Corrupting an angel (come create a weird supernatural world with me all welcome)

Started by abandoneddolly, May 14, 2019, 06:12:32 PM

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To Cage A Bird

It all starts with your character dying, or nearly dying. You end up somewhere beautiful and bright. Your fairly certain that theirs been a mistake.  You don't belong here. You have done bad things, will do bad things.  You decide not to tell anyone that though, not that there is any one to tell on. The only other soul you have seen here is a girl, an angel who says shes here to make you feel better. The problem is she  dose not want to do anything fun to make you feel better.  Paradise gets boring pretty quick, so good thing you wake up back in your old life before to long.  You could shake it off as some long boring dream, but you get the feeling someones watching you.

Then you see her on the street. You confront her, and she admits she was sneaking  up on you. She was worried about you.  You get to thinking it would be a pretty good thing to have an angel on your side, not only that, but you can think of some other people who would like to get a hold of an angel. Primarily the people you work for. So you start a plan to turn her to your side.

What I'm Looking For

Someone to help me build an interesting world full of supernatural creatures.  I think your character would work best if he knew about the supernatural, maybe he was a werewolf or something like that.  he also works for some sort of organization that at least knows of the supernatural.

The Story is going to be mostly dubcon with you coaxing the angel into doing , more and more things out of her comfort zone.  There could be a few non con elements in there to. Mostly the angel does things because she truly cares about this character and thinks she is helping him. Your character is playing off of her naivety.

Some things that could come up in the story is :  The angel deciding she needs to go back home, and then your character finding somewhere to bind her to earth. Other entities finding out about the angel and deciding they want her.

What my character would look like