramatic and dangerous. I can't really explain why I want to write this character, though. Perhaps because it's different from the majority of my modern style characters, someone that is living a job so unlike my own. Regardless, there's certainly an appeal in working such a character into a greater idea.


You'd think suburbia would be a boring concept due to living in it. However, there's that fantasy of all the things happening behind closed-doors that no one knows about, the secret relationships shared between two people that the neighborhood whispers about but refuses to acknowledge openly. Where bored housewives and cougars go on the prowl for the young College studs, and young women disguise themselves as vulnerable rabbits to secure the appetites of silver foxes. Where camgirls endure their day job slinging coffee so that they might then strip down for the pleasure of strangers online once the sun has set. Where dealers sell light drugs on the sly without the cops watching. Where the Med School student goes to work at the strip club to pay for next semester's textbooks.

The suburbs are a place where any kind of story can take place, but that also largely means they're a place that I prefer to make use of multiple characters to tell multiple stories. So rather than just focusing on one "couple", I like to either bounce around your character's various partners as she progresses through her story, or to bounce around between different characters and a variety of pairings as the story unfolds.

One of the most common go-to locations is the upper-middle-class housing development during the summer, where a group of College students have come home to either work or listlessly float about pools contemplating the worth of their life, The Graduate style. However, there's also fun in the interactions of the different employees and shoppers of the local mall, or simply focusing on a single corner of the strip mall. Whatever exists in Suburbia, it can be given a hidden, naughtier side that I think could be fun to explore.

The City Block

Not too different from Suburbia, technically, but the atmosphere is often quite different. Whereas the suburbs are a perfect location to ponder one's place in life, where you feel like you're the jigsaw piece meant for another puzzle than the one everyone else is fitting together. In urban settings, however, it's far more close together, with a Rear Window element of people living in one confined space and yet separated by walls. All of them struggling to make it in a place that seems determined to hold them down.

There is, of course, also a far more varied night life, giving more activities for the characters to partake in while suburbia is more rote and monotonous. Yet what does it mean for the characters? Well, that largely depends. After all, while it could be slice-of-life, it could just as easily fit into a murder mystery or some other kind of scenario. It all depends on the desires of both writers and the mood that they're feeling.

Aaron and Benny

A pair of College-aged friends of differing personalities, Aaron and Benny premiered in Before We Part at two separate parties. Writing such different characters as friends was fun, but I never got anywhere close to the depth I had hoped to go with them.

With Aaron being the more open-minded but lacking confidence, and Benny being the insecure loudmouth that postures, the goal is for the two of them to be thrust into situations and relationships that force them to confront themselves and come out on the other side stronger. Aaron better understanding his worth and gaining confidence, while Benny is forced to face his insecurities and see people for who they are, not as he projects them to be. Really, Benny's growth is bound to be the more interesting, but he's also the greatest trial since he's such an asshole.

You can see me use Benny in a short-story scenario here, illustrating the sort of character(s) I see him being paired together with. The two characters can do well in a suburban, College, or city setting. The tone can be raunchy teen comedy, Kevin Smith/View Askewniverse, or something a bit more dramatic.

Nightstalkers/Stalking the Night

I first premiered the concept of the television show "Stalking the Night" in the Nightwood Falls horror-based group game (yes, that's Aaron, I'll probably use a different face-claim for Nick in the future). The general idea was a host of a ..."popular"... ghost and monster hunting show brought in an intern to help him record what he believed to be yet another farcical urban myth. Instead, they were to be caught up in the very real and bloody terror.

I'd love something of that sort, but perhaps more "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" in tone, if any blood or violence at all. Where they discover some sort of supernatural creatures after all, but rather than a full-on horror movie breaking out it continues to be comedic in tone. How? Uh... that's... a good question. What supernatural horror? That... can be decided?

So unfortunately I only have a loose desire, but it's certainly one that I think can be milked. Think of one of your favorite (perhaps sexy!) episodes of Supernatural and go from there. And yes, there's plenty of room in the van for a hot goth fan girl.

The Prostitute

So, this is an unusual one for me in a few ways. If you were to look at my album of models and face claims I'd love to write opposite of, they hardly can be described as "thicc", at least in the way many on the Internet intend. After all, big bust and big booty don't necessarily equate to "thicc". Leecie Munster is the only one that fits the bill, though I'd prefer a specific timeframe of her modeling if I'm being honest. For some reason, I got it in my head when contemplating a story revolving around an Adult Book, Video, and Toy Store that there'd be a prostitute that works on the establishment's corner, occasionally coming in to converse and kill time with the employees in between customers.

