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March 02, 2021, 08:19:48 am

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Author Topic: Futa x Female RP ideas (M for F)  (Read 1446 times)

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Futa x Female RP ideas (M for F)
« on: May 12, 2019, 10:21:53 am »
If you have any suggestions, ideas, something you want changed etc. do tell! I am open to for example: anthro characters, bestiality and incest as well.

#1: Witch hunting (fantasy themed):

I would be playing a bounty hunter (futa) who is hunting down those individuals that her guild's spies have deemed dangerous. Like someone is using a new form of magic, dangerous rituals, trying to use the magic to harm the public etc. My character has some tools in her kit to deal with these individuals, like shackles which prevent magic use from anyone they are on. Not all of these are characters with bad intentions. Some have simply discovered something and then pursued on it, not having much clue of the consequences it might have. My character usually gives them a choice however. She has seen how those are treated who she brings back to wait for their trial, and that is the only part in her job she does not like. Therefore, she might agree to let some characters go and move elsewhere, for the exchange of their bodies. And perhaps some of these more evil characters are willing to do that, trying to seduce my character and use her, perhaps even for some ritual.

Your main character for example could be the guild's receptionist who gives all the necessary information to my character before she embarks on a mission. Or she could be one of the characters my character eventually comes across to as her target, but they come up with an agreement which makes them meet each other more often. However, the news of her letting go a bunch of the targets soon reaches the guild, and from here on we can decide what happens. Perhaps my character is so upset that a fight ensues, a lamp breaks and sets the place on fire. Your character helps me and flees with me, or asks me to take her with her. Once they have fled, they now need to survive somehow and take random jobs from some place else. Often dangerous ones, where the targets can be half-demons nearly in power or dangerous beasts to take down. My character would need to teach you how to survive and fight for example. And perhaps one of the targets she let go, later on becomes a more powerful force in the world as she is now trying to spread her influence by overtaking a town or powerful figures for example.

My character's attitude would be pretty brutish and often seen as cold, but she has kindness in her. She believes in exchange. Something for something. Perhaps your character can sway her in some situations to show mercy for example.

Here is my character:

Here are some of the side characters and you would need to pick yourself a main character as well. Doesn't necessarily have to be from this list. I just ask that no anime pictures, as I like detailed and personal looking faces. Also no game screenshots (some detailed 3D can work however). So drawn/artistic are usually best for me. The point is, if I cannot see any kind of personality/uniqueness in the character's face, it's worthless. The more detail, the better:
[Hentai-Foundry] Mister69M
Rule 34

#2: The Queen's Wrath (fantasy, magic, ancient Egypt, demons etc.)

You would be playing queen Cleopatra. Whether you would be playing a human or an anthro is totally up to you. The story starts, by your character being insecure and slightly paranoid from the rumors and glances you have been receiving from some of your council members and some others in your service. This has been going on for a bit over 2 months now, and you definitely know that they are hiding or planning something. One night, you stir awake due to hearing some talking some ways from your royal quarters, just outside your balcony. What you hear is distressing and you decide to act as you feel that you no longer don't know who you can trust. You walk to the private library in the middle of the night, grab a certain book and use it to summon a demoness (my character) as your last resort of surviving. Since you don't know how many are against you, but can sense the insecurity within your own palace, you strike a deal with the demoness. Some moments after the summoning, what you suspected becomes a reality, as your general marches an army of his own loyalists to your palace. A battle ensues, and your two royal bodyguards, who are large Anubis like creatures, secure your path as both of our characters escape through the secret passage in your quarters.

Now, it is your goal to seek out whatever allies you have left... no matter where you need to travel, along with the help of the demoness. But each wish has a price, depending on the scope of the wish. Will your character lose herself completely after a while as the demoness takes more and more? Will the queen trade in part of her very soul? Will she become one of the monsters along her travels? Or will Cleopatra become the demoness' thrall, taken away to a whole other realm, where she will have even more power than before? Or will she fight back for her people and free them of the iron grip of the betrayer general? There are quite a few options to how things will go.

Example characters for you:


Kinks I do not wish to include in any of my RPs: M/M, Futa/Futa, ballooning, vore, tentacles, toilet stuff and anything similar weird stuff. If you have an idea and you're not sure if I like it, just ask.

I can RP via private messages or e-mail and google docs. I can reply usually daily but do not expect it from you. I will inform you if I am unable to reply within 5 days or so. If you are unable to reply to me within 7 days, please let me know. I would also like it, if you are able to reply a few times a week at least. I lose interest to a RP quickly if it's less than once a week or so.

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions, ideas or questions do tell. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Re: Futa x Female RP ideas (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2019, 08:44:46 am »

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Re: Futa x Female RP ideas (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2019, 02:51:26 am »