I am told that I might be a... "switch?"

Started by Twisted Crow, May 19, 2019, 03:11:19 PM

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Twisted Crow

So, aside from a Nintendo system that I want and this thing that powers lights and other electronic stuff...

... What exactly is a 'switch'? The context of this applies to sex and relationships. Rather those were the general subjects when a certain party arrived at this speculation.


It's someone who can be both the submissive or Dominant person in a relationship..... or just in the bedroom


I'm sure someone else could give a more detailed and eloquent definition but...

Some people identify primarily as a "submissive" or a "Dominant" while a "switch" is someone who is comfortable in either role.

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Twisted Crow

Interesting. Because that sort of sounds right, actually. Though I feel like I am a bit fickle with D/S. Somedays I feel assertive and more like a dom, others I feel more submissive or passive. It makes sense, but seems to carry the implication that a switch would "fill in the gap" as the other role. Unless that isn't the case.

So this isn't a bad or good thing... it is just a thing, then?


There is no good or bad in anyone's desires with that. Some identify completely as a Dominant or Top, others completely as a submissive or bottom, and some enjoy a little of both. I don't know that I'd say they just 'fill in a gap', its still about desires, not convenience (at least in my experience)
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I've been told I'm a Switch too, Dallas.  For me it kind of depends on how I'm approached by another.  Often when approached by other females, they tend to adopt a submissive demeanor, so that brings out the part of me that is more dominant and assertive.  Likewise, when approached by a dominant personality, I naturally tend to gravitate towards more submissive behavior myself.

But another aspect of it is that my mood comes into play too.  Sometimes I'm feeling submissive, other times I feel dominant.  The only time I feel that being a Switch is a problem is when my mood doesn't correspond with the person I'm interacting with. Then it's kind of like it's hard to get things started, you know?  But sometimes you go along to get along/fake it 'til you make it.  Sooner or later, someone's mood shifts just enough towards the other end of the spectrum to fall into compatibility, and it's off to the races.

Twisted Crow

This totally makes sense to me. I tend to go with the flow, yet I also have these moods that just tip me to dom or sub. Well, that is a relief. Now I don't quite feel so weird.


Definitely no reason to feel that way.  We all are what we are.  I forgot to add that it may vary as to how you feel to certain people all the time.  For example, there may be someone to whom you always feel submissive when you are around them, or someone else you always feel dominant to.