Leecie Munster was that prostitute. In my mind, at least.

I don't know why, but something about her seems like she'd be a cheerful, comedic sex worker with no qualms about her job. Even willing to give the cop a handy for free so she can continue working. Being selective of her clients. All the meanwhile allowing her figure to serve as a bit of a dose of honesty, that prostitutes don't necessarily look like perfectly photoshopped models. So, if possible, I'd love for the character to be thrown into a story of sorts, though preferably one of the more slice-of-life or light-hearted ones.

Cosplayers, Titty Streamers and THOTs, Oh My!

The Internet is a wonderful place for a lonely man to go and lie to himself about his relationship with a girl on the screen. Be they cosplayers showing extra skin for Patreon supporters, streamers using just the right push-up with the perfect v-neck to gain more viewers on Twitch, ASMR girls connecting microphones to their dildos as they suckle upon the artificial phallus to capture every soft moan and slurp of saliva, there's a horde of girls profiting over their lonely audience's desire to have some form of relation with a woman.

Yeah, I'm not interested in that heart-wrenching aspect of things, thank you. More in the men they interact with in the real world, those that don't know their identity or perhaps manage to recognize them in the streets. Perhaps they interact with other Internet personalities, such as online comic artists, YouTubers, or streamers.

Ultimately, though, they aren't designed to be the core of a story, but inserted into or matched with one of the other ideas in here. A character archetype, if you will.


Oh, I know. So cliche, right? Well, perhaps, but it's not really the on-camera action that interests me in such a story. Particularly as I'm more interested in following the journey of an amateur gaining popularity on PornHub, enough to be noticed by the industry itself. Or, perhaps, a retired porn star looking to make her way independently, maybe after suffering a divorce and finding the bills harder to keep up with than she expected. Or a group of pornographers developing their own web series that gains popularity, but soon results in drama.

While there will be on-camera action, it won't always be a straight-up sex scene. Sometimes it may be capturing awkward moments, such as premature ejaculation or the struggle to maintain an erection. Focusing on significant events such as the first threesome or the first time receiving anal. Fan interactions at porn expos, interviews for other porn sites, back stage interactions and negotiations with agents. Or, just a character fit into one of the other settings, with their own unique background.

In the end, while sex is a core part of the character, it's not the only part of the story. It is, again, about the character, the context, and how it will impact future events and relationships.

The Weather Woman

Technically it could be any kind of TV personality, but Weather Woman seems like such an untapped character possibility that I don't see being tossed about here too often. Generally, however, the appeal is for the Weather Woman to be so shockingly attractive that she's got herself a fanbase on the Internet, many of whom aren't even local. Animated GIFs and YouTube clips are created of her presentations, and a whole subreddit exists for fans to discuss their attraction to her... in both the classy and lewd fashion.

The weather woman does not find offense at this, but instead loves it. She'll perhaps play up the camera in a certain fashion that showcases her breasts or rump, or perhaps she'll use hand motions that seem suggestive but in such a manner that you're not sure she's consciously doing it. Perhaps she even reaches out to some of those fans, arranging contact while putting her finger to their lips, whispering to keep it their little secret.

Again, not sure if this is a character that a whole story can be placed upon, but one that could work into one of the other concepts here.
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Re: Capone's Collection of Concepts v.2.0
« Reply #4 on: October 04, 2019, 08:51:36 am »

My New Roommate is a Kunoichi

Admittedly, this idea was inspired by scrolling through the Switch games on sale and stumbling upon a visual novel I had no idea existed. "That's silly," I thought to myself, only to be unable to get it out of my mind. So rather than spend money on a game that all my friends and family could see me playing (and would probably just further fuel a desire to make a customized story anyway), my mind began contemplating "Well... how would I craft a story in this situation?"

And the answer is a combination of oddball comedy, lewdness and eroticism, and potentially romance. However, the option for actual action is there as well. I'd like to leave it a bit open to my partner's own ideas, but I'm generally thinking this female ninja was sent by her clan to spy upon a typical suburban town (could be US, could be anime-inspired Japan, don't care which) in search for a threat. That threat could simply be another ninja clan acting in the shadows, or it could be something like a ninja clan that hunts down vampires and other supernatural beasts. Optional background: she could be such a klutz of a ninja that she was sent to the town just to get her out of the village, only for her to stumble upon a real threat.

My character comes in because she's a bit unaware of what the modern real world is like, sticks out like a sore thumb, and needs both shelter and guidance. Perhaps she decides to try and seduce him, though her technique is a bit forced and obvious, or perhaps seduction is the one skill she's actually good at. Depends on how we want to play it.

Regardless, there's some freedom here, but the intention is something that'll have a bunch of "fish-out-of-water" style comedy mixed in with sexiness mixed in with lewd humor mixed in with action.

Supernatural Monster Punchers

Pardon the title, I know it's bad, but I really didn't know how to best summarize the idea. I've been wanting something a bit "Shounen Fighting" in style for a while, but it wasn't until recently playing Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ that I began to figure out how to stitch the idea together. By combining that Persona-style "modern day but an invisible reality" with the supernatural elements of Bleach and/or Sailor Moon, it sort of combined together. But Magical Guy and Gal doesn't convey it either. How do you combine Magical Girl and Shounen into a single word? If there is one, I don't know it.

Anyway, I admittedly thought to also include some of the Erosyta logic in there (where sex and sexual actions power magic, only here it would power up their supernatural abilities). This means everyone would either be a university student or a senior in high school that's 18+.

What I imagine is a town that has become a haven for unseen monsters, with one or two characters being sucked into it for their first time. I see two sides to the fight, with those seeking to vanquish the beasts and another side looking to absorb the creatures themselves. The two factions aren't necessarily at war, but I like the idea of there being a bit of a push-pull dynamic. I don't have much of it set in stone yet, but I feel like it's a story where you could bounce between the two factions, their politics, and development of the greater danger presented by the increase in these beasts as a whole. All while enjoying sexy times, of course.

Up top I have images representative of potential heroes seeking to vanquish these beasts, while the bottom are the more questionable sorts that may seek to take advantage (be it absorption as mentioned, or perhaps some other form of study).

I've also got art that could be used for supporting characters that aren't fighters. For example, the fighters that study the creatures? Got a pretty good scientist looking girl for that, and have plenty of male cops that could be roped in over their heads as well. So with the right partner, this could turn into a pretty fun and developed concept.

The Bounty Huntress Trio

This could be a story in the Grasp Hold the Stars setting, or simply an original one where there is potential for smutty happenings. This was in part inspired by a viewing of Gunsmith Cats (uh, spoilers in that video, I suppose), an anime OVA featuring a pair of gun shop owners moonlighting as bounty hunters. The same light-hearted-but-high-stakes vibe is intended for this, and slipped into a sexy sci-fi setting. Each woman would have some sort of specialty, be it something like guns, demolition, melee combat, hacking, or simply business acumen (and no those aren't all meant to be roles to be filled, I'd expect no more than three, no less than two, characters for this).

The women bounty hunters would be the central characters, with the male characters I write being more support. A male bounty hunter that has continually screwed the girls over, but one of the girls happens to enjoy screwing him so they get suckered over and over, much to the detriment of her partners. The first story would likely wrap with his attempt to screw them over again back-firing and actually needing to be saved. They'd likely be allied with an officer of the law, one willing to work with them when he knows his department can't be trusted. Such characters that could give them work, or help them with their more down-on-their-luck aspects of life.

No greater plot in mind, just some general episodic type of ideas.

Less-than-Epic Trapped in a Game World Scenario

The original request focused on a very specific idea, which I shall keep in the following quote box:

While this story could have multiple characters, the current plot starting point is built around my partner only having the one. At least, to begin with. A take on the "trapped in a game world" trope currently found left-and-right in anime, only stepping away from the over-powered characters seeking a way out. More a day-to-day in the life of the players just going through the motions while others figure out a way to escape the game. Perhaps some of the players are depressed they're stuck in it, perhaps others are excited to do nothing but play a game in a way they could only have dreamed of before.

My characters, however, are in a particularly troublesome situation. The token female member of their guild also had a habit of getting into some steamy roleplay with her male guild mates in their time playing as a regular game. Now that they're all sucked into the game and able to touch, feel, and smell one another's avatars in a seemingly physical space, their attraction to their female member is heightened... and it seems she's willing to expand her prior erotic roleplays into more lewd and personal interactions.

I imagine the goal of this story might be a bit difficult, as it could hit a bit too close to home for many. A setting in which the fellows all have some degree of crush on the same girl, the different feelings of jealousy, or perhaps even apathy. That knowledge that their avatars are not their true physical selves. What's on her mind, however? Is she a bit air-headed, just happy to have all the sexy fun she can? Does she enjoy the attention of all these guys, stringing them along so that they might worship her? Or perhaps she certainly likes fun, but finds the constant crushes troublesome.

Either way, the desire is to explore some of these emotions and feelings that are otherwise naturally untouched in most "trapped in a game world" stories.

Currently I'm looking for something a bit more light-hearted, but I still feel like implementing some of the ideas outlined above. The nature of who the player is in the real world and how that impacts who they are within the game world.

Alternatively, I have some ideas regarding characters joining guilds or under-going status effects. On one hand, a low-level, inexperienced female player that doesn't really understand games but decided to try playing with her boyfriend, who she ultimately dumped upon entering this new and strange world in which she's trapped (perhaps because he was unreliable, or was fooling around with other girls, or what have you). She instead joins a guild in order to try and get help learning the game, though perhaps she'll use her new status as a single gal to her advantage.

Another potential idea is a young female player that was inflicted with "Succubus Curse" before being sucked into the game. Originally a simple debuff that halved her stats when not in a party with a male character, she now suffers the same sort of hunger that the lusty demons might feel. She now seeks help in completing the in-game quest to dismiss the curse.

Or a whole other host of potential ideas. Really, there's a lot of possibilities with this sort of setting.

Faegrimm: After the Fall

This is actually a pretty open-ended concept where I'm using Faegrimm's post-apocalyptic "After the Fall" time period as a backdrop, but could be shifted to some new original post-apocalyptic setting developed between us. Heck, it might be easier that way, truth told.

Regardless, the basic idea in mind is for a crew of adventurers seeking answers stumble upon your character, a lone explorer that has been exploring the world over and studying the old world and potential causes of the Fall. Perhaps our adventurers decide she'd be useful, or perhaps she's presumptuous enough to declare them her hired escort, enabling her to go to dangerous locations she'd be incapable of venturing towards on her own. Because this is one of my stories, she'd also be pretty sexually open and active with the crew, and they'd be welcoming of her advances (and perhaps that of any other female crew aboard).

Hold the Line

I suppose the original idea I had for this was somewhat inspired by the games Lost Planet 1 and 2, where the first game is an alien world covered in a global winter whereas the sequel saw it thawing over and revealing a more jungle-like environment beneath. Having played a bunch of Anthem lately, I'm feeling some inspiration growing from there as well.

The general premise would be a collection of "Seed" ships that land upon an alien world, the vessels themselves constructed to awaken its crew upon landing and transform into more of a walled city. Perhaps these vessels kept its crew asleep while the surroundings had begun to be terraformed, awakening its crew once the world was ready for habitation. Regardless, there are perhaps two or three vessels that have landed and transformed into walled cities, but communication with any other seed ship on other planets has been cut off. The story would focus on one colony, but perhaps there's a force of some sort that attacks one of the other cities and thus we have a character appear in the new colony to deliver news of some awful force. Alternatively, there's a possibility that one of the ships has uncovered some sort of alien artifact and is now looking to "conquer" the other ships.

Basically nothing solid yet, just some inspiration, and I wouldn't mind talking some possibilities through.

Grasp Hold the Stars: Galactic League of Fighters

So I had been holding out to continue the story started between a partner and I, but she has recently been deverified. As such, I'd like to return to this concept again, but I'd largely have to go back to the drawing board in order to avoid writing the same story she and I were going to. I don't wish for someone to take her place, so while I will probably recycle one or two characters, I'd otherwise plan on changing the nature of the story otherwise.

The general idea is the same as outlined in the setting thread. The fiftieth anniversary of the Galactic League of Fighters is set to take place on Dionysia IV, and Geoffrey Burns is the underdog hoping to make a name for himself in the tournament. I would be writing as several other characters, and ideally would like my partner to write several as well, with one being a social-media savvy journalist with a tendency to not only cover events and interview athletes, but is known to transmit her sexual escapades across the net as well. Ideally my partner would be able to write multiple characters for this setting, which has plenty of reading material to get a feel for it.

As stated, I'd like to try the idea once more, but I don't want to try and recreate the precise story. I don't expect a partner to take over the characters created by my previous partner, with the exception of their own interpretation of a sexually free and lusty journalist.

Cyber Punks

So this is a bit of a complicated one while also... not. So while our protagonists don't realize it at the start, they are trapped in a simulation. However, to them, they are all delinquents (aged 18-21) kept in a detention center. Depending on if we want to add some super-powered elements or not, they are periodically used by law enforcement to seek out, apprehend, and add other delinquents to the center. For the crimes of foul language, graffiti, breaking curfew, performance of illegal music genres, extreme expressions of sexuality and engagement in pre-marital sex, and more, they are all confined into this detention center for the purposes of rehabilitation.

Of which they all believe, and therefore safely rebel while in the confines of the center. Until one day there is an attack on the detention center, our main characters being recruited by another organization that reveals they are all inside of a simulation intended to pinpoint potential problem personalities and rehabilitate them through the simulation, with those whose resistance proves too strong being kept within it forever.

"Spoilers", I suppose, since a lot of those reveals are intended to be later, but is the basic idea of what I'm going for.

The Clean Cut Cyberpunk Rebellion

A different variant of the above. This is intended to be a "clean looking" near future Cyberpunk world, similar to the clean sterility of Mirror's Edge or Overwatch. One where society has flung back towards more conservative values. Much like Demolition Man, things like foul language is forbidden, entertainment is intended to be wholesome with family-focused messages, official music channels are clean, inoffensive tunes, and pre-marital sex is strictly forbidden. Technology would not be much too different from our own, just cranked up a few notches. Whole walls that are smart touch devices, a lack of physical media in favor of slim tablets and holo-panels (a flat, transparent screen that an image is projected onto), Virtual Reality a more prevalent product, and while almost all official locations are presented in a white sterility, underground locations are concrete and neon lighting. Due to the economy failing to fully recover, it is far less common to attend a College outside that of your local community. As such, many young adults continue to live at home, with very few capable of affording to live on their own.

The story would focus on a rebellious group of teens and their night life. Training into the city each night, they shuck the "proper" attire in order to don their "true gear", fashion that speaks to their individuality. They spray paint and graffiti back alleys and public monuments, as well as gather in underground arcades and skate parks -- often abandoned railways or community centers from the old days -- to commune with one another. Roller blades, skateboards, and neon spray paint are common. Sexual expression is now part of one's individuality, and most girls welcome gropes from strangers or friends. A complete rebellion to the values of the "old generation", these teens enjoy foreign imports of harsh and electronic music, violent video games, and sexy entertainment.

No real plot in mind yet, as that would come about with the characters created.

The Hostess Succubus

This idea is set to take place in the Faegrimm setting, be it in the city itself or one of the established Hostess Clubs of Succubi in the greater human world. While there is an option for multiple characters for my partner to write (I'd never turn that down), it is more designed around my partner having one character to focus primarily on. In many ways, it is intended to be a sort of "day-in-the-life" of a succubus in this world. So while a portion of the story would certainly take place at her job and the activities she'd be expected to get up to, there's also just a focus on how she has to deal with her daily activities.

Unwanted gropes at the grocery store, being spotted by one of her clients at the laundromat and having to hide behind her magazine, having to hear the jealous snark of human (or other) women while clothes shopping, and perhaps even being harassed by overly zealous religious folk on the street (though I'd prefer avoiding getting too dark, truth told).

There's also the element of what the player would want this character to be like. Does she strive to be more than the sexual element of her species? Or has she fully accepted that aspect of herself? If this takes place outside of the city of Faegrimm, then how does she feel being separated from so many like her outside of the job? What are her non-work relationships like? So on and so forth. A sort of slice-of-life with a bit of fantasy and sexual excitement to spice things up.

Alternative Hostess Club/Kyabakura Concepts

So I played Final Fantasy VII Remake recently, which means seeing the Honey Bee Inn at the Wall Market again, and while I am not wholly sold on the new interpretation of it all, it certainly had me thinking of what sort of sleazy stories could be told in such a world. Given the nature of Midgar, there was naturally plenty of Cyberpunk thoughts floating through my mind, perhaps that could be worked into the Clean-Cut Cyberpunk Rebellion or an alternative realm. There's also the Pseudo-Kamurocho idea above that it could be applied to. Or Faegrimm, of course.

Regardless, a Hostess Club would be the central location from which multiple stories would cross together. Perhaps it's a favorite hang out of a local crime lord, or the girls are chosen via the crime lord much like they are with Don Corneo in Final Fantasy VII. What sort of customers stroll in, what treatment do the so-called "law enforcement" get, and so on.

I suppose this isn't really a specific idea, but this seemed like the best place to jot this idea down.

Name: The Witch's Brew

Content: Light-Human

Scenario: Double-double, toil and trouble as the town's local witch has run out of a surprise ingredient she wasn't even expecting to need this All Hallow's Eve. Eye of Newt? Plenty. Toenail of Skrat? Only a novice witch wouldn't have a jar full of those. Everything was laid out and prepared just as her trustworthy witch's tome had described... all but the final ingredient, poured into the concoction during the final minute of cooking: the seed of man.

Well. A witch could certainly be forgiven for not having plenty of that in stock. It was only good fresh, after all, and these days it was getting more and more difficult to keep a healthy dispenser around the house for just such occasions. Not only did they whine and cry about having to get home to their wives or children or PlayStations or what have you, but these new-fangled cellphone gadgets were more instant and accurate than any location-based hexes the witches have ever devised. Made it awfully tricky to remain hidden, so such dispensers were left in the past. But now, well, now the witch was certainly in a pickle. With two or three hours of boiling required, she certainly had some time to go and seek a suitable volunteer. Plus, the foolish magic-less mortals would be celebrating a holiday they had no understanding of, and the typical witch's garb would fit in perfectly with the other women dressed scantily on this very night. The question is, can the witch find herself a suitable donor to give her the final ingredient?

Setting: Modern, suburbia

Other info: The tone is intended to be a light-hearted adventure with a dash of comedy. Perhaps the witch professes a derision towards modern life, but secretly finds things to enjoy, such as alcoholic mudslides and candy apples. It could be as simple as her seeking out one fellow to bring back to her home, or it could be a series of incidents where, so into the moment, she forgets to bottle up the seed and instead swallows or accepts it inside of her, only to realize too late that she wasted the precious ingredient.

The Naughty Neighbor

This one could start a couple of ways, with either a bit of a slower build or a more direct and dirty one. I have a potential super-smut start with this, but I don't want to scare folks off yet so I'll be holding onto that idea. Regardless, yes, it is an amateur pornographer sort of story, but I don't want it to be smut-scene after smut-scene. In fact, the age of either core character, yours or mine, is not set in stone. While a favored set-up might be a College-aged woman with an older man in his 30's or 40's, I'd be open for the woman in question being in her 30's or 40's with a not-so-typical background. Or, it could even match the Faegrimm setting with a succubus or Elven character, just as the story above does. This one's pretty open, really.

Regardless, the core of it would be the discovery of your character being a cam-girl, or already experimenting with other men on the floor as partners, until she comes into a more regular partnership with my character. It could eventually become an atypical romance if it fits the personalities of the characters, or a business partnership. There could be risk of one of them getting fired from their job. Regardless, while they'd eventually start to experiment with public places and other such things, there'd be a focus on the non-sexual relationship. For reasons you can come up with, perhaps she's able to separate sex from personal feelings in ways he struggles with. Maybe she's never really felt love for someone before. Regardless, the two have a friendship and hang out, and I hope for them to have different perspectives on life so that their conversations can be somewhat philosophical with one another. Maybe they fall for each other at some point, maybe they don't.

So while the pornography is an element of the story and they will certainly be getting it on, I feel like the important element of the characters is in their non-sex interactions.

The Newly Appointed Dark Knight and His Succubus Companion

A more light-hearted variant of what occurs in this writing sample of my profile. A young paladin is captured and imprisoned by a dark sorcerer/necromancer/lich. Bored one day, one of the evil spellcaster's succubi servants decides she's going to have a bit of fun with this chained up paladin despite his objections. The climax turns out to be more explosive than she'd expected, as suddenly his hair and garb turn dark and the ground begins to shake around them. With the denial of the Gods whom he served also comes their wrath, and the evil wizard's fortress comes crumbling down. The paladin manages to break free with the succubus, who is now free, but he now is left having to figure out who his new allegiance is owed to.

So he embarks on a journey of rediscovery of the self, agreeing to be accompanied by the succubus because... well, now that celibacy is pointless, why not? A comedic, light-hearted adventure where other characters can also join in... including, perhaps, a female warrior or rogue that had always wanted to jump his bone were it not for that blasted cock-block of a vow.
